Ginger’s Bisexual Affairs 2

The week was going by rather slowly, and every day Ginger looked out the window towards the empty house next door. She couldn’t wait for her new neighbors to move in, and with the ‘sale pending’ sign in the front yard, she knew it would be soon.
Bill was home for dinner for the first time in a week, and as he picked at his salad, she knew his mind was somewhere else.
“How’s the case coming along?” She asked.
“I’ll be glad when it’s over.” He said.
She knew he hated to talk about work with her, mainly because she didn’t understand some of the lingo he used when he tried to describe one of his cases.
The sexy lingerie she bought was still in the bags in her closet, and other than him noticing the bra she wore that pushed her breasts up to her chin, she had not gotten the chance to show him the rest of her sexy items.
She was grateful they had their play date in his office last week, because it was the last time he touched her. He had been going into the office early every morning, and staying past ten o’clock every night, and sometimes even past midnight.
Ginger wondered if he was having an affair with the older woman in his office, Pamela. She figured she was probably more experienced, more exciting, and had fewer inhibitions than her.
“I’m sorry things have been hectic this month.” He said, giving her an apologetic look across the table.
Ginger wanted to say things had been hectic for a year, and that ever since they moved to this dry, hot state, that she never got to see him, but she didn’t.

“I understand, it just gets lonely here.” She said.
“I know baby, why don’t you get a hobby, so maybe you could make some friends.” He said.
Ginger hated when he told her to get a hobby or to make new friends. She knew he didn’t understand how hard it was for her to open up to people, and as far as hobbies went, the only thing she really enjoyed was gardening, and that was more of a solo activity.
“Maybe when the neighbors move in, she and I will become friends.” Ginger said.
“I’m exhausted.” Bill said, getting up from the table.
“Would you care if I just went on to bed?” He said.
“Sure, get some rest.” Ginger said, kissing her husband on the cheek as he walked past her to the stairs.
She cleaned off the table, washed the dishes, and then wiped down the counters in the kitchen. With so much time on her hands, the house looked as if no one had lived in it for the past year. She was bored out of her mind; she needed to find something to do, other than sit here at this big house alone.
She walked outside and grabbed a cigarette from behind the flower pot. Tucked tightly between her lips, she lit it, and then sucked on it until she got a good puff of smoke flowing down her throat.
“Hey neighbor!” She heard a voice call out from behind the privacy fence.
“Hey.” Ginger said, trying to make out the persons face in the darkness.
As she stepped into the light, Ginger noticed the blonde hair and dark blue eyes.
“Veronica?” She asked.
“Yeah, we are just moving in.” She said.

Ginger had not even noticed the large moving van in front of the house while her and Bill ate dinner. Her excitement level started to grow as she got up and walked towards her new neighbor, and hopefully her new friend.
“Are you smoking?” She asked.
Ginger put the cigarette behind her back, and was ready to drop it.
“Let me hit it please!” Veronica said.
Ginger handed the cigarette to her, and watched as she took a puff. Her eyes squinted closed, and she tilted her head back as if the cigarette was giving her pleasure, and then let the smoke drift out of her mouth slowly.
“Oh wow, it’s been a long time!” She said, handing the cigarette back to Ginger.
“I only sneak one every so often.” Ginger said.
“Something stressing you out tonight?” Vee asked.
“No, just bored I guess.” She said, taking another puff and then handing it back to Vee.
“Yeah, Scott works all the time, so I know what bored feels like.” She said.
Ginger was elated to hear the woman say that. She knew if her husband worked all the time, they would have plenty of time to get to know one another, and hopefully become close friends. She was excited about living there for the first time since they moved.
“I love your pool!” Vee exclaimed, peeking over the fence.
“Thanks, you can use it whenever you want.” Ginger said.
“I’ll bring the daiquiris…” Vee said.
“Deal!” Ginger said, taking the cigarette and smashing it against the fence.

