Ginger’s Bisexual Affairs 3

Ginger had been thinking about the man at the bar all week. His name was Gregory, and the way he looked at her made her feel special, and sexy.
She was glad that Bill had quit asking her what she had done during the day so she didn’t have to lie. She knew he was tired of hearing about how bored and lonely she was, so if she didn’t bring it up, neither did he.
She had filled him in on the neighbor, telling him about her stopping by for coffee, and even about their afternoon swim, but she left out the conversation they had, and their day at the bar.
She looked at herself in the mirror, her hair up tightly in a bun, wearing a slinky red sundress and strappy high heeled sandals, she knew what she was about to do, but this time, she wanted to go without Vee.
Ginger almost turned around before walking inside the hotel. She made her way to the bar and grill, and sat at the bar. As she nibbled on pretzels and drank her draft beer, she started to feel stupid for thinking he would be there.
“Can I get you a menu?” The bartender asked.
“No thank you.” Ginger said, finishing her beer, and deciding to leave.
Gregory walked through the door as she signed her bar tab. The sight of him sent chills down her spine.
He walked directly over to her, taking the seat next on her right.
“I didn’t think I would ever see you again.” He said.
“Where’s your friend?” He asked.
“She couldn’t make it today.” Ginger answered.

“Are you leaving?” He asked.
“But, now you aren’t?” He asked, his smile coy and seductive.
“Maybe not.” She said.
Gregory ordered her a draft, and himself a Jack and Coke. His eyes were on her legs as they crossed in front of him, and her eyes were on him. She loved how he looked at her.
“I have a delicious bottle of wine in my room.” He said.
“You have a room here?” Ginger asked.
She knew he had recently moved to the area, but she wasn’t prepared for him having a room in the hotel. She just came for some flirting…at least that’s what she was willing to admit to herself.
“Yes, for another week, then my place will be ready.” He said.
“So, about that wine?” He asked.
“Sure.” She said, not exactly sure if she meant it.
Gregory got up, held out his hand and escorted her to the elevator.
His eyes were glaring and her nerves shaky as they exited on the fifth floor.
Ginger followed Gregory to his room, and then inside, he poured her a glass of wine.
She knew if she was going to do this, it was for one reason, and that was to become comfortable being more aggressive, and to gain some experience so she could better please her husband.
She took the glass of wine, set it down on the desk, and then turned with her back to the tall, dark man.

“Can you unzip me?” She asked.
“Yes Ma’am.” He said, and then his hands slowly unzipped her dress.
She felt the material fall from her shoulders, and then down to her ankles. As she stepped out of it, she turned to face him, wearing only her matching bra and panties.
Gregory’s eyes lingered on her, taking the time to enjoy every inch of her barely dressed body. The rush from his attention, and the fact she was doing something new, something exciting, something wrong was creating a sexual awakening inside of her.
She reached behind her, unsnapping her bra, and then let the material fall to the floor in front of her.
Her hands cupped her breasts, and pinched at her nipples while Gregory watched.
“Wow, you are beautiful.” He said.
“Can I see you?” She asked.
Gregory wasted no time undressing. His shirt removed revealed a strong chest and thick arms, and with his pants gone, a package much larger than she expected was bulging through his boxer briefs.
She was losing her momentum, and knew her shyness was about to take over.
“Wow.” She said, staring directly at his package.
“Let’s see if you can tame this beast.” He said, slipping his underwear to his ankles and then to the floor.
Ginger felt anxious as he stroked his large piece of meat in his hand. It was larger than she had ever seen before, and Bill wasn’t small.
“I want your mouth around my cock.” He said.

Ginger wasn’t sure if that was possible, but she dropped to her knees in front of him to try. She stroked him with her hands first, slowly, while she worked up saliva in her mouth.
She got the head in her mouth, and worked about four inches into her throat, but felt stuck on trying to get the rest to go down. He was large, almost too large, but the thought of him inside of her excited her. She wanted to please him, that’s what she was there for, to find out what men really want, and learn how to give it to her husband.
Gregory pulled her up to her feet, and then scooped her up in his arms. He gently placed her on the bed, and then removed her panties as he stared into her eyes.
“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you.” He said softly, sliding his finger inside her tight pussy.
“I’ll tell you if I can’t take it.” She said.
He moved his finger inside of her in a circular motion as if to open her up for his large cock.
As he mounted her, he stared in her eyes intently. She felt the tip of his cock press against her flesh, and then a push as he entered her.
Her hips spread wide, her body clenched from the pressure between her legs.
“Relax baby.” He said.
His hand reached underneath her ass cheeks, lifting her up towards him. He pushed a little deeper causing her to let out a loud moan. His mouth sucked onto her breast, and then his teeth slid across her nipple.
She felt her body relax as he slowly pushed into her. She felt his hand on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart to make room for his enormous cock inside her tight pussy.
Her juices started to flow as he told her how sexy she was, and how good she felt.

