Lonely Wife Swinging 4

Chapter One
After experiencing the orgy, Charlie and Lindsay had spent the next month almost constantly reliving the memories. Lindsay enjoyed settling down between Charlie’s legs, his cock in her hands as she told him all the different things that they had enjoyed in the orgy. She liked watching Charlie’s eyes roll back in his head in pleasure as she dirty talked him into an orgasm, her tongue playing with his thick, rigid cock.
Both of them knew that they wanted to repeat the experience and it was now mentioned enough between them to have become a common goal. Finding the same comfort zone wasn’t going to be easy and Lindsay was worried that this could be leading them down a path that she wasn’t ready for. But their relationship was so much better now. She loved the honest and open love that she shared with Charlie. She loved watching him with other women, knowing that he was hers at the end of the night. She loved watching the women eye his taut body, the way their eyes would widen when they’d see his enormous cock, pointing at them, filled with a hard need.
“I really wish I could come with you.” Lindsay cooed in Charlie’s ear. She was naked from the waist up, her nipples hard, brushing against Charlie’s cheeks as she cradled his head.
“This trip would be infinitely more fun with you.” Charlie pinched a nipple, playfully.
Lindsay knew he was being honest. After the earlier years of cheating and hiding, their relationship had evolved into something truly beautiful. She knew

he could fuck whoever he wanted to, but sharing his conquests with her made them a lot more fun for Charlie.
“You could find a hot young thing in Boston.” Lindsay was sprawled out in front of Charlie, who was eyeing her hungrily.
“I could find a hot young thing in Boston. But I won’t be able to push both your tits together and cum all over them, now, would I?”
Lindsay pressed her breasts together to create the cleavage that made Charlie drool. She licked her lips sexily, egging him on.
“What else?” Lindsay had one hand in her pajamas now, and Charlie could see her start to rub herself.
“I would want to watch both of you lick that cum off each other’s breasts, then lick each other’s lips till you’re both squeaky clean.” Charlie took off his pajama bottoms in one swift motion, unveiling his hard member, stroking it so Lindsay could watch.
“But I want to be dirty. I want you’re cum all over the hot little girl we share together, so I can lick you off of her, off her pussy.”
Charlie took Lindsay’s bottoms off and settled down between her legs, licking her clit and making her moan.
“I love how dirty my baby is.” Charlie licked little circles around Lindsay’s clit, making her legs tremble.
Lindsay started to push herself down on Charlie’s face, encouraging him to lick her harder. As Charlie sucked on her clit, he pushed a finger inside her, finger

fucking her as she orgasmed, her juices spilling into his mouth.
Charlie got up and almost immediately thrust himself inside her. Lindsay had barely had time to recover, so she started to push against his chest a little, her legs half closed. Charlie kissed Lindsay on the mouth, teasing her lips with his tongue and pried her legs apart, entering her again, harder this time. Lindsay let out a tiny squeal, enjoying how her husband’s cock could still work deep inside of her and even hurt her.
She was starting to move her hips with his now and Charlie closed his eyes, feeling her grinding herself against him, inviting him inside her.
“Fuck me baby” Lindsay whispered in his ear, biting his ear lobe.
“Baby, I want you so bad. I want your pussy all the time.”
Lindsay looked up at him, her hand moving to her clit and then to his cock inside her. She held him as he eased in and out of her, cradling his balls in her hand as she felt his entire length move inside her pussy, filling her up.
They had come far from their days of insecurities. Lindsay loved how they didn’t take each other for granted anymore. Telling each other how much they enjoyed each other’s bodies. She wanted to hang on to him for a while, before he left for his trip.
“I’m going to miss having your cock inside me baby. This pussy is going to miss you so much.”
Charlie kissed her again; his mouth finding her tongue and his hand reaching down to find her clit. He started to massage her clit as he fucked her, driving her into frenzy. Their moans had gotten a lot louder now, and Lindsay put her