“Vee!” A male’s voice yelled out from inside the house.
“I better go help him before he has a meltdown.” She said, and then walked away.
Ginger stood by the fence for a few minutes, listening to Vee and her husband Scott argue over where to put the couch, and then she went inside.
She washed her hands, grabbed a piece of gum, and then sprayed some body spray on her clothes and neck before going upstairs.
Bill was already in bed, but she noticed him turn over when she walked in.
“Our neighbors have moved in.” She said softly, just to see if he was truly awake.
“Really?” He said from under his blankets.
“Yup, moving in tonight.” She said.
“That’s awesome.” He said, sounding sleepy.
“Why don’t you come on to bed now baby?” He said.
Ginger thought about grabbing the bag from the back of the closet, but she figured Bill would be asleep before she got dressed.
She stripped out of her tank top and yoga pants, and slid into bed.
“Love the new panties.” He said, noticing them for the first time.
“Thank you.” She said, giggling.
She had been wearing a new pair every night for the last week, as well as the matching bra, but with his work schedule, he didn’t notice.
He pulled her in close, squeezing her tightly with his strong arms. The smell of his body wash was thick on his skin, and his hot breath was beating down on her shoulder.

She felt his hands linger down to the small of her back, and then slide on down further, to her ass cheeks. His grip loosened, and she heard him start to snore. This was the first time he was too tired to finish what he started. Ginger just fell into his arms, found a spot for her head, and fell asleep.

When the sun peeked into Ginger’s bedroom window, gently waking her from her sleep, she rolled over to find Bill already gone.
She was aching for his attention, his touch, and after last night, she hoped he would stick around long enough to make up for it in the morning.
Voices outside her window echoed through the glass. She got up and looked out to see Vee kissing Scott goodbye. He was dressed in a suit, and carried a briefcase, so she figured he was already heading into work.
She was excited that she would get the chance to hang out with her new neighbor today.
Ginger started her workout, and then took a quick shower before dressing. Downstairs, she made her coffee, and then nibbled on left over Danish as she stared out into her backyard.
Her doorbell rang, pulling her out of her trance. At the door, Vee stood smiling, and holding a mug.
“Do you by chance have coffee?” She asked.
“Sure, come on in.” Ginger said, motioning for her to enter.
“I couldn’t find the coffee maker.” Vee said.
Ginger took her mug and poured Vee a cup of coffee, and then handed it back to her.
“Cream or sugar?” She asked.
“No, I like my coffee like I like my men, strong and black.” She said, and then chuckled at her own joke.

Ginger looked at her, confused. She knew Scott was white, even though she’d only seen him for a few minutes.
“So, you get everything loaded into the house last night?” Ginger asked.
“Oh yeah, and now the real fun begins.” Vee said.
“I know, I hate moving.” Ginger said.
“How long have you been here?” She asked.
“Just about a year.” Ginger said.
“So, what do you do here, for fun?” Vee asked.
“I don’t know…” Ginger said.
Vee wrinkled her nose as she sipped her coffee.
“You just sit here all day?” She asked.
“Sometimes.” Ginger admitted.
“We’ll have to find a bar, and some men!” Vee said.
“Aren’t you married?” Ginger asked.
“Yeah, but I’m not dead.’’ Vee said with a smirk.
Ginger had never experienced someone so openly brazen. The thought of cheating on Bill made her queasy, but even if she could do it, she couldn’t imagine being so open about it. It was like Vee was actually proud of it.
“You have to have some fun once in a while, right? I mean, otherwise you’ll go insane.” She added.
“I believe I’m already insane.” Ginger said.