“Turn over.” He said, lifting his weight from her.
She rolled onto her belly, and as he spread her open with his fingers, she felt his tongue slide between her ass cheeks.
His cock found its way back to her pink pussy, and without warning, he pushed deep inside of her.
Her body twitched from the sensation, and then her throbbing began. He was so large that he barely had to move to make her cum.
As she pulsated around him, he pushed deeper and deeper inside of her, causing her to cum again and again.
She heard him let out a moan, and then he lifted himself from behind her.
There was something awkward in the moment, feeling lost without the snuggling, and the ‘I love you’s’, but part of that was what intrigued her so much.
She got up from the bed, grabbed her dress and went into the bathroom to clean up.
When she returned to the room, Gregory was dressed, and handed her the glass of wine he had poured for her earlier.
“I’m sure glad you came back.” He said, and then pulled her in close to his chest, kissing her softly on the forehead.
“Maybe next time, you can take it all.” He said.
Ginger’s pussy throbbed from the multiple orgasms and the intense stretching to accommodate his large cock. She thought she had taken it all, but now she was even more intrigued.

When Ginger got home, Vee was in her front yard pulling weeds. She immediately jumped up and walked towards Ginger when she seen her get out of her car.
“Where have you been?” She asked, staring at her fancy sundress and high heels.
“Just went shopping.” She said, not able to look her new friend in the eye.
“Really, what did you buy?” She asked.
Ginger knew shopping was a bad answer, especially since she didn’t have any bags. She was just thankful it was Vee questioning her, and not Bill, she knew she would crumble under that kind of pressure.
“I didn’t like anything.” Ginger said, and then started into the house.
Vee followed her, and once in the kitchen, she helped herself to a glass of wine.
“You done something bad…” Vee said with a smirk.
Ginger felt her face begin to blush. She hated how transparent she became when caught in a lie.
“Ok, so, I went to the bar.” Ginger admitted.
“And?” Vee asked with one eyebrow raised.
“I seen Gregory.” Ginger said.
“Seen, or fucked?” Vee asked.
“I seen him…” Ginger said.

“Really? Then can I see you’re panties?” Vee asked with a laugh.
Ginger clenched up at her suggestion.
“No, you’re sick.” She scoffed.
“And you fucked that big black man…” Vee said with a smile.
Ginger started giggling nervously and tried to run up the stairs away from Vee, but she followed her.
In her bedroom, Vee walked into the bathroom as Ginger was undressing. She stood naked in front of her new friend, whose eyes were lingering on her hands that covered her private parts.
“What are you so freaked out about?” Vee asked with a laugh.
“I’m not, but I would like some privacy.” Ginger said, still laughing.
Ginger pulled a loose t-shirt over her head, and then pushed past Vee to get to her bedroom closet.
Vee wrapped her hands around Ginger’s waist, and tossed her down on the bed to her back.
Ginger was stunned as Vee pressed against her, her lips curled into a sly smile.
She felt her hand slide down her waist, and then between her legs. Her pussy was still sloppy from her orgasms and Gregory’s load of cum shot inside of her.
Vee’s finger slid across her pussy, and then dipped inside of her. Ginger felt a rush of excitement by her touch, and wanted her to keep fucking her, but she quickly pulled her finger from inside of her and brought it to her lips.
Ginger watched as Vee slid her finger into her mouth, sucking the juices from her skin.
“Tastes like sex to me.” She said, and then got up; leaving Ginger lay on the

