Lonely Wife Swinging 2

Chapter One
The house was quieter than ever. Charlie sat on the floor with his shirt in his lap and the huge feeling of guilt hanging over his head. He had no idea what to do. He wanted to talk to Lindsay and make her understand the situation. Then he thought to himself, what would he even say to her? There is no way to justify his actions. He was as wrong as anyone could ever be. However, he decided to go upstairs and talk to her, apologize and mend things up. It was worth a shot; after all, they loved each other more than anything in this world, and had been together ever since the day he made the first move.
As Charlie began to head upstairs, he saw Lindsay coming downstairs. He kept the shirt on the sofa and paced towards her.
“Before you say anything, I want to tell you that I am really sorry, I let my lust take the better of me and let this happen. You know that I love you and would never do something like this, it just happened so fast that I was not able to realize what was going on. Please babe, forgive me. I know I do not deserve it and you can do much better than this, but I want you to forgive me and give us a second chance.” Charlie almost started to cry, his voice cracked and he stopped to take a deep breath.
As he looked up, he saw Lindsay smirking. He was confused as he was not able to understand what was going on. She slowly touched his cheek and leaned in to kiss his lips. Charlie felt relieved but confused.
“I am still a little mad at you for kissing someone else but I am also glad it happened.” Lindsay took Charlie’s hand in her hands and sat down next to him.

Charlie looked at her baffled.
She continued to speak. “We love each other and have been with each other for a very long time now. In all these years, we have somehow along the way, lost our fire, the passion that we had for each other. You are gone most of the time and I am left alone craving for love. However, this, this is a good thing. Now we can add some spice to our lives and be happy again.”
Charlie could not believe his ears. He thought this was some kind of test that she was putting him through or a prank that she was planning, but he was not sure exactly which. He adjusted himself on the sofa and continued to listen in astonishment.
“I want you to be happy, and I want to be happy as well. We both love each other and there is no doubt about it, but our sex life has become much like those couples who have been married for 50 years. I want fire, I want passion, I want to explore everything and I think sharing you with another woman might just be the first step towards our sexual freedom.” Lindsay had a smile like that of a 7 year old who just got a ticket to Disneyland.
Her eyes glimmered with passion, as she really wanted this to happen and she was ready to do anything to make sure it did happen. Charlie could see it in her eyes; she was dead serious about everything she just said. She was not joking and this was not a prank.
“What are you saying Lindsay?” Charlie looked at her with his eyes wide open.
“All I am saying is that I want us to be happy again. I want us to bring back the fun we used to have back into our lives. I want us to have a great life, the one

we had a few years back. You know it and I know it… we both crave for more than we have. We want to explore the realm of lust and be with other people” she moved in to kiss him.
He kissed her back but he still was not sure about the entire thing. He now knew she was fine with the idea of being with other people but he was not sure how that would happen. He looked at her with a confused smile.
“So what do you have in mind? I have no clue what to do and how to go about the whole thing. I get the point that you are making and I too want to explore the feeling of being with other people. Since we have pretty much only been with one another all our lives, it would be an experiment that I am willing to be part of, but I just do not know how to go about it.”
It was true; they had only been with each other. They had waited for the right person and when they met at the party and Lindsay took Charlie to the roof, he knew that she was the one. The girl that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with; the love of his life, the girl he had waited for. That was the night that they first kissed and it was a cherished memory for the both of them. After all these years of being together, they had reached a point where they wanted to be more, they wanted to feel more and experience things that they never had before.
“We will figure all of this out later… right now I am famished. Let’s have dinner.” Lindsay got up and stood in front of Charlie. “So what do you want to do? Order food or cook? Or we can go out for dinner.”
“Let’s just order food, I want to spend some time here with you.” Charlie got up and kissed her. “I’ll go freshen up and you can order whatever you feel like having.”

