Lonely Wife Swinging 3

Chapter One
Mark wakes up and finds himself alone in the room, with Lindsay gone and none of her belongings left in the room. He feels betrayed and belittled. He gets up and goes to take a shower. As he moves out of his room, he finds Lindsay’s panties on the floor. He picks them up and sniffs them. The sweet scent of Lindsay is still lingering in her pink Victoria’s secrets panties. As he is enjoying the moment, someone knocks on the door.
“Mark, are you up?” Charlie’s voice startled Mark.
Mark hurriedly shoves the panty in his pocket and opens the door.
“Hey brother, come on in.” Mark opens the door for Charlie, not realizing the state of his room from his adventures of last night.
Charlie looks around the room and chuckles, “What happened here, a tornado struck you room last night or what?”
As Mark looked around the room, he could not help but remember last night with Lindsay. The way they ripped into each other; the amount of passion they had for each other was something that neither of them had never experienced. The torn pillows and the disheveled sheets were something that reminded him of her moans and how she passionately moved when she rode him.
“Umm nothing happened here, what’s for breakfast?” Mark asked Charlie as he moved towards the door.

“Have you seen Lindsay? I can’t seem to find her all morning.” Charlie

inquired, closing the door to Mark’s room as he moved out.
“Umm, I haven’t… not after dinner.” Mark continued walking, trying to avoid eye contact with Charlie. As he did, he wondered where she went. Last night was amazing for both of them, is something wrong?
“Why don’t you try calling her?” Mark said to Charlie as he stopped in front of the kitchen.
“Well I tried; she left her cell phone in the lobby. Well she will back, let’s see what we can salvage from the refrigerator.” Charlie said with his head behind the massive refrigerator door.
As he took out a carton of milk, Mark abruptly said, “Let us go out for brunch, I feel like going out. We will call Lindsay as well if she isn’t back by that time.”
Well then, let’s go to that old café. You know, the one that we always go to. They serve amazing pancakes and their carrot cake is out of this world.” Charlie hurriedly put the carton back inside the refrigerator and grabbed the car keys.
As they drove away from the house, Mark could not help but think about Lindsay. The curves of her body were driving him crazy. He could hardly focus on anything else. All he could think about was her soft lips against him and the way she sucked his cock. He knew it was crazy; she was his stepsister, but she was all that he wanted. He wanted to feel her body against his. As he thought about her, a snap of fingers brought him back to the reality.
“Are you all right?” Charlie asked looking at Mark as they stopped in the parking next to the café.

“Ya, I am perfectly fine. Was just thinking about all the time we spent in this city.” Mark said in a sheepish voice. Unsure of what to tell his brother.
They had shared every little secret they had, and ever since childhood, they were inseparable. He felt guilty of not being able to tell his brother about what happened. It was something amazing and he always told Charlie about all the amazing things that came his way. This time he was unsure of the way he would react. As they stepped outside the car and moved towards the Café, Charlie’s cell rang.
“It’s Lindsay.” Charlie said as he answered the call. “Hey, where are you? We have been looking for you since this morning. Anyway, come to the old café. Mark and I are here for brunch and I won’t take no for an answer.”
“Ok, ok… I will be there. Give me 15 minutes.” Lindsay replied
“That’s more like it. We are waiting. See you in 15.” Charlie cut the call and looked at Mark. He looked a bit tensed. “What happened?”
“Ah, nothing, let’s go grab a table.” Mark put his arm around Charlie’s shoulder as they both walked to the table on the corner.
The café was one of their favorite places to be. They would come here every time they were in the city and have their carrot cake. Rachel also loved spending time with them here. The café was situated perfectly, offering a view of the city’s skyline. It was a breathtaking view and this was one of the reasons that they loved coming here.
As Charlie and Mark sat down at their favorite table, Mark looked at the city’s skyline, “It is so beautiful. It has changed so much in the last few years, but it is still so amazing. I love coming to this place.”

Charlie looked at him and said, “Me too brother, we have had such amazing times here. So many memories; every breakup, every soccer win, every new deal at the Swingers Club, we have celebrated everything here, ever since dad passed away.”
Mark looked at Charlie and they both smiled.
Lindsay came to the table and sat next to Charlie.
“What are you guys up to?” she looked at Charlie trying to avoid making eye contact with Mark.
“Nothing, we were just waiting for you and planning to order pancakes. Would you like some?” Charlie asked in a cheerful voice.
“Yes of course. Order their carrot cake and the strawberry smoothie for me as well.” her eyes lit up thinking of all the amazing food.
“What are you going to have Mark?” Charlie looked at Mark and noticed that he was looking at Lindsay, lost somewhere.
As he snapped his fingers in front of his face, Mark looked at him and said, “Sorry what did you say?”
“What is on your mind? I have been noticing since this morning that you seem spaced out. Is everything alright?” Charlie looked at Mark and then turned to Lindsay.
“Do you have any idea what is up with Spaceman here?” Lindsay looked at him and shrugged her shoulders awkwardly. She tried hard to cover up the feeling of guilt she had been battling ever since last night. Although she had

enjoyed every bit of Mark inside her, as it was an out of this world experience, she could not help but feel a little guilty about it.