bed with her legs spread open.
Vee’s eyes lingered on her pussy, causing a stir in her that she had never felt before. It excited her watching her lick her juices from her finger.
“You’re an asshole.” Ginger said, closing her legs and getting up from the bed.
“Yup.” Vee said with a smile.
“Was it good?” Vee asked.
Ginger told her how it was awkward, and she didn’t really feel like she learned anything about what men want. Vee laughed at her for thinking she would figure that out with one experience, and then told her that maybe his cock was just too big.
“If you are more worried about how it will fit, then you can’t really get into it.” She said.
Ginger thought maybe she was right, but there was something about Gregory that she really liked, aside from his large cock.
“Oh well, you can’t see him again anyway.” Vee said.
“Why not?” Ginger asked.
“No affairs, just sex.” She said.
“Ginger, you up there?” Bill’s voice yelled form the stairs.
She jumped up and quickly grabbed her shorts from the floor, but Bill walked in before she got a chance to get them on.
“Hey babe, what’s going on?” He asked, looking at Vee with confusion.
“Just trying on some clothes.” She said, and then officially introduced him to Vee.
Bill shook her hand, and Ginger caught Vee giving him a flirty look which she

didn’t care for as she walked out of the room.
“I’ll call you later.” She said, and then left.
“So, that’s Vee?” He asked.
“Yes.” Ginger responded.
“I was headed for the showers.” She said, and then kissed Bill on the forehead.
“Are you home for the night?” She asked.
“No, I just had to change clothes; the partners are celebrating a pre-victory.” He said, rolling his eyes.
Ginger had been so wrapped up in Vee, she had forgotten his trial was in the morning.
“You got this babe!” She said cheerfully, and then dipped into the bathroom.
“I’ll be home late again, but not too late, have to be in court at nine.” He said.
“Ok, have fun.” She said, stepping under the water to rinse her sleazy hotel room sex from her body.
She received a text from Gregory when she got out of the shower. Her excitement was unfamiliar, as she thought the guilt would have killed it.
Gregory: I want to see you again…
Her phone rang just seconds after she text him. His voice was deep and seductive. He told her how much he enjoyed her, and then continued to tell her he wanted to see her again. She wanted to tell him no, that she made a mistake,

but a part of her wanted to see him again.
Ginger confessed to Gregory about her neighbors wild affairs, and that she only tried it to get some experience. He laughed at the thought of her finding a stranger to fuck, just so she could find out what her husband wanted in bed.
She knew what Bill wanted, mostly, but she just didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin sexually, and she figured it was inexperience that created her inhibitions.
Talking to Gregory was relaxing, and he made her laugh. She agreed to see him again the next day, and told him she would call him, for him not to call her.
Ginger climbed into bed and turned on the TV. She couldn’t figure out how she had turned her life upside down in just one day. And the one thing that stuck in her mind was why after her amazing experience with Gregory in the hotel, was Vee’s finger inside of her the only thing she could think about.

Ginger stood at Gregory’s hotel door, breathing deeply before she knocked. As her knuckles hit the wood of the door, it opened, and he stood in front of her shirtless, with a hungry look in his eyes.
He reached out to her with his strong arms, pulling her into the room. His mouth pressed against hers as he shut the door. The kiss was passionate and showed more emotion than the first one they shared. Something had changed, and she didn’t think it was just for her.
“Ok, you want to know what men want?” He asked looking into her eyes.
“Aggression.” He whispered, and then pulled away from her.
“Take me.” He said, holding his arms open.
Ginger’s eyes lit up, and a passion ignited in her that she had never felt before. She pushed Gregory down on the bed, tugged at his belt and zipper until they were loose, and then took him into her mouth.
His moans let her know she was pleasing him. She stood, removed her clothes slowly and seductively, and then climbed onto the bed. She straddled his waist, sliding her pussy across his hard cock, teasing him, until finally letting the tip of his hard cock rest against her opening.
She slowly lowered her hips onto him, taking him in slowly at first. Her excitement was increasing as she controlled the fate of his large member, and with the extra juices flowing, it made it easier to slide him in deep.
When she felt herself rest upon his thighs, she knew she did it. She took his entire cock into her tight pussy, and the feeling of pain was no match for the sexual exhilaration.