Charlie went upstairs to freshen up while Lindsay started to fantasize about how things would be. She would get to explore the realm of love and lust with the love of her life right by her side. She felt ecstatic; a feeling that she had not felt for a long, long time. She got down to fleshing out the details of how Charlie could get Rachel to join them and how to make this thing work. She was not thinking like a wife, she was thinking as a friend, as a lover who wanted to charge things up with her partner.
She picked up the phone and ordered Chinese food. She knew Charlie had a thing for Chinese food and it would help him relax and feel more comfortable. Charlie was upstairs taking a shower. He stood under the water still thinking about what just happened. He still was not able to believe what Lindsay just proposed. As he wandered throughout his personal world of inner thoughts, the thought of Rachel came to him. Her beautiful body, her tender lips against his, her perfect curves, her mesmerizing eyes, everything about her was heavenly. He got lost in the ecstatic experience he had with her. The rush of feelings he felt when he saw her naked pumped got his blood pumping and he felt turned on just by the thought of being with the beauty that Rachel was. His hand slowly reached for his dick, seeking the pleasure he had said no to in the hotel room, he started to stroke his dick slowly.
He could picture every bit of Rachel from the other day. His fantasy took hold of him. His hand working faster than before, eager to reach the threshold of his dreams. He came with a loaded moan and stood under the water for some time. He was feeling satisfied, yet eager to make this happen.
As he went downstairs, the food had already arrived. Lindsay sat on the couch waiting for him while flipping through the pages of a magazine. He went over and hugged her from behind. She got up and kissed him passionately.

“Let’s eat. Shall we.” She remarked

Chapter Two
Lindsay and Charlie spent the entire night staring at the ceiling of their room. They had to figure out the details and the intricacies of their plan. Charlie was lost in the thoughts of the first time he and Lindsay made love. He wanted to feel that excitement again and that was one of the reasons behind his eagerness for the entire set up.
Lindsay turned towards Charlie, “I have an idea, let’s start with role playing. I will be Rachel and you be Charlie. I want you to do everything that you want to do to her. I want you to make love to me like you would make love to Rachel.”
“Umm… I do not know what she likes and what she doesn’t. I haven’t had a chance to get to know her that well.” Charlie replied.
“Approach me like you would approach her. Let’s make this our first encounter. Tell me what to wear and you dress up too, we will make a reservation in the hotel and then we can play this little game.” Lindsay leaned in to kiss Charlie.
“Sounds like fun. Let us do this.” Charlie held Lindsay close and kissed her passionately. “Before we do that, I want to make love to my wife.”
Charlie flipped her over and started to kiss her passionately. Lindsay was surprised by the energy with which he approached her. He ripped off her nighty and bit her lips. She had not experienced this side of Charlie for a very long time. He had mellowed down in bed, but after so many years he was back to

being the untamed beast that he used to be back in college.
She let him have his way with her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tore into his t-shirt. Her long nails embedded themselves in his back. He gave out a loud moan filled with pain and pleasure. They were both in a different zone altogether. The idea of being with other people had somehow unleashed the untamed side of their sexuality.
Charlie slid his arms under Lindsay, lifted her lower body to align with his dick, and then shoved it inside her. She clenched the sheets and moaned aloud. She was loving the way Charlie was fucking her hard and strong. She wanted him to rip her apart with his big thick manliness. He thrusted harder and harder and she buckled with pleasure, making way for him to go deeper inside her. Her legs wrapped around him preventing him to get away from her. She started to move in rhythm with Charlie’s thrusts pulling him deeper inside of her; she moaned out loudly, the sheer power of his thrusts were driving her crazy. She wanted all of him to be inside her.
Charlie lifted her and brought her closer to his body, sitting on his lap with him inside her. She started to move like she had never moved before. He was amazed by the way her hips moved, her insides gripping his manliness tighter every time her hips came down. He was balls deep inside her and he was enjoying the warmth her pussy offered.
She pushed him back and got on top of him, she wanted to take control of things and derive the pleasure she had been seeking for the past few years. She moved with all her strength, holding back and trying not to cum just yet, as she attempted to push herself towards the threshold of a magnificent orgasm. She could feel his dick throbbing inside her, ready to cum. She leaned forward and kissed Charlie’s neck.

Her hips doing all the work, she moved perfectly, going right to the top of his crown and then coming all the way down at the right pace. Her lips against his neck, his hands on her nipples, pressing them hard, turning her on, making her moan louder and louder.
“Oh baby, fuck me hard.” She whispered into Charlie’s ears and he grabbed her butt and started to slam his dick all the way inside her.
“Make me cum, love. I want to cum for you.” She moaned.
He thrusted faster and harder. He was ready to cum too. He moved deeper and deeper inside her, shoving his hard dick inside her wet pussy. Her juices flowing all over him, she squirted, gushing out, moaning, her pussy filled with his cum.
They had been craving this kind of intensity for a very long time. The sex had always been great for them, but this time they had pushed all their boundaries, and they had given in to their inner beasts, tapping into its energy. They were ferocious yet tender, full of lust and love, and had just had the best sex of all time.
It was like the first time they went on a holiday, they had the room to themselves and all they did was have sex all day long. On the week-long vacation, they stepped out of the room just for two trips to the local market, all their time was spent chilling in bed in each other’s arms. They had forgotten all about the world, it was just the two of them and all they wanted to do was have hot steamy sex. Charlie specially got a digital version of the Kamasutra to get to know more about the positions that they could do it in and Lindsay was more than happy to try what was humanly possible for them to do at that time.