Chapter Two
“It’s nothing Charlie, Let us order. I want the pancakes with maple syrup and a chocolate shake.” Mark diverted from the topic after noticing the awkwardness in Lindsay’s behavior. He could not fathom the feelings he was having and the pain that Lindsay’s behavior was causing him. She made her move, she got in the shower with him, and now she was ignoring him.
Somehow, Mark overcame all of his mixed feelings and enjoyed their brunch together. As soon as they got up to leave, Mark abruptly said, “You guys go on; I will catch you at home for dinner. Have to meet some friends.” He tried so hard to sound cheerful about it, but his voice had the tinge of pain associated with it.
“Ok, that was a sudden change of plans. Anyway I will catch you at dinner.” Charlie sat in the car and asked Lindsay to join him. As they both drove away, Mark started to walk. He just needed to clear his head. He was not able to relate to the mixed signals that Lindsay was sending his way and at the same time, he craved for her touch.
As he walked around aimlessly on the sidewalk, he felt both angry and disappointed. He wanted to go talk to Lindsay about it but was not able to muster up the courage to do so. He went and sat down in the park nearby. Looking at the sky he thought, why is this happening? Why to me? Is Lindsay in love with me or is she just feeling guilty about sleeping with me?

After watching the sun set, he got up and called a cab. He needed to vent his feelings out and he had promised Charlie that he would be back home in time for dinner.
As Charlie and Lindsay drove back home, Charlie noticed the same awkward, lost feeling looming over her.
“What’s wrong?” He asked reaching out for her hand.
“Nothing, it’s nothing” she held his hand and then let go after a while.
As they reached their home, Lindsay went straight to her room, she felt guilty for sleeping with him. All she could think about were the consequences of this taboo. What if Rachel came to know? Charlie would hate her and Mark. It was all so wrong. She closed the door and sat on the floor. She wanted this behind her. She just wanted things to go back to the way they were. She just wanted to erase last night and forget about it.
She knew Mark wanted her, she could see it in his eyes as they sat in the café. He kept looking at her and she kept ignoring him. She felt bad for him and knew that her actions were hurting him really badly. Nevertheless, she wanted to push him away, this was not right; she could not continue to have sex with him. It was so good… but it was also, so wrong.
She decided to push Mark away, and ignore him until the time she goes back to London. She had no idea how to push his closest friend away. They had been the best of friends since they were kids. They had shared every little feeling with each other, every little secret, and every prank they planned and now she had to push him away. Nevertheless, she decided that is what was best for them and for the rest of the family. As she mustered to courage to go through

with her plan, tears started to roll down her face. She sat there behind her bolted door and cried for hours.
As the clock rang 8pm, she got up. She had to get ready for dinner with Rachel and the boys. She went to the shower and as the water started to trickle down her naked body, all the moments from last night came back to her. She felt aroused and at the same time, she felt disgusted. She thought about the way Mark touched her body and felt weak in her knees. Her pussy went wet thinking of his dick. How he moved and how he made her cum repeatedly. She had never felt this pleased in her life. Of all the men she had been with, Mark was the best.
As she reached down to touch herself, she stopped. She looked in the mirror and imagined Mark sucking on her nipples. She went to the room, dripping on the floor. She took out her dildo and went back to her bathtub. As she lay there naked and imagining Mark in the tub with her, she inserted the dildo in her pussy. It felt great, not even close to Mark’s size, but this was all she could do to imitate him inside her. As she moved the dildo back and forth, it felt great; she played with her breasts and continued to fuck herself with the dildo. As she came, she wasn’t pleased, and only wanted more. She sucked the dildo, tasting herself and then went on to put it inside her ass. It was not the first time she had done this, she had always loved to tease her ass, and she loved the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure it gave it to her.
The first time she felt a dick in her ass, she literally screamed in pain, it was a guy she had met in London. He was great in bed, and she moved in with him after a short while and they spent many sleepless nights pleasing each other. He had a thing for fucking her in the ass. She came to really enjoy it too, and she loved it ever since. She would always finger and tease her ass as she

masturbated, she craved a cock in her asshole and wanted to experience the pleasure.
As she fucked her ass with the dildo, she came again. She lay there in the tub full of water thinking about what she was doing. She had to push Mark away. She had to make sure that what happened last night would never happen again. She got out of the tub and patted herself dry. She noticed the love bites on her breasts that Mark had left behind. She hurriedly dressed for dinner.