hand into her mouth, biting down lightly on her hand to stop herself from getting louder.
Charlie got on his knees and pulled her legs up, pulling and pushing her on his cock, just watching her. Lindsay’s breasts bounced with his thrusts and he reached down and squeezed them, her nipples hard against his palm.
Lindsay was looking up at him now, her lips parted, her hands taking his lead and reaching for her breasts. She started to squeeze them now, giving him her best porn star look as she moaned and writhed.
“I want your cum inside me baby, I want you to fill me up.”
Charlie looked at his beautiful wife, getting fucked like a sex goddess, her pussy wet and glistening, her nipples hardened to a point, and felt himself get close to orgasming.
“Cum inside me baby, I want your cum dripping out of me. Fill this little pussy up, baby.”
Charlie thrusted harder and harder, forcing all of him deep inside of her, his cock ramming her over and over again, their bodies making soft slapping noises as he fucked her.
“I’m cumming.” Charlie poured his cum inside her, staying inside her pussy till he became flaccid. He was lying on top of her now, spent and happy.
“No way are any of my trips going to have a single moment better than this one.” Charlie kissed his wife, nestling next to her, their warm bodies cradling each other.

Chapter Two
Charlie was gone for almost a week, and Lindsay had been forced to make due with her vibrator. It’s not that she couldn’t find anyone to do while he was away, she just hadn’t really found anyone interesting while he was gone. Lindsay had some friends over for drinks one night, a hen party that she was sure would have left Charlie quite stimulated.
She had possibly had the most fun that night. She had had quite a few drinks in her and once all her friends had left, she settled down in bed, completely naked, her vibrator on the night stand ready to take care of her. She thought about all her friends and which one Charlie would have wanted the most. She knew he loved Janice’s huge tits. She thought of his face buried between them, as Janice held his face to her, letting him lick every inch of her plentiful mounds. She thought about being allowed to join in on the action, sucking Charlie’s cock as he sucked on her nipples. She brought the vibrator between her legs and felt the electric hum near her skin.
She had spoken to him before her friends had left, when he was going to bed. She desperately wanted to call him now, to hear him tell her what he would have wanted to do to Janice. To hear him tell her all his dirty fantasies. She made a mental note to have a hen party again while he was home. There was so much she wanted to hear from him. How he would have loved being the center of attention today. The seven women could have all lavished their attention on his cock, taking turns sucking him and getting fucked by him. She pictured the seven of them lying in a row, their legs parted, and their pussies in view,

welcoming and yearning for his shaft. Charlie could have taken turns fucking all of them, and she could have gotten him to cum inside her. She could have also had her friends lick his cum from her pussy.
These thoughts were making her insanely wet and she pressed the vibrator harder to her clit, spreading her legs and picturing the seven of them pleasing her husband. She wished she could do something like that for him. She knew none of her friends were likely masturbating to these same thoughts, but she hoped some husbands and vibrators were getting some action tonight.
She started to feel herself get close as she pictured the seven of them getting a little too tipsy at the party, losing their inhibitions and clothes. They could have all laid down together, and played with their pussies. She pictured the women on their backs, on her rug, legs parted, fingers moving furiously as they all came, in a long never ending orgasm. Lindsay felt herself get closer and closed her eyes, fixating on the mental picture of her hen party changing into a sleepover video from a porn site. She felt her legs start to shake as she thought about the women fingering themselves and watching each other cum, their pussies dripping. Lindsay couldn’t hold on much longer and came shuddering as a loud moan escaped her lips.
She closed her eyes, drained, her head spinning a little now as the alcohol and sleep caught up with her. Charlie was going to be back in a couple of days. She knew she was going to play out this fantasy with him and she knew he was going to love it.

When she finally passed out, her vibrator was still nestled between her legs.