It was one of the best seven days that they spent together.

Chapter Three
Over the next week, Lindsay and Charlie had a great time trying to imitate him and Rachel and fulfilling other fantasies. An important thing that came out of this week was the fact that Lindsay knew exactly what she wanted from Charlie. She wanted him to grab the next chance he gets to be with Rachel.
She wanted him to fuck her good, be the man of her dreams and at the same time cater to the fetish of Lindsay wanting to watch them. For starters, she wanted him to click pictures of Rachel’s naked body and show it to her. She wanted to witness the love making session between her husband and another woman. For some twisted reason that even she couldn’t fully understand, she wanted to watch them. She wanted to watch them have hot steamy sex with her in the room.
“How?” Charlie looked at Lindsay
“Figure it out.” Lindsay smirked.
“How will I convince her to let you be in the same room as we are?” Charlie was more baffled than ever.
“Let us take it slow.” Lindsay slowly patted Charlie’s shoulder and went over to the bar.
“What does that mean?” Charlie followed her.

“Let’s just start with pictures and then we can meet her together and convince her to be with us.” She said softly, sipping her wine.
“As you wish.”
Charlie picked up his glass of wine and went on to take a dip in the pool.
Charlie had to leave for another business trip in a few days. He was both excited and anxious about the plan. On one hand he would get to be with Rachel and be close to her while on the other he was not really sure whether she would want to cross that line after what happened last time.
Charlie was waiting in the lounge of his hotel. He had made reservations for both him and Rachel in the same resort. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.
As he sipped his coffee, he was waiting anxiously for Rachel. He kept his cup down and looked up. To his surprise, Mark and Rachel walked in together. He wasn’t expecting Mark to be there and his presence made him all the more conscious.
“Hey Mark” he walked over to greet them.
“What a pleasant surprise, how are you Rachel.” Charlie tried hard not to drop any hints of awkwardness.

“Well hello there Charlie. I had some work here in New York and you and Rachel were going to be here as well so I decided to crash the party.” Mark laughed loudly, patting Charlie’s shoulder.
Charlie looked at Rachel, she looked more beautiful than ever. She had changed the color of her hair; it was now more like that of Lindsay’s. He was not sure what to make of it, but she looked stunning.
“Hi Charlie.” Rachel leaned in to hug Charlie in a formal manner.
“How are you Rachel? Let us all sit down and have coffee.” Charlie paced towards the table.
They all sat down and ordered coffee. Mark told Charlie all about his latest venture that he was planning to start here in New York. Charlie had always been impressed by Mark’s conviction and his knack to read a good investment. He was one of the best business minds that Charlie had ever came across. However, right now Charlie was more concerned about Rachel and how to make his move, he really wanted to be with her.

Chapter Four
Charlie met Mark and Rachel in the evening for dinner and drinks. Rachel wore the same dress she had worn the last time she was with Charlie. He recognized the dress from when Rachel showed up wearing it at his door at the hotel in Singapore.
Mark continued on with his business plans and his trips to the most amazing locations of the world. Charlie continued to listen to Mark while slowly moving his foot close to Rachel. He wanted to make the first move this time, he wanted to seduce her and have his way with her. He slowly removed his shoe and put his foot against Rachel’s leg.
Rachel’s eyes widened, she knew it was Charlie, Mark never did these things and this was something that Rachel desired. She was confused. The last time she made a move on Charlie he shut her out on the grounds that he didn’t want to cheat his wife, and now here he is rubbing her leg with his foot.
She looked at Charlie and Charlie smirked. The game was on. Rachel slowly slid her hand down to Charlie’s foot and removed his sock. She then took his leg and moved it all the way up, between her legs. Charlie was more than happy to do the tango.
This is all that he ever wanted. He was surprised that Rachel got involved proactively and was taking the lead. He was not expecting her to be this open, but he was delighted that she was.