“All the more reason to keep things interesting.” She added.
Ginger found out that Veronica, or Vee for short was a bartender back when she met Scott. She never attended college, but she sounded smarter than most of the friends Ginger remembered from school.
Scott was an engineer, and he was moved out here for a large project, one that would last a couple years at least. Vee didn’t want kids… not now, and not ever, and she didn’t mind Scott working so much because it gave her plenty of time to do what she wanted.
“So, what did you do for fun before you moved?” Ginger asked, half afraid to hear the answer.
“Whatever I wanted I guess.” Vee said, smirking at her again.
“Thanks for the coffee.” She said, and turned towards the door.
“How about lunch by the pool? I have some beer in the house.” Vee said.
Ginger had never been much of a drinker, and day time drinking was something she would never do, but she wanted to spend time with this woman. She found Vee to be so intriguing. Her personality was rough around the edges, and her demeanor cool and smooth. She liked her.
“Ok, sounds like a plan.” Ginger said.
Vee left and Ginger felt her anxiety rise, thinking about what she was going to talk to her about. Their lives were so similar, but her personality much stronger than hers. She felt like the nerd in high school trying to talk to the jocks.
Ginger putted around the house, made tuna salad sandwiches on crescent rolls, and then changed into her bikini.
She went outside to set towels out on the chairs, and put the umbrellas up on the tables when Vee came over through the fence that divided the two properties.
“Hey neighbor.” She said, holding a 12-pack of Bud Light.

“Hey.” Ginger said, not knowing what else to say.
She looked at the beer in her hand, wondering if she expected them to drink all of that.
“Let me put them in the fridge.” Ginger said, taking the beer and loading it into the mini fridge by the tiki bar.
“I made tuna salad.” Ginger said, sliding into the house to grab the plate of sandwiches.
“Looks great.” Vee said, grabbing one.
Ginger took two beers from the fridge, handed one to Vee, and kept one for herself. It felt strange drinking so early.
Vee finished her sandwich, and then took off her t-shirt and shorts. Her yellow bikini had fringes hanging from the material, and it barely covered her tan skin.
Her breasts were small and really perky, and her hips thicker than Ginger’s, but her waist just as small. She got a good look at her tattoo for the first time up close. It was a heart with claw marks slashed through it and the name ‘Mike’ in the center.
“Who’s Mike?” Ginger asked.
“My ex. I need to have it filled in.” She said.
Ginger couldn’t imagine how she would feel if Bill had another woman’s name on his arm.
The first beers went down fast while the girls talked about life, love, and work. When the topic switched to sex, Ginger grabbed two more beers, feeling she needed to loosen up a little more, so she wouldn’t blush as her new friend spoke.
“So, you’ve never cheated on your husband?” Vee asked.
“No, he’s the only one I’ve ever been with.” Ginger said.

Vee’s eyes widened and she smiled as she sipped her beer.
“That’s sweet.” She said.
“I’m sure he would like it if I had more experience, but I don’t.” Ginger said.
“Well, then let’s get you some experience.” Vee said.
“No, I couldn’t do that. I don’t want to do that.” She said.
She remembered how she felt when the man outside Bill’s office looked at her. She was embarrassed that he’d seen her pussy bare and vulnerable under her skirt that day, but also a little excited by his obvious pleasure.
A part of her had fantasized about other men, but she took a vow to her husband, and actually doing it was totally different.
“I figure Scott works long hours, and there are some hot women at work…” She said.
“So, you think he’s cheating on you?” Ginger asked.
“Well, maybe. I mean he is a man, and long hours create stress… and we all know how pussy just seems to relieve it for them.” She said with a laugh.
Ginger immediately thought about Pamela, the older woman in Bill’s office who treated her so coldly. He had been working long hours all week, and he hasn’t wanted sex, at least not from her.
“I know he’s coming home to me, so what difference does it make?’ She said.
“I would lose my shit if Bill cheated on me.” Ginger said, swigging the last of the beer from the bottle.
“Because he’s my husband.” Ginger answered, realizing now that the woman was not quite on the same page as her.

