Affair with Her Stepson 2

Chapter One
Julia sat on the park bench, pondering the events of the past year. She had seen so much change in her and she couldn’t believe it had been only a year since she married her husband, David. And in that time, her life had seen tremendous ups and downs.
Julia’s modeling career had taken an enormous upturn right after she had married David. She now had all of his contacts at her disposal, and this allowed her to enjoy the benefits of his company and boost her image and career as well.
Julia had enjoyed the attention. Everybody wanted a piece of her again, and she was soon becoming the hottest model in town after her period of stagnation. She wanted everyone to know just how good she had gotten with all of the practice she had been getting during her slow days.
David had also been wonderful back then. He had been the consummate husband, loving and caring and generous in all things. He had bought Julia expensive gifts, including an extravagant condo for her birthday. He told her that he trusted her and wanted her to have the condo so that she had a place to herself whenever she needed to be alone.
He had been incredibly understanding about the fact that Julia sometimes just needed to be by herself. Unlike so many other men who treated their wives like property, something that they owned and could do whatever they want with, David treated Julia like his queen, someone that he was beholden to and ever grateful for.
The only thing that Julia did not like was the sex. David had the look of a man who had been a true fuck machine in his prime, but now he was well past the prime years of his thirties and early forties. He had trouble fucking her with passion. And a lot of the time, he couldn’t even get hard.
He was ruggedly handsome and still had the look of a silver fox, but Julia was

slowly starting to get tired of the way his body was. He certainly couldn’t help the fact that his body was beginning to sag. He was quite old, after all. No matter how much time he spent at the gym, at the end of the day his body was finally showing signs of wear and tear from having been alive for so long.
His skin was getting wrinkly, he was starting to develop a pot belly that wouldn’t go away no matter how much he exercised and his posture had started to become crooked. He was still more of a man than any other man Julia had ever dated; she just sometimes wished that he was a bit younger.
Still, sex was only one part of a relationship after all. He was an amazing person, and he loved Julia with such passion that she never felt as though she was missing out apart from her occasional sexual frustration.
At least, he had been extremely loving and passionate in the early stages of their relationship. Julia had started to realize that she was just another trophy wife for David. She had started to understand the way men like David thought, how they believed that they were somehow entitled to everything they had.
David was an extremely rich man, and men like him were used to getting what they wanted when they wanted it. They had enormous, fancy offices, they lived in sprawling mansions, they drove cars that looked like they were something out of a science fiction movie.
David wanted his wife to be better than anyone else’s as well. He wanted to be the one with the wife that made everybody turn around and stare, he wanted to be able to show his wife off to all of his rich friends from his country club and make them jealous of the fact that his wife was hotter than their wives would ever be.
Julia had initially thought that David had wanted her. She had assumed that her body made him horny, that he loved her tits and how tight her pussy was. She had assumed that he had wanted her because she gave him the best blowjobs he had ever gotten in his life and he wanted these blowjobs every day.
Most women would have been offended to be viewed in such a way. They would have wanted to be viewed as actual people; they would have preferred to find a man who loved them for their personalities just as much as their

bodies. Julia was more practical than that. She had basically needed a sugar daddy, and had no qualms about David wanting her just because he liked the way she looked.
However, her sexy body was only part of the reason why David married her, and Julia soon found out that it was a very small part indeed. David was getting too old to enjoy sex as much as he would have in his youth. At this age, he had other priorities, other desires. He wanted to expand his business empire, wanted to be richer and faster than everyone else. All he cared about now was his dick measuring contest with his country club friends.
Julia resented that she was just another piece in the mosaic that David used to peacock himself in front of his friends. She was just somebody that David needed at his shoulder for public appearances, someone that he could use to prove that he was superior to everyone else in all things.
Julia wished that he would at least fuck her right. She was prepared to be his trophy wife but she had needs, needs that just weren’t fulfilled by using a vibrator anymore. She needed something real, she needed a thick, hot cock inside of her and David just wasn’t prepared to give that to her as much as she needed it.
She got up from the park bench and began to stroll along the pathway, her hands in the pocket of her coat. The autumn air was getting chillier, slowly settling into the frigid cold of the winter days. Julia smirked at how the increasing cold was becoming a rather accurate representation of her love life.
With a sigh she checked her phone and saw that it was time to go to work. She had a photo shoot with an Italian designer who wanted her to model some of his dresses. She didn’t want to be late; work was all that she had to make herself feel fulfilled these days.