He slowly moved his toe to rub her clit and could feel her panties getting wet. She was enjoying every bit of it. They were making the best use of the large, draping table cloths the restaurant had on each table.
Mark got up and bid adieu to them both. He had to take a conference call with the Japanese and they did not like waiting for anyone. Charlie got up to shake hands with Mark and as he sat down, he looked at Rachel.
She smirked and he felt her foot slowly unzipping him. He was amazed by the craftiness this minx offered. He wasn’t sure how she did it, but in an instant, his dick felt the soft touch of her foot. She knew what she was doing and Charlie was loving it. Charlie was in a different world altogether, he was living one of his fantasies and this was the best that it could ever get.
He looked at Rachel, “So where do you want to go next?”
Rachel squeezed his dick in between her big toe and the next. He felt the pain but the pleasure overpowered it.
“Anywhere you want.” Rachel replies in a voice filled with lust.
Charlie looked at her, he imagined all the things he would do to her and asked for the bill. He swiftly zipped his pants and put on his sock and shoe. The bill arrived and Charlie and Rachel went to Rachel’s room. Rachel wanted to get into the Jacuzzi with him and have some fun.
As Rachel entered the room. She took Charlie by the arm and sat on the bed.
“What’s going on?”

“What do you mean?” Charlie looked at Rachel.

“I thought you didn’t want this, because the last time we did this, you left me standing naked in your room.” Rachel looked at Charlie
“Umm… Look I will be honest with you.”
“Ya. I would like that.” Rachel interrupted him and smirked
Charlie told her all about what transpired between him and Lindsay after she found his shirt with her perfume all over it. How she wants to explore new horizontals in the realm of sex. How she wanted him to be with Rachel and involve her as well.
Rachel looked visibly amused with everything that Charlie was saying. As Charlie stopped to take a breather, Rachel burst out laughing. She was in awe of Charlie’s honesty. He was one of the best people she had ever met.
“Hmm… so your wife wants to watch us having sex?” Rachel smirked
“Yes, she would love to join us as well.” Charlie looked at the floor not expecting anything.
“Well then let’s fulfill her wish.”
Rachel pounced on Charlie like a cougar and ripped off all his clothes in an instant. She then took his phone and started to snap pictures of her and Charlie kissing and of her pleasing him.
After a few shots, she threw the phone away and started to kiss Charlie passionately. She had been wanting this to happen for a long time. And now that it was, she couldn’t wait to have him inside her.

She set up Charlie’s phone to shoot a video of Lindsay and moved on to lick

Charlie’s manliness. She could feel it throb, Charlie’s cravings were getting him to grow harder and harder. With every lick, Charlie moaned out with pleasure. He was not able to believe that he was with Rachel. The beauty that she was. Charlie hardly stood a chance to be with her.

Chapter Five
Oliver’s wife Dana was on top of him now and he took her dress off her, with his cock inside her in full view of everyone. Lindsay could see that Charlie wasn’t very comfortable. These people were obviously very comfortable with each other and their rhythms, and as the new couple there, they felt a little in the way almost.
Maeve came over to them, as her husband sat back, unbuttoning his trousers and unveiling his long curved cock, which seemed hard and ready. He was talking to the other older couple, Ralph and Lonnie, who from what they saw were there mostly to watch. Lonnie would sleep with other couples, and Ralph enjoyed watching her.
“You guys must not be feeling very comfortable. Lindsay, why don’t you take off your dress and let Charlie feel you up a little, like you would in the privacy of your own home.”
Lindsay complied and leaned forward, letting Charlie cup her breasts, as he eyed Maeve’s body appreciatively.
“We have no hang ups here, everyone here is open to anything you would want to suggest.”
Maeve leaned next to Lindsay so Charlie could reach up and grab her breasts as well. Her husband, Jerry came over, he was completely naked now and he positioned himself behind Maeve, grabbing her ass and guiding his cock inside