It felt good to control the sex, and the aggression seemed to come naturally to her. When she let her orgasm explode over his cock, he followed her lead, releasing his into her.
The awkward moment she felt after the first time was gone, now she felt connected, safe, and comfortable with this man lying naked beside her.
His touch was gentle and sweet, and his kisses lingered on her neck as she said her goodbyes.
At home, she felt the immense guilt of her actions, but couldn’t deny the satisfaction pulsing through her veins.
Vee came outside when she seen her car pull up, her face soured as she looked at Ginger.
“Hey, what’s up?” She asked.
“Not much, just went for a bite.” Ginger said.
“Let’s go swimming.” Vee said.
“Sure, I’ll meet you out there in 10 minutes.” Ginger said, hoping her friend would believe her story, and knowing the pool would work just as well as a shower if she decided to check her again. A part of her hoped she would check her again.
Vee was already in the pool when Ginger walked outside. She sat on the steps, waiting for Ginger to join her.
Ginger walked to the deep end, looked at Vee with a smirk, and then dove into the pool head first.
“Sometimes, you just have to dive in head first.” She said with a giggle as she emerged from the water.
She swam over to Vee, resting her arms on the bottom step as she watched her friend for a reaction. Vee was obviously upset, but she wasn’t talking, so Ginger decided to leave it alone.

“I brought over margarita’s, you want one?” Vee asked.
“Yes, that sounds great.” Ginger said.
Vee stepped out of the pool and went to the table where the pitcher of alcohol sat.
“I need glasses.” She said, and then ducked into the house.
When she came out, she had two glasses and Ginger’s phone in her hand.
“You’re phone beeped while I was in there, so I brought it out for you.” Vee said with a strange smirk.
“Thanks.” Ginger said, climbing out of the pool.
“It was Gregory, he said you were amazing today, and he couldn’t wait to see you again.” Vee said.
Ginger’s face turned white, and she sat down in the chair next to her friend, knowing she was in trouble.
“You can’t do that Ginger; do you want to wreck your marriage?” She asked.
“What are you talking about, you fuck whoever you want, and that’s not wrecking your marriage?” Ginger snapped.
“No, it’s not, because I don’t risk falling for anyone, or letting them fall for me.” She said.
Ginger tried to argue her point, but she knew that Ginger was right. Gregory was very sweet, and an amazing lover, too much time with him could lead to trouble.
“Scott’s going out of town this weekend.” Vee said, changing the topic once she felt she had won the argument.
“So is Bill…” Ginger said.

“Great, then I’m renting us a house on the beach.” Vee said.
“What? No, I can’t do that…” Ginger argued.
“Why not?” Vee asked, raising her eyebrow at her friend.
“You need to step away from Gregory…” Vee added.
“Ok, fine.” Ginger said.
Vee’s smile was contagious. Ginger loved seeing her happy, and since she had been upsetting her so much lately, it felt like a relief to see her smile.

Ginger sat on the bed watching Bill pack for his trip.
“Are you sure you’re going to be ok?” He asked.
“Of course, you’re barely here anyway.” She said, not meaning to sound snippy.
Bill kissed her on top of the head, and then she walked with him to the door. She watched as he drove off, and before he rounded the corner, Vee was out her front door, throwing a suitcase in her trunk, and waving for her to hurry up.
Ginger felt a little guilty for not telling Bill about her trip, but she wanted some fun with Vee, and after avoiding Gregory’s phone calls and texts all week, she knew she needed some time to think.
She ran upstairs, grabbed her duffle bag from under the bed, and jumped in the car with Vee.
The flight was quick, and when they walked outside to the moist, warm air of California, she felt like she could breathe for the first time in over a year.
Vee had a rental car waiting, and with an hour drive, they were in Los Angeles, at a beautiful beach house that Ginger knew had to cost Vee a fortune, or cost her husband a fortune rather.
“This is amazing!” Ginger said, rushing from the car to the front door.
Vee let her in, and her mouth dropped. The house was surrounded by large windows with an amazing view of the beach and ocean.
Out back, a large round sofa sat in the middle of the patio with a hot tub large enough for 12 next to it. The ocean breeze was exhilarating as it hit her skin, and the warm sun beating down on her made her feel more alive than ever.

They quickly changed into their bikinis and went to the beach for a relaxing day. It was nice to just hang out with Vee, and Ginger was more relaxed than she ever remembered being before.
That night the girls hit the club scene, dressed in slinky dresses and high heeled sandals. They both looked amazing, but Ginger couldn’t help but notice that Vee looked especially sexy in her little red dress.
Ginger was having a blast dancing with her friend, and the men’s stares were turning her on. When Vee let a tall, young man get in between them on the dance floor, Ginger was irritated at first, but once she noticed how sensual it was to have the man sharing his attention with them both equally, she let loose and just enjoyed the moment.
“I think I’ve drank too much.” Ginger said, feeling a little woozy.
“Let’s go back to the beach house.” Vee said.
Ginger felt relieved that her friend was willing to stop the party for her. But, when she turned to the man and whispered in his ear, she knew things were not as she seemed.
Vee held her hand, walking out of the club with her, and as they walked up to the beach house she noticed a car pull into the drive.
“Who’s that?” Ginger asked.
Ginger let herself in, and went out to the patio to watch the ocean break against the shore. She could hear Vee and Sam inside giggling.
They both came out to the patio, Vee holding a drink for Ginger. She smiled, leaned in and whispered.
“Let’s have some fun.” She said in a soft voice.
Vee removed her little red dress, and then kicked off her heels. She stood in front of Ginger nude, bringing her back to life from her alcohol induced