Chapter Two
Julia got to the photo studio right on time. She prided herself on being punctual and professional at all times. It was how she planned to set herself apart from the pack, and how she intended to make herself important to every photographer that wanted to work with her.
The problem with the industry these days was that models thought that they were entitled to special treatment. Julia knew that she was incredibly hot; she knew that any photographer in the world would drool at the possibility of photographing her. She knew that designers all across the world wanted to work with her based on her looks alone.
However, Julia didn’t want to just coast by on her looks. She wanted to work hard; she wanted to establish herself as a model that was professional in all things. She wanted to be the person that you hired because you wanted someone who would get to the studio on time, someone who you would hire because they wanted to wrap the shoot up in as little time as possible.
Julia knew that looks were fleeting. It was entirely possible for a model to come up the ranks that was even more beautiful than Julia was, especially now that Julia was thirty and was starting to show that she was not as young as she used to be. She knew that the fact that she was so professional was going to make her preferable to designers and photographers because the younger, hotter models would have too many demands and would delay the shoots too much because of them.
When Julia entered the studio, the designer, a man by the name of Ezio Fellini, was standing with the photographer, discussing ideas for possible shots that they could take. Upon seeing Julia, he rushed towards her and enveloped her in an expansive embrace.
“Julia, daaaaarling!” he said, hugging Julia tight. “You are a vision, a vision! I could look at you all day! Marco, cancel the shoot. We must put my queen, Julia, up on a stage and look at her. We must do it. I can’t work with such a

vision in front of me. I just can’t do it!”
Julia smiled, embarrassed and pleased at the same time. She loved how Ezio made it a point to let her know how much he appreciated her. He was more than just an employer. Julia considered him a dear and true friend as well.
She got herself ready for the shots, putting on the skimpy dresses that Ezio had created for his new line of haute couture wear. He specialized in avant garde dresses that sold for tens of thousands of dollars at the very least, and old dresses that people had worn before still sold at auctions around the world. Julia knew that working with him was a great move for her career.
She started posing for the shots, pouting her lips and jutting her chest out to make her breasts as prominent as possible. She knew that Ezio loved it when she flirted with the camera. Each designer had their own specific fetishes, their own needs that they needed met by the models that they hired. Julia was more than capable of understanding what a designer wanted from her, and could usually predict what they needed and do it before they had even asked her.
She flaunted all of her best features. Her tits, her ass, her lips, each part of her body made the dress look like something even the most influential and wealthy celebrities and socialites would want to wear. Ezio seemed to be in ecstasy, making orgasmic noises as Julia posed in his clothes.
“Oh yes my Julia!” he said, his arms in the air as he gyrated his hips in an overtly sexual manner. He was extremely overt in his sexuality, and wasn’t afraid to make it plain that he lusted after each and every one of his models. Julia honestly didn’t mind. She loved the attention, and was used to being looked at in a sexual manner by pretty much everyone that hired her. It was just the way that things worked in the modeling industry.
She noticed Ezio as if for the first time and realized that he was extremely attractive. She wondered why she hadn’t noticed this before. He had a great body, and his Italian mannerisms were infinitely sexy. He was also blissfully unaware of how sexy he was. He took it in good humor, and was often self-deprecating.
Julia wanted to fuck him. She was surprised when she realized just how horny