Chapter Three
Charlie saw Mark sitting outside on the lawn. He went over to him and tapped his shoulder.
“What are doing here? Are you planning to come inside?” He asked Mark as he sat next to him on the stone bench that had been there for as long as he could remember.
“Ya I will be right with you. Just wanted to sit here for a while. Do you remember how we used to play with dad here? I miss him so much.” He hugged Charlie.
“We all miss him man. Come on, let’s go inside. Mom is waiting for us.” Charlie took Mark by the arm as he stood up. They walked inside the house and Mark saw Lindsay. She looked beautiful in her pink dress. As Lindsay saw him, she got up and went into the kitchen. She found him irresistible, but she had to do it. She had to push him away. Her nipples felt hard as her bare breasts were tickled by the fabric of her dress, as she purposely didn’t wear a bra on this night.

As she joined the group at the table with a bottle of wine in her hand, Rachel looked at her and said, “Are you alright? You look tired dear.”
Lindsay smiled and said, “It’s probably the jet lag. I am fine though. Let’s eat.”
Mark looked at Lindsay sitting across the table. He could see the impression of her nipples through her dress and he looked away. As they ate, Charlie told Rachel all about their day. The amazing pancakes at the café and the drive with Lindsay; how Mark ditched them to meet some friends. Mark smiled sheepishly.
After dinner was over, Lindsay went to the swing in the lawn and sat there. Charlie walked up to her and sat beside her on the grass. Mark watched through the window and saw both of them laughing. He felt jealous, jealous of his own brother. As he saw her touch his arm and laugh he felt furious. He went to his room and slept.
Lindsay grew closer to Charlie in these past few days. She watched him fuck Natasha, and ever since, she had wanted to taste his dick. However, with Mark and her having sex the other day, she was not sure what to do. She had ignored Mark for almost a week now, they hadn’t talked, and they had not even looked at each other. For her she was doing the right thing by stopping Mark from coming near her.
She went out shopping with Charlie, and they both went to lunch together afterward. Mark just could not take it anymore. He felt deep anguish grow in

his heart as he watched Lindsay become more and more distant from him. As Charlie planned a vacation to India with Natasha, Mark asked to join in. Charlie knew something was wrong between Lindsay and Mark, so he was glad to take Mark along.
All reservations were made, they had planned to take a flight to New Delhi and then hire a car to explore the beautiful hill stations. From Manali, Kasol, Mc Leodganj, and Shimla; they had an entire list. It was a 2-week trip and Mark was glad to get away from all his thoughts about Lindsay for a while.
Rachel wanted to join them on this trip but the Japanese were coming in for another round of talks. The Swingers Club was in talks with them for the human genome project. They were the best in the world when it came to Biotechnology and gene splicing, which was why Rachel wanted to collaborate with them. The Swingers Club had the infrastructure, and the Japanese had the specialization. The deal was in its final state, some terms of the agreement were being negotiated upon, and signing this deal would mean that both the companies would be at the top of the research and production chain in the Biotechnology sector. Rachel had high hopes about this project.
As the boys left for the Airport, Rachel sat in her car and drove away to the office. She was going through her notes and the contract that was drafted by the team of lawyers hired by the Swingers Club. As she read the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract, she looked outside and thought of the first time she ever drafted a contract with Aster’s help. He helped her with the terms and conditions and made sure that all of the bases were covered, leaving no loopholes for either parties, just in case of a fallout.
She admired the man’s eye for details; he had always been the one for her. He made her happy like no one ever did. The car stopped in front of the entrance