Chapter Three
Charlie was back from his trip and they had both gone straight to the bedroom where they first let out all the lust they had carried within themselves, with a quickie. Charlie had taken her panties off almost immediately, leaving her dress on, pushing it out of the way as he entered her, some five minutes after walking in the door.
They fucked almost wordlessly, his cock savagely thrusting inside her. Lindsay and Charlie had both been psyching themselves up for this moment and they understood each other’s urgency.
Charlie groped her breasts as he bent her over the bed. He reached down and started to rub her clit as he fucked her, ramming his cock inside her pussy. Lindsay was almost dripping wet, her pussy making squelching sounds as Charlie’s body made loud slapping sounds against her ass.
“I’m cumming baby.” Lindsay said as she felt herself get close, whimpering in pleasure. Her body shuddered and she felt Charlie cum inside her almost completely in synch with her orgasm, their bodies rocked by their mutual pleasure.
Both of them collapsed onto the bed, their bodies still hungry for each other. Charlie was kissing Lindsay gently on her back as he held her from behind.
“Now you have to start telling me exactly what happened.”

Lindsay knew that Charlie had hooked up with a blonde bartender on this trip and she had only heard the short version of the story.
“Don’t worry I’m going to tell you all about it.” Charlie moved her hair from her shoulder and kissed it tenderly.
“But I want to know.” Lindsay squirmed and turned around to face him.
She wanted to know how the girl looked, what all they did, whether she knew if he was married… everything. She wanted to know exactly how Charlie had fucked her; whether or not he had been kind in the first few moments as he tended to be, or if he had rammed his cock inside her, making her scream a little.
“I want to know if you hurt her.” Lindsay had her head nestled under his chin and she looked up at him with her best puppy dog eyes.
“Would you like it if I had?”
Lindsay had her hand on Charlie’s crotch and she felt his cock get hard.
“Maybe, I want to know if she screamed when you started to fuck her. She was younger, right, so hopefully, you hurt her tight little pussy.”
Lindsay could feel his erection grow as she talked, his cock was rock hard again and he pressed harder against her hand. She started stroking him as he talked.
“I was sitting at the bar and I had been talking to her a little throughout the night. I wasn’t very drunk, and I really wasn’t hitting on her.”

Lindsay knew that much was true. Charlie wasn’t an open flirter. He would

have sat there drinking, being himself and she must have been surprised at the strikingly handsome man, sitting alone at the bar not looking to get laid.
“When it was getting close to closing time, she gave me my last drink on the house. She was leaning forward quite a bit by now, and I knew I could have her if I wanted.”
Lindsay started to stroke him a little harder, feeling her own pussy get moist.
“I asked her if she wanted to hang out after closing up and she said yes, almost immediately.”
“She wanted your cock. Really bad, didn’t she?”
Charlie moaned and nodded in reply.
“We went to my room and I poured her a drink from the mini bar. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a white shirt, which she ripped open as soon as she got to the room. I leaned forward to kiss her and she kissed me back. It didn’t take long after that. I took off her shirt and we got undressed rather quickly.”
“I’m sure her eyes got rather wide when she saw this.” Lindsay ran her tongue along Charlie’s cock, making him shudder appreciatively.
“I threw her on the bed sometime after that and she said the words fuck me a couple of times.”
“Fuck me.” Lindsay drawled in a low voice.
Charlie took her by the hair and forced his cock inside her mouth, making her gag.

“I fucked her for a while, she screamed a little and I put my hand on her mouth. I rubbed her clit while I fucked her. The condom was making me last a lot longer than I wanted to. She came twice I think, while we fucked. She was so wet baby; I wish you had been there to see it… to taste her.”
“I wish I had been there to feel her wetness too. I would have licked you off of her.” Lindsay put one hand between her legs, feeling her own wetness.
“I was picturing you holding her tits for me while she rode my cock.”
Lindsay got up and placed herself on top of him, guiding his cock inside her and started to ride him, holding her breasts, giving him the visual he wanted.
Charlie had stopped talking for a while as he held her by the waist, bouncing her on his cock, her hands squeezing her tits, her mouth parting in pleasure.
“After she came the second time, she knelt on the floor and sucked me off. She took the condom off, and had me cum in her mouth. That was that, she left soon after.”
Charlie was concentrated on his wife now, who was riding his cock expertly.
“But you haven’t told me anything yet.” Lindsay pouted.
“I wish you had been there. I wanted to fuck her while you held me.”
Charlie got up and leaned Lindsay back, easing himself on top of her. She could feel his thrusts get urgent.
“Baby, I would have loved watching you fuck her. Watching her scream every time you thrusted hard, forcing your girth into her.”