she was for Ezio in that moment. She had never once thought of him in a sexual manner before. Their relationship had always been strictly professional. However, her recent dry spell had made her feel so horny and so deprived of pleasure that she had suddenly noticed what an attractive man this designer was.
She wanted him then and there, and the way he was sexualizing her, the way he was making her feel like she was someone he couldn’t control himself in front of was turning her on. She was wet, and this began to translate into her performance in front of the camera.
“Yes, bellissimo!” said Ezio. “Oh my Julia, you are a goddess; you are a fucking goddess!”
Yes, Julia thought to herself. A goddess. She knew that it was true and she wasn’t afraid to admit it. She knew that she was hot enough to get any man in the world that she could possibly want. She never felt this way at home. David never made her feel as though she were a goddess.
He made her feel as though she was an object, something to look at and touch but never anything beyond that. He never even complimented Julia anymore. He had just wanted someone that he could use as his trophy wife, after all.
Once the shoot was over, Julia got dressed in her normal clothes and sighed. She would have loved to invite Ezio into her dressing room and fuck him senseless but she knew that it wasn’t possible. Ezio was gay, and although he was known to fuck women sometimes, they were mostly boyish women with tiny breasts.
Buxom, feminine Julia was certainly not his type of woman. With another sigh, Julia checked her phone. There was a message from her husband, David. He wanted to meet her for lunch in half an hour. She texted him that she would be there.

Chapter Three
Julia met David at the cafe they frequented. He was wearing one of his pristine Italian suits and was wearing it well. He was certainly a dapper man, even though he was a workaholic who never gave his wife any attention. Julia had to admit that even though he was not that fit anymore, in a suit he still looked good enough to eat.
“Hey, honey,” said David, glancing up from his phone. A year ago, he would have gotten out of his chair and pulled Julia’s chair out. He would’ve given her so much more than just a perfunctory glance. Julia sat down, trying not to let the disappointment show in her face.
“Waiter,” said David, gesturing to catch the waiter’s attention. “What do you want?” he asked Julia, gesturing to the menu. Julia honestly didn’t feel that hungry. Besides, she was trying to eat less these days because she didn’t want to get fat. The last thing that she needed was to gain weight and not be able to work anymore.
“I guess I’ll just have a small Caesar salad,” said Julia. The waiter nodded. “For you sir?” said the waiter, speaking now to David.
“I’ll just have an espresso,” said David with a dismissive gesture. The waiter nodded and went off to bring them their orders. David was still utterly engrossed in his phone.
“What’s so interesting in your phone?” asked Julia.
“Oh nothing,” said David distractedly. “I just have a lot of work to do. There’s so much going on at the office that I barely have any time to myself. They don’t even leave me alone while I’m having lunch.”
David was worth about eight hundred million dollars. That was an absolutely enormous amount; it was more money than David could ever spend in his life. It was so much money that he would be able to leave his children enormous inheritances. His money would probably last several generations at the very

In spite of this, David was not satisfied with the amount of success that he had achieved so far. He wanted to achieve more. He always wanted more. More coffee, more alcohol, more respect, more power, more office space. Everything except more sex. Julia had started to wonder if David had erectile dysfunction.
David wanted to be a billionaire. His net worth had crossed a billion dollars once before when he had made a few smart investments in his late forties. However, the stock market crash had hit him hard and he had ended up losing half of his wealth.
He had bounced back really well considering how hard the stock market crash had hit him. Over the last eight years, he had been able to regain about three hundred million dollars of wealth once again. However, he just wasn’t satisfied with the way his business was going. He wanted to cross the billion mark once again, and wanted to be one of the exclusive billionaire club member.
He had complained to Julia several times how hard he had worked to get to a billion the first time around. If he had stayed at a billion then, if the stock market had not crashed, he would have been worth well over three or four billion by now. Once he had broken the billion dollar barrier, collecting even more billions would have become a lot easier.
Julia had to admit that David had definitely worked hard to get where he was, although he had certainly not been born poor by any means. His father had been fairly wealthy, but he hadn’t been as rich as he was right now by any means. His father had left him an inheritance of several hundred thousand dollars. David had turned this into a business empire worth hundreds of millions. It was natural that he would want his growth to continue.
Julia understood where David was coming from; she just wished that he took the time out to notice everything that was good about his life as well. He wanted more money, but he didn’t care about his wife at all anymore. She knew that he still loved her in his own way, but the problem was that he didn’t think it took much to make her happy.