Vee knelt down in front of Ginger, sliding her hands up her legs, pushing her dress up around her hips. Her fingers rested on the material of her panties as she stared into her eyes, and then they slid down her body, pulling the panties with them.
Her stare was so intense that Ginger forgot about the man who sat behind them watching. As her hands slid back up her legs, Ginger felt her pussy throb in anticipation for her touch.
“Doesn’t she have a pretty pussy?” Vee said, looking over her shoulder at Sam.
“Yes.” He said, sounding as if he was in shock from the experience he was brought into.
Vee’s fingers slid around Ginger’s plump lips, and then spread them apart so one could dip inside. Ginger let out a gasp and then a slow moan as Vee fucked her gently with one finger.
Sam got up, removed his clothes, and then knelt down behind Vee. Ginger felt Vee’s mouth press against her, mimicking what Sam was doing to her with her tongue.
Her hands slid up to Ginger’s breasts, cupping them as she worked her tongue around her clit and inside of her wet pussy. Ginger ached for her mouth, her fingers, and her tongue.
Sam stood behind Vee, stroking his cock, and watching as Vee’s tongue slid around Ginger’s pussy. His finger slid in between Ginger’s legs, and then into her pussy alongside Vee’s tongue.
Vee got up, laid down on the couch with her legs spread.
“Come taste me while he fucks you.” She whispered.
Ginger was ready for Sam’s cock, but more so, she was ready to taste Vee.
Her pussy was plump and pink. Her small patch of blonde curly hairs sat just

above her clit like a toupee. She had never been so close to a woman before, and she was ready to explore.
Her fingers opened up Vee’s pussy, pushing her folds to the side so she could see into her pink opening. As her finger slid inside of her, She felt Sam’s mouth pressed against her sensitive skin, and his tongue pushing into her center.
Ginger looked up at Vee, her eyes partly closed, and her head tilted back. Her tongue slid across her clit, and then into her pink skin. Her finger pushed in and out of her tight pussy, and she felt the suction as she fucked her. She sucked on her clit, mimicking the pleasure that Sam was giving her.
When his cock pressed against her pussy she felt her back arch and her hips thrust against him. It was as if she had no control of her own body, its urges had taken over.
Her mouth pushed out from between Vee’s legs, and landed on her breasts as Sam pushed her hard from behind with his hard cock. She sucked her mound into her mouth, and then flicked her nipple with her tongue.
She felt the sudden tug of Sam’s cock being pulled from her body, and then Vee’s body rocking beneath her. Her moans were exhilarating as Ginger knew she was being fucked right underneath her.
Sam’s fingers slid into Ginger’s pussy, keeping her worked up while he fucked Vee. Ginger pushed her ass high in the air so he could press his mouth against her, pleasuring her with his tongue while he made Vee cum beneath her.
“I want to taste you while I cum.” Vee gasped.
Without thinking, Ginger slid her body up towards Vee, pulling her pussy from Sam’s lips. She turned her body around so she could watch as Sam fucked her friend, and spread her legs as she sat on her knees over Vee’s face close enough for her to reach her with her mouth.
Sam’s face was wrinkled up, his moans were getting louder, and Ginger knew he was about to cum.

“Don’t stop.” She whispered, and then leaned in to rub Vee’s clit as he penetrated her.
She felt Vee’s mouth sucking on her skin, pulling at her pussy lips, and then her clit. Her tongue slid inside of her, fucking her hard as she neared her orgasm. Ginger rubbed her clit to create the friction she needed for satisfaction, and as Sam let out a yell, Vee began to throb beneath her fingers, she felt herself let go of her own orgasm into Vee’s mouth.
Ginger couldn’t remember what time Sam left, but she knew that it was soon after he had cum. She woke up entangled in Vee’s arms on the round sofa. The cool morning ocean breeze pushed against her skin, causing tiny bumps to form.

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