Ginger grabbed a third beer from the fridge for herself and for Vee.
“Let’s go swimming.” Vee said. Heading towards the pool.
Ginger watched as she dove in head first. Ginger walked over to the steps, slowly entered the pool, rising to her tip toes as the water hit her waist, and then finally submerged her body into the water.
“Sometimes, you just need to jump in head first and not play it safe.” She said with a wink.
Ginger knew exactly what she meant. It was the same thing Bill had been telling her for years.

Ginger swam to the edge of the pool, grabbed her beer, and took a large swig.
“So, does your husband know about your affairs?” Ginger asked.
“Oh god no, and they aren’t really affairs, its just casual sex.” She said with a giggle.
Ginger couldn’t understand the difference, but was afraid to ask her to explain.
“I did tell him about one, but it was with a woman, so he didn’t care.” She said, swimming over to the edge of the pool with Ginger.
“You had an affair with a woman?” Ginger asked, her face turning red, even with the alcohol.
“Not an affair, sex.” Vee corrected her.
“An affair is when you have feelings for someone else, sex is just sex.” She added.
“If you say so.” Ginger laughed.
She wanted to ask her about the woman, but she didn’t even know where to begin. She had watched porn movies with Bill once; he always liked the ones with the lesbians.
It was exciting watching two women go at it, fucking each other with their fingers, their tongues, and with dildos, but she never looked at another woman in a sexual way before, at least not until now. All she could think about was Vee and this woman; she kept trying to imagine if she was blonde like her, or maybe a redhead. The thought of who wore the strap on went through her head, and she wondered how it all got started.
“Have you even been with a woman?” She asked.

“No.” Ginger answered quickly, quickly enough she felt rude.
“It’s actually amazing. She was my only female lover, but I would do it again…if the opportunity arose.” She said.
Ginger suddenly felt uncomfortable, like the neighbor was trying to get her drunk and out of her bikini. Vee climbed out of the pool, grabbed another beer, and sat down on the edge of the pool.
“I’m sorry, I know that’s a lot to dump on you when we just met, I just prefer to be open with people I first meet.” She said.
“That way, if you don’t like me, there’s no hard feelings.” She added.
“It is a lot.” Ginger said.
“But, I find it all very interesting, and quite honestly, a little refreshing.” She added.
“I better get some stuff done around the house before Scott comes home.” Vee said.
Ginger watched her walk over to the table and gather her clothes. Her body was tight and toned, and she noticed she didn’t have any tan lines when her bikini bottoms scooted to the side.
“I’ll leave the beer, maybe we will do this again.” Vee said.
“I would like that.” Ginger said.
Vee walked over to the gate, let herself out, and Ginger soaked in the pool near the water jets for a minute before getting out.
She grabbed a towel, dried off, and went into the house.
Upstairs, she filled the tub with warm water, added bubbles, and then turned on the jets for a relaxing bath.
She undressed, looking at herself closely in the mirror. With one leg hiked up

on the toilet seat, she spread her plump pussy lips, and thought about what it would be like to be with another woman. She loved the way her pussy looked, so pink, plump, and smooth, but did that mean she would like looking at another woman, touching her, tasting her, and fucking her?
She slid into the tub, submerged to her chin, and let the warm water flow across her body.
The jets in the tub were on the sides, so she positioned her body around so that one pushed between her legs.
As the water hit her sensitive skin, she felt her breasts start to harden. She closed her eyes and imagined the water was a woman’s fingers spreading her open, and then her tongue sliding in and out of her.
She was surprised at how excited she got, and how quickly her body wanted to orgasm as she imagined what Vee’s body looked like under her bikini.
Her body tensed and she felt the pleasure building. She pinched at her nipples, stretching them away from her mounds to create a painful pleasure. The jets pushed her skin apart, and entered her with a force of a large cock. It made her immediately think of another man inside of her, someone other than her husband, a total stranger.
She clenched with pleasure and moved away from the jet when her orgasm took off. Her hand slid between her legs to push against her throbbing clit to help tame the intense sensation created by her imagination and the water.
“So, this is what you do all day while I’m at work?” Bill’s voice sounded behind her.
She didn’t want to open her eyes. She wasn’t sure how long he had been watching, and she knew her face would explode with embarrassment to look him in the eye.
“That’s fucking hot by the way.” He said, his voice further away.
She opened her eyes, and then quickly got out of the tub, wrapping herself in a