David would just assume that Julia could be satisfied with expensive gifts. Every once in a while he would buy her a tremendously expensive dress or a set of diamond jewelry. He would take her on a trip to Switzerland or France and they would stay at the finest hotel in the country.
However, what was missing from all of these gestures was a personal touch. David never made her feel loved. He would buy her a gift and have it sent to her instead of giving it to her himself. He would take her on an expensive vacation but he would never be present. He would remain engrossed in his work, obsessed with how his company was doing. He remained too distracted to give Julia any real attention.
“So why’d you want to have lunch today?” said Julia, a little louder than was necessary. She successfully managed to startle David out of his hypnotized state of constantly looking at his phone.
“Oh yeah,” said David as Julia’s salad and his espresso arrived. “Sorry, I was distracted.”
He took a sip of espresso and said, “I wanted to tell you that Rob is coming to town. He just graduated, and is coming here to work at my company.”
“Rob is coming?” said Julia, surprised. David rarely ever talked about his son. It was clear that he loved his son dearly, but he seemed to treat him with the same sort of indifference that he treated Julia with.
“Yes,” said David, eyeing his phone from the corner of his eye. He seemed desperate to get back to work, to dive back into his world of money and power.
“So where is he going to be staying?” asked Julia. “Has he gotten a hotel room or something?”
“No, of course not,” said David. “He’s going to be staying with us. I’m not going to let my own son stay at a hotel!”
“Of course,” said Julia. She certainly hadn’t expected David to let his son stay at a hotel. She wondered what the son of David Gallagher would be like.

She realized that she couldn’t wait to meet Rob. She had a feeling that he would have all of David’s good qualities with all of the energy and exuberance of youth as well.

Chapter Four
The next day, Julia waited at home for Rob to get there. She had no work today as she had finished up all of her photo shoots really quickly. David had asked her to wait for Rob to get home so that he didn’t have to come home to an empty house.
Julia read a magazine as she waited, a little bored and impatient for Rob to get there. She wanted him to get home quickly and get settled so that Julia could get on with her day and do other things. She was thinking of going shopping with her friends.
The bell suddenly rang. Julia rushed to answer it, realizing that it was probably Rob. She opened the door, and had to stifle a gasp.
Rob was stunning. He had gorgeous blue eyes, the color of a clear sky. He had messy blond hair that looked as though he had just gotten out of bed and he had a crooked smile that made Julia’s heart skip a beat.
She had never actually met Rob. He hadn’t even come to their wedding as he had been busy with a debate competition in Rome. She had had a feeling that he was handsome, but she had never expected him to be this handsome. She had never expected him to be someone that Julia would actually start…
No, she had to strike that thought from her mind. He was so young; he was her stepson! She couldn’t be thinking this way about him. It just wasn’t right.
“Hey, Julia,” said Robert. “Nice to finally meet you in person!”
His voice had a different timbre from when she had heard it over the phone. It was a natural byproduct of listening to his real voice for the first time. It was mellow and calm; it had a leveling effect on Julia.
“Hey, Rob!” said Julia. “Come on in.”
She stepped aside to let Robert in. He dragged his trolley bag in behind him, a