of her. Lindsay and Charlie both felt his first thrust and Lindsay started to take off Charlie’s trousers.
Charlie had his hands on both their breasts and she suddenly felt Jerry grab her ass from behind as he started to fuck his wife with a steady rhythm. Maeve leaned across and kissed Lindsay on the mouth; her body moving in the rhythm of her husband’s thrusts.
“Want to switch?” She asked.
Lindsay looked at Charlie questioningly and saw him nod quickly in reply. Maeve turned back and kissed her husband, taking Lindsay’s hand and guiding it to his cock. She knelt in front of Charlie and started to lick his cock. Lindsay was stroking Jerry’s cock now, and he started to moan lightly. Charlie was watching them intently as Maeve took his cock in her mouth and started deep throating him like an expert.
Sam took Lindsay by the hand and sat her down on the couch, next to Charlie. He got on top of her and squeezed her breasts as he kissed her neck. Lindsay was shuddering with pleasure and Charlie suddenly turned towards her to kiss her. They were both having a really good time now, and Lindsay looked around her. Oliver had his face in Beth’s cleavage and his wife Dana was with Lonnie, licking her pussy as Ralph stroked his cock. Almost everyone was naked and Beth’s husband David was fucking his wife from behind as she moved on to suck Oliver’s cock.
Jerry suddenly thrust inside her without warning and Charlie saw her eyes widen a little as Jerry started to fuck her. Maeve was still deep throating him and his eyes would in time, lose focus from pleasure.

He pulled Maeve up and bent her over the couch, with her ass right next to Lindsay’s face as he entered her. Lindsay and Jerry turned their attention to Maeve’s pussy being plowed by Charlie. Maeve started to moan loudly as Charlie’s thick cock started to move inside her, stretching her pussy lips.
Lindsay could hear the soft squelching sounds from Maeve’s moist pussy. Jerry grabbed Maeve’s ass and started to fuck Lindsay harder, obviously enjoying the sight of his wife being banged by another man.
“Harder baby. Fuck her harder.” Lindsay called out, making Charlie increase the power behind his thrusts.
Jerry followed suit and soon both men were thrusting hard at each other’s wives. Maeve started to call out Jerry’s name and Lindsay felt his cock quiver inside her.
Charlie reached forward and started to massage Lindsay’s clit, which took Lindsay completely by surprise as she could see his hand touch her clit and Jerry’s cock together. She hadn’t thought that Charlie would be comfortable with something like that. Jerry seemed to derive an even greater pleasure out of it and she could feel that he was ready to cum.
Maeve turned back to look at Jerry as Charlie made Lindsay cum and Jerry shot his load all over her belly. They disentangled and Maeve went over and cleaned Jerry’s cock off. Jerry sat on the couch recuperating as Maeve turned her attention on her husband’s load on Lindsay’s belly. She started to lick it off her, and moved on to her pussy. Charlie was standing behind Maeve watching her lick Lindsay’s pussy gently, cleaning her up.

Maeve then got up and started to lick Charlie’s cock again. Lindsay joined in

this time, licking him with her, making him shudder with pleasure. Charlie had his cock sucked by both of them, taking turns, till Lindsay knew he could take no more.
“Cum on our faces baby.”
Lindsay started giving him a hand job while she kissed Maeve on the lips. Maeve stuck her tongue out, prompting Lindsay to do the same and they both looked up at Charlie playing with each other’s tongues, sticking them out and licking each other.
Lindsay could tell that Charlie was about to cum, just before the thick hot streams of cum covered both her and Maeve’s face. Charlie sat down immediately catching his breath and Lindsay went over to bury her head in his lap. Everyone was finishing up right about then and the next few hours were spent having fun conversations and eating dinner.
The next meeting was in three weeks’ time and it was going to be at Oliver’s house. Lindsay and Charlie left with promises to come back. Lindsay and Maeve exchanged a passionate kiss while leaving and Lindsay was sure that they had found a place to finally be comfortable with their sexuality.
As soon as they both got into in the car, they both seemed to share satisfying grins, and Lindsay went straight for Charlie’s crotch.
“As soon as we get home I’m fucking your brains out.”
Lindsay laughed
The couple would have regular foursomes, though they would most often stick to their own partners and just watch each other fucking while they had multiple

orgasms, over time, those lines started to dwindle. Charlie and Andrew started to exchange on a regular basis, fucking each other’s wives while watching their own get banged hard in front of them.

On the surface of it, it was a joke but there was a little intention behind the guys suggesting that the girls share a room for the first part of their trip. This was fine with both Lindsay and Mary and the guys were all too happy to go explore the small resort having seen a couple of exceptionally good looking girls as they were walking in. The resort in itself was famous for being a great retreat for single girls and couples looking to hook up and it worked very hard to make sure it stayed that way, thus justifying the ridiculous prices they charged for their rooms.

Lonely Wife Swinging

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