of the headquarters of the Swingers Club. As she stepped out, she looked at the building, over the years it had changed a lot. Many modifications were made, the interiors were renovated last year to keep pace with the changing architectural trends, but the logo on the front wall always remained.
The beautifully crafted logo that Rachel designed for Aster, he persuaded her to use her creative side and redesign the logo. She had the skill set of a designer, but was hesitant to do the logo for The Swingers Club. Eventually, Aster and John persuaded her to do it; it took her over a month to come up with multiple iterations of the logo, she shortlisted 5 of them and developed a brand voice. As Aster took her to the presentation to showcase her work, she felt nervous. Aster comforted her with a warm hug and said, “These are excellent, you are excellent, and they will love it.”
These words just gave her confidence and that is all she needed. As she presented the concepts, Aster watched in admiration. He had always admired this woman’s persona. She had a beautiful smile and a positive aura. As the presentation came to an end, the board loved her, they all stood up and applauded, the logo was chosen and ever since it had remained there. For 10 years now, the logo had remained the iconic brand identifier of the Swingers Club.
As Rachel looked at the logo in front of her, she took a deep breath and walked towards the elevator. John met her right in front of her office.
“All set for the meeting?” He asked sounding a bit concerned.
“Yes John, why what happened? Everything all right?” Rachel asked as she looked at John. His face had the look of concern that seldom got to him.

“Well this is an important deal, I have never been this nervous. Moreover, the Japanese are really particular about things. They make me nervous.” He smiled, realizing he sounded funny.
“Don’t you worry John, we will get them. The land of the rising sun would have our research base.” Rachel replied. smiling as she patted John’s shoulder. “So you have the details I asked for yesterday?”
“Yes, here you go.” John handed a blue file to Rachel. “Go through these. I have tried to make a concise report, but give it a once over and let me know what you think.” As he started walking towards the door, he looked back at her and smiled, “You have done aster proud Rachel. All the best with the deal.”
He closed the door behind him as he left the room. Rachel smiled at him and nodded as he left. She quickly reviewed the file that he gave her and looked at the clock. It was 1pm; the meeting would start in another 30 minutes.

Chapter Four
She called her assistant and asked her to get her a cup of hot chocolate. As she sipped her hot chocolate with marshmallows, she wondered what the boys were up to. She really wanted to be with them and visit India. As she finished her hot chocolate, she looked at the clock and it was 1:20pm. She got up, took her files, and asked her assistant to tell john to join her in the conference hall.
She walked out the door and went straight into the meeting. She felt confident as she opened the door of the conference room. She looked at Aster’s portrait in the empty room and felt a new surge of confidence run through her.
As the delegation entered sharply at 1:30 pm, she got up and greeted them. The meeting began and after almost 2 hours of negotiations, the deal was sealed. She had done it, she had the deal the company needed; she was now well on her way to fulfill Aster’s dream.
As Mark and Charlie sat in their room, overlooking the beautiful Dhauladhar mountain range, Mark decided that he needed to tell Charlie about him and Lindsay and everything that had happened the other night. He was not sure how he would react, but Mark needed to vent out his feelings. This was the perfect opportunity; Natasha was out shopping in the streets of Mc Leodganj while they had trekked to Gallu temple.
Mark looked at Charlie and hesitantly said, “I need to talk to you.”

“What is it? You have been acting strange for the past couple of weeks. Is everything all right?” Charlie looked at him in a concerned fashion.
“It’s about me and Lindsay.”
“I knew it something was wrong between you two. She has been acting all crazy around you and you two have barely spoken.” Charlie stood up and sat in front of Mark.
“Well ya, she has been acting weird with me. Well the reason is that… we slept together.” Mark just let it roll off his tongue.
As soon as Charlie heard those words come out of Mark’s mouth, he started to panic.
“You what! Are you out of your mind? She is your sister-in-law. How could you? It is so wrong in so many ways. Please tell me you are kidding.” He started to pace around the room frantically holding his head. He could not believe what he had just heard.
“She made the first move Charlie. It’s not like I raped her, she got into the shower with me and we couldn’t control ourselves. I know it was wrong, but somehow it felt so right. It was the…”
Before he could finish Charlie cut him off, “don’t even try to justify it. I cannot believe you had sex with her. I need some air; this conversation is so not over.” Charlie slammed the door as he walked out of the room.
Mark just sat there, wondering what would happen next.

As Charlie came back after an hour, he looked a bit calmer but his eyes told a

different story. Mark looked at him with a mixed look of anguish and shame.
A couple of months after Charlie’s trip, the two of them were back to their normal rhythm. Both of their careers had been pretty demanding and they had decided to treat themselves with a night out. It had started with the thought that if they spent all weekend with their friends, they were never going to pick up someone to join in their escapades.
They decided to go to a club, which they had heard had a reputation for having the easiest girls. The plan was to separate as soon as they got there. Charlie was sure some guy was going to latch on to Lindsay as soon as they got there, and the idea excited him. He knew so many men there would want her, but she belonged to him.
If he wanted, he could tell her to go fuck one of them right there. Or he could send her home with one of them, or he could watch them dance or grind together and then just come and take her away. Kiss her on the dance floor, grope her right in front of the guy that has a hard dick for her.
Lindsay walked out wearing a tiny black dress that showed off her long legs. The neck wasn’t very deep, but you could see a good deal of cleavage.
“You look good enough to eat.” Charlie held her for a while, kissing her neck. They both knew tonight was going to be a lot of fun.
When they reached the club, they both went to the bar and got a drink together, eyeing people there. Lindsay had pointed out some of the prettiest girls in the club to Charlie, asking him which ones he liked. The idea of taking one of them home with them was thrilling.