Charlie was thrusting hard inside Lindsay now, his eyes closed as he pictured his wife watching him fuck the girl, enjoying the look of pain in her eyes.
Charlie came suddenly, with jerks that may as well have sucked his cum right out of him and into her. Lindsay held him tight, knowing that no matter what had happened with any other girl, she knew her husband best, and she knew how to please him like no one else could.
“We have to find someone together.” Lindsay said as they laid there together.
“I want to watch you fuck someone. I want us to fuck someone together.”
“Yes baby, we will. Soon.” Charlie said right before he dozed off.

Chapter Four
A couple of months after Charlie’s trip, the two of them were back to their rhythm. Both their work had been pretty demanding and they had decided to treat themselves with a night out alone. It had started with the thought that if they spent their weekends with their normal group of friends they were never going to pick up someone to join in their escapades.
They decided to go to a club, which they had heard had a reputation for having the easiest girls. The plan was to separate as soon as they got there. Charlie was sure some guy was going to latch onto Lindsay as soon as they got there, and the idea excited him. He knew so many men there would want her, but she belonged to him.
If he wanted, he could tell her to go fuck one of them right then and there. Or he could send her home with one of them, or he could watch them dance and grind together and then just come and take her away. Kiss her on the dance floor, and begin to grope her right in front of the guy that has a hard on for her.
Lindsay walked out wearing a little black dress that showed off her smooth, sexy, long legs. The neck perfectly cut, revealing a good deal of her beautiful cleavage.
“You look good enough to eat.” Charlie held her for a while, kissing her neck. They both knew tonight was going to be a lot of fun.

When they reached the club, they both went to the bar and got a drink together, eyeing the candy there on display. Lindsay had pointed out some of the prettiest girls in the club to Charlie, asking him which ones he wanted to fuck. The idea of taking one of them home with them was thrilling.
After they separated, just as Charlie had predicted, Lindsay started getting a lot of attention. She was standing at the bar talking to one guy in particular. His name was Derek and he was an architect. His sandy hair and blue eyes, made him look like he had just walked off a beach somehow, and his shirt couldn’t do much to hide his chiseled body.
He had been hitting on her for a while and he had even cracked some really inappropriate jokes in a conversation heavy on innuendos.
“I know you came with someone.” He suddenly said, gesturing at Charlie who was on the dance floor with a young brunette who had her ass pressed firmly against his crotch.
Lindsay blushed, but decided to not say anything.
“I saw him look over this way a couple of times. Open relationship?”
“Open marriage.” Lindsay replied.
Derek smiled in return. “Lucky.”
“I know of a place right here in the city. A swinger’s club. Some close friends told me about it. They prefer married couples to even long term partners. You guys know of it?”

Lindsay shook her head in reply, her interest peaked.

“I would really like to find out more. You going to be there?”
Derek placed his hand on her ass and kissed her on the neck.
“Maybe. My wife and I have been there twice now. It’s pretty neat.”
Lindsay was surprised to hear that. She had heard about swingers clubs, but one in their city where there were other couples like them, she hadn’t quite thought it possible.
Derek took her phone and put his number in it.
“That is my phone number. If you call me sometime soon, I shall talk to my friends and maybe give you a time and place.”
Lindsay felt her heartbeat quicken at the thought of going to such a place. She hadn’t even considered the possibility yet and it excited her to no end.
By the time the night was over, they had both had a lot of fun dancing and making out with random strangers. Charlie found her standing at the bar alone for a moment and asked her if they should head back.
“Yes if you have had your fun.” She teased. “I found out something that you will find infinitely interesting.”
Lindsay and Charlie had been super excited by the idea of going to a swingers club and Lindsay had spent some time researching on the net for the type of experience they could expect. She had called Derek and he had asked her a few details about her and Charlie, which he then forwarded to his friend. He had called her back and told her the club was meeting on the next weekend at a members house as they usually did and said the address was going to be sent to