bag slung casually over one shoulder. He came in and looked around, saying, “Wow, Dad’s really changed the place. I didn’t think that this place could change so much. It’s only been four years!”
“Yeah,” said Julia with a laugh. “I’m responsible for a lot of these changes. David allowed me to decorate the place and redesign it however I wanted.”
“Really?” said Rob, looking at Julia and then taking another look at the place. “I like it!” he said, giving Julia another one of his crooked smiles.
“Do you want something to drink?” said Julia. She was trying really hard not to look at his ass but to no avail. He had an amazing ass. She wanted to touch it, wanted to run her fingers across the smooth swell, so unlike his father’s ass which was not really all that attractive due to the fact that he was quite old.
“Yeah, I’ll just have water thanks,” said Rob. He settled down onto one of the sofas and sighed.
Julia looked him up and down and couldn’t believe how much he was turning her on. How could he be this hot? How could he make her feel so horny?
He was her stepson. He didn’t call her mom because she was only seven years older than him but that didn’t change the fact that his father was her husband. She shouldn’t be feeling this way about him.
Yet, she looked at him and she found her will crumbling. He was so yummy that she could barely stand it. He was muscular and lean, with his arm muscles bulging and becoming more apparent when he stretched his arms behind his back and rested his head on his hands.
Julia found herself starting to undress Rob in her head. None of it mattered anymore. She didn’t care that he was seven years younger than her. She didn’t care that he was her stepson. The year of sexual frustration that she had experienced was finally taking its toll.
Julia was uninhibitedly, unequivocally turned on by Rob, and the fact that he was her stepson was actually increasing the arousal she was feeling in this moment.

Chapter Five
Rob was settled; Julia was free. She was getting ready to go out but couldn’t stop thinking about him. He seemed to ooze sexuality out of his every pore, the way a normal person would sweat. Julia found herself addicted to his very scent, to the aroma of masculinity that he seemed to effortlessly emanate.
She began to touch herself. Her pussy was already wet with desire for Rob. She had imagined him nude plenty of times in the past hour to facilitate a more than adequate orgasm.
Julia laid back onto the bed, spread her legs and began to touch herself. She slipped her fingers underneath her panties and began to stroke her pussy gently, teasing the clit with tender strokes. She moaned to herself. She slipped the fingers of her other hand into her dress and began to stroke her nipples.
Julia hadn’t put a bra on while getting dressed. For some reason she had not wanted to. It had made her feel sexy to be able to go outside with her breasts unbound, her perky nipples showing through the fabric of her dress. She pinched her nipple and gasped as a shockwave of pleasure soared across her body.
Julia’s pussy was aching now. She thought of Rob’s broad shoulders and the way his back muscles had rippled when he had taken his shirt off. Julia hadn’t been able to help but spy on him while he had been undressing. What she had seen… she had almost had to physically restrain herself, otherwise she might have ended up fucking him then and there.
“Yes…,” whispered Julia. “Yes, Rob. I want it like that my Rob. Fuck me just like that…”
In Julia’s fantasies, she was biting Rob’s neck while the piston fucked her tight, wet cunt. She squeezed his ass, clawed his back, did everything she could to get as much of him as possible. There was just too much of his body to explore, too much to allow her to rest on any one part.

She needed to touch all of him, needed all of him inside her. She imagined his cock as thick but not overly huge. She didn’t particularly like enormous cocks, so she imagined his cock to be the ideal size for her.
Julia was so close to cumming that she forgot where she was. She forgot that she was at home and that her stepson was in the other room and might end up hearing her if she was too loud. Julia didn’t care anymore. She wanted him and she was too fucking horny to be ashamed of it.
Julia put two fingers inside her pussy and began to shake them up and down. She loved the feeling of jerking her pussy up and down, loved how it seemed to pound against her G spot and give her such pleasure that she could barely stand it. She was so close now, so close to cumming her brains out in a way that she hadn’t experienced since she had gotten married to David.
The orgasm came suddenly. Julia gasped and screamed Rob’s names. She flailed about on the bed as she came, her body contorting and twisting. She pulled at the sheets, turned around and curled up. She was done; she was satisfied.
She suddenly heard the door open. She turned around in surprise to see Rob standing there. She could see the bulge of his cock through his pants, telling her that he was erect.
“Rob!” said Julia. “What are you doing here? Do you need something?”
“Yeah,” said Rob. “I need you. I heard you moaning, so I pressed my ear to the door. I heard everything and it turned me on. You turned me on, Julia.”
Julia had no idea what to say. Rob was in her room. His delicious cock was right there in front of her, and he clearly wanted to fuck her brains out. What was she going to do now?

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