Chapter Five
After they separated, just as Charlie had predicted, Lindsay started getting a lot of attention. She was standing at the bar and spent some time talking to one guy in particular. His name was Derek and he was an architect. His sandy hair and blue eyes made him look like he had just walked off a beach somewhere, and his shirt couldn’t do much to hide his chiseled body.
He had been hitting on her for a while and he had even cracked some really inappropriate jokes in their conversation, weighing heavy in innuendos.
“I know you came with someone.” He suddenly said, gesturing at Charlie who was on the dance floor with a young brunette who had her ass pressed firmly against his crotch.
Lindsay blushed, but decided to not say anything.
“I saw him look over here a couple of times. Open relationship?”
“Open marriage.” Lindsay replied.
Derek smiled in return. “Lucky.”
“I know of this place right here in this city. A swinger’s club. Some close friends told me about it. They prefer married couples to even long term partners. You guys know of it?”
Lindsay shook her head in reply, her interest peaked.

“I would really like to find out more. You going to be there?”
Derek placed his hand on her ass and kissed her on the neck.
“Maybe. My wife and I have been there twice now. It’s pretty neat.”
Lindsay was surprised to hear that. She had heard about swingers clubs, but one in their city where there were other couples like them? She hadn’t quite thought it was possible.
Derek took her phone and put his number in.
“That is my phone number. If you call me sometime soon, I shall talk to my friends and maybe give you a time and place.”
Lindsay felt her heartbeat quicken at the thought of going to such a place. She hadn’t even considered the possibility yet and it excited her to no end.
By the time the night was done, they had both had a lot of fun dancing and making out with random strangers. Charlie found her standing at the bar alone for a moment and asked her if they should head back.
“Yes if you have had your fun.” She teased. “I found out something that you will find infinitely interesting.”
Lindsay and Charlie had been super excited by the idea of going to a swingers club, and Lindsay had spent some time researching on the net for the type of experience they could expect. She had called Derek and he had asked her for a few details, which he then forwarded to his friend. He had called her back and told her the club was meeting the next weekend at a members house, just as they usually did and said the address was going to be sent to them an hour

before on that day.
They had talked about it endlessly and it had led to the sex getting even steamier. They had been talking about how much fun it would be to watch people leave their inhibitions behind and really let themselves just be governed by their lust.
The weekend couldn’t get here soon enough for both of them and they selected their clothes with much deliberation. Lindsay was wearing a halter dress without a bra with a tiny lace thong under it and Charlie was wearing blue denims and a white shirt.
The address they received was about twenty minutes from their place and Lindsay spent the entire car ride there with her hand on Charlie’s crotch.
The house seemed like any other and the cars parked outside told them that there were already some people there. Lindsay rang the bell and the door was opened by a stunning older woman in her late thirties, or early forties with a gorgeous figure and a pair of tits to die for. Lindsay couldn’t help but be taken aback by her. As they made their way inside, they saw about four other couples there. The woman, Maeve was their host and she introduced them to everyone.
There was one couple in their twenties like them, and the other two couples seemed to be Maeve’s age group. One of the couples was already finding it hard to keep their hands off each other, and a man named Oliver, had his hands under his wife’s dress. She was obviously enjoying the attention, and Maeve’s husband Jerry, who seemed suave with his salt and pepper hair and tall angular physique, was standing right in front of them, having a seemingly normal conversation with the woman who was getting a hand job.

Maeve made introductions and asked them to relax. She poured them both stiff drinks and everyone just sat around for a while, talking like any other normal group of people, which made the experience even more surreal.
After a while, Oliver and his wife got a lot more heated and the rest of the couples started to follow suit. Maeve took off her dress first, while commenting about how refreshing it was to see a couple so frisky after fifteen years of marriage. Everyone stopped and stared as she bared her almost perfect body, revealing to all, her nice, perky breasts, on down to her narrow waist and deliciously healthy hips. The younger woman, Beth came and took off her dress to, kissing Maeve on the mouth and holding her breasts, while smiling and eyeing her husband, David. Lindsay wanted to join in, but they hardly knew anyone there so she and Charlie just sat together, taking everything in.

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