them an hour before on that day.
They had talked about it endlessly and it had led to the sex getting even steamier. They had been talking about how much fun it would be to watch people leave their inhibitions behind and really let themselves just be governed by their lust.
The weekend couldn’t get here soon enough for both of them and they selected their clothes with much deliberation. Lindsay was wearing a halter dress without a bra with a tiny lace thong under it and Charlie was wearing blue denims and a white shirt.
The address they received was about twenty minutes from their place and Lindsay spent the entire car ride there with her hand on Charlie’s crotch.
The house seemed like any other and the cars parked outside told them that there were already some people there. Lindsay rang the bell and the door was opened by a stunning older woman, in her late thirties or early forties, with a gorgeous figure and pair of tits to die for. Lindsay couldn’t help but be taken aback by her. As they made their way inside, they saw about four other couples there. The woman, Maeve was their host and she introduced them to everyone.
There was one couple in their twenties like them, and the other two couples seemed to be Maeve’s age group. One of the couples was already finding it hard to keep their hands off each other, and a man, named Oliver, had his hands under his wife’s dress. She was obviously enjoying the attention, and Maeve’s husband Jerry, who seemed suave with his salt and pepper hair and tall angular physique, was standing right in front of them, having a seemingly normal conversation with the woman who was getting a hand job.

Maeve made introductions and asked them to relax. She poured them both stiff drinks and everyone just sat around for a while, talking like any other normal group of people, which made the experience even more surreal.
After a while, Oliver and his wife got a lot more hot and heavy and the rest of the couples started to follow suit. Maeve took off her dress first, while commenting about how refreshing it was to see a couple so frisky after fifteen years of marriage. Everyone stopped and stared and she bared her almost perfect body. With her high perky breasts to her narrow waist and slightly heavy hips. The younger woman, Beth came and took off her dress too, kissing Maeve on the mouth and holding her breasts, while smiling and eyeing her husband, David. Lindsay wanted to join in, but they hardly knew anyone there and she and Charlie just sat together, taking everything in.

Chapter Five
Oliver’s wife Dana was on top of him now and he took her dress off her, with his cock inside her in full view of everyone. Lindsay could see that Charlie wasn’t very comfortable. These people were obviously very comfortable with each other and their rhythms and as the new couple there, they felt a little in the way almost.
Maeve came over to them, as her husband sat back, unbuttoning his trousers and unveiling his long curved cock, which seemed hard and ready. He was talking to the other older couple, Ralph and Lonnie, who from what they saw were there mostly to watch. Lonnie would sleep with other couples, and Ralph enjoyed watching her.
“You guys must not be feeling very comfortable. Lindsay, why don’t you take off your dress and let Charlie feel you up a little, like you would in the privacy of your own home.”
Lindsay complied and leaned forward, letting Charlie cup her breasts, as he eyed Maeve’s body appreciatively.
“We have no hang ups here, everyone here is open to anything you would want to suggest.”
Maeve leaned next to Lindsay so Charlie could reach up and grab her breasts as well. Her husband, Jerry came over, he was completely naked now and he

positioned himself behind Maeve, grabbing her ass and guiding his cock inside her. Lindsay and Charlie both felt his first thrust and Lindsay started to take off Charlie’s trousers.
Charlie had his hands on both their breasts and she suddenly felt Jerry grab her ass from behind as he started to fuck his wife with a steady rhythm. Maeve leaned across and kissed Lindsay on the mouth, her body moving in the rhythm of her husband’s thrusts.
“Want to switch?” She asked.
Lindsay looked at Charlie questioningly and saw him nod quickly in reply. Maeve turned back and kissed her husband, taking Lindsay’s hand and guiding it to his cock. She knelt in front of Charlie and started to lick his cock. Lindsay was stroking Jerry’s cock now, and he started to moan lightly. Charlie was watching them intently as Maeve took his cock in her mouth and started deep throating him like an expert.
Sam took Lindsay by the hand and sat her down on the couch, next to Charlie. He got on top of her and squeezed her breasts as he kissed her neck. Lindsay was shuddering with pleasure and Charlie suddenly turned towards her to kiss her. They were both having a really good time by now, and Lindsay looked around her. Oliver had his face in Beth’s cleavage and his wife Dana was with Lonnie, licking her pussy as Ralph stroked his cock. Almost everyone was naked and Beth’s husband David was fucking his wife from behind as she moved on to suck Oliver’s cock.
Jerry suddenly thrusted inside of her without warning, and Charlie saw her eyes widen a little as Jerry started to fuck her. Maeve was still deep throating Charlie and his eyes would sometime lose focus from the pleasure.

He pulled Maeve up and bent her over the couch, her ass right next to Lindsay’s face as he entered her. Lindsay and Jerry turned their attention to Maeve’s pussy being plowed by Charlie. Maeve started to moan loudly as Charlie’s thick cock started to move inside her, stretching her pussy lips.
Lindsay could hear the soft squelching sounds from Maeve’s moist pussy. Jerry grabbed Maeve’s ass and started to fuck Lindsay harder, obviously enjoying the sight of his wife being banged by another man.
“Harder baby. Fuck her harder.” Lindsay called out, making Charlie increase the power behind his thrusts.
Jerry followed suit and soon both men were thrusting hard at each other’s wives. Maeve started to call out Jerry’s name and Lindsay felt his cock quiver inside her.
Charlie reached forward and started to massage Lindsay’s clit, which took Lindsay completely by surprise as she could see his hand touch her clit and make contact with Jerry’s cock together. She hadn’t thought that Charlie would be comfortable with something like that. Jerry seemed to derive even greater pleasure out of it and she could feel that he was ready to cum.
Maeve turned back to look at Jerry as Charlie made Lindsay cum and Jerry shot his load all over her belly. They disentangled and Maeve went over and gladly cleaned Jerry’s cock off. Jerry sat on the couch recuperating as Maeve turned her attention onto her husband’s load on Lindsay’s belly. She started to lick it off her, and slowly moved down to her pussy. Charlie was standing behind Maeve watching her lick Lindsay’s pussy gently, cleaning her up.

Maeve then got up and started to lick Charlie’s cock again. Lindsay joined in

this time, licking him along with her, and making him shudder with pleasure. Charlie had his cock sucked by the both of them, taking turns, till Lindsay knew he could take no more.
“Cum on our faces baby.”
Lindsay started giving him a hand job while she kissed Maeve on the lips. Maeve stuck her tongue out, prompting Lindsay to do the same and they both looked up at Charlie playing with each other’s tongues, sticking them out and licking each other.
Lindsay felt Charlie was about to cum before his thick hot streams of cum covered both her and Maeve’s face. Charlie sat down immediately catching his breath and Lindsay went over to bury her head in his lap. Everyone was finishing up right about then and the next few hours were spent having fun conversations and eating dinner.
The next meeting was in three weeks’ time and it was going to be at Oliver’s house. Lindsay and Charlie left with promises to come back. Lindsay and Maeve exchanged a passionate kiss while leaving and Lindsay was sure that they had found a place to finally be comfortable with their sexuality.
As soon as they got into the car they both broke into satisfying grins and Lindsay went straight for Charlie’s crotch.
“As soon as we get home I’m fucking your brains out.”

Lindsay laughed and they knew that they were hooked.

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