Bill was in the bedroom, digging through his top dresser drawer.
“You’re lucky I’m in a hurry, or I’d fuck that exhausted little pussy of yours hard.” He said with a chuckle.
“I was just…” She started to say, but realized she had nothing to say to hide what she was doing.
“Uh huh, when I get home…you better be ready for my cock, because this is going to kill me having to wait for your tight little pussy.” He said.
She could see the bulge in his pants, and knew he was heading off to court. She felt a little guilty for making him so flustered, but a little excited that he wanted her so bad, and couldn’t have her.

Later that night Bill came home to find Ginger lying on the bed in her sexy black lingerie, complete with high heels, stockings and matching G-string panties.
“Wow!” He gasped, as his eyes took her in.
“Show me what you were doing earlier today.” He whispered, gently taking her hand and putting it between her legs.
She rubbed herself, but felt awkward as he watched. It wasn’t something she had ever done before, and she wasn’t sure how to get herself into it feeling so uneasy.
She was relieved when he took over, sliding his hand between her legs.
He pulled at her panties with his teeth until he slid them over enough to get his tongue between her pink folds.
She had been anticipating his cock all day, so she pulled at him to come up from her pussy.
“I want your cock.” She whispered, surprised at how natural it was for her to say.
“Yes ma’am.” He said, his eyes lighting up with excitement.
He unzipped his pants, stood up and removed his shoes, and his slacks before he mounted her with precision over the bed.
His hand gripped underneath her ass, pushing her up towards his hard cock. She felt him enter and let out a gasp.
He pumped into her hard, pulling at her lingerie top with his hands to unleash her breasts. His mouth covered her breast, sucking hard to pull her nipple

“Give it to me baby.” He whispered in her ear.
Her body was already beginning to throb around his large cock as he ordered her to cum. She knew he was getting close, and she felt empowered knowing she got him so excited so quickly.
She pulsated around his large member, letting her orgasm go as she moaned with pleasure. He throbbed inside of her, groaning as he pushed hard into her body to release his load.
His body fell limp on top of her, and his warm breath beat against her neck.
“You’re fucking amazing.” He whispered.
“What has gotten into you?” He added.
Ginger knew her talk with Vee earlier had gotten her excited, but she didn’t want to tell Bill that. She smiled, stroked his hair from his face, and kissed him on the cheek.
“I’ve just missed you.” She whispered.
The next morning, Bill woke her up with a kiss before he left for work. He squeezed her tightly and then quietly left the room to start his day.
Ginger went through her normal routine of working out, showering, and then making coffee. She thought about Vee, wondering if she ever found her coffee maker, and was about ready to go next door with a cup when she heard her doorbell ring.
Vee stood at her doorway with a smile.
“Ok, lunch today, we are trying out a new place.” She said.
Ginger let her enter the house, and then followed her into the kitchen. She had her mug in her hand, poured herself a cup of coffee like she lived there, and then proceeded to tell her about this great place downtown with amazing food,

great drinks, and hot men.
“Wear your sexiest dress, and I’ll pick you up at eleven.” She said.
Ginger watched as she walked out the front door, unable to get a word in edge wise before she disappeared.
That only gave her two hours to get ready, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to go to this place with these hot men, knowing what she now knew about Vee.
Ginger Dressed in her yellow sundress that Bill loved so much, and put on her black heels that he fucked her in the night before that were still lying on the floor.
She wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself into, but it somehow felt exciting. She had spent so much time sitting in this large house alone, that she needed a change, and she knew she wasn’t going to do anything, so what if Vee did.
Vee was ringing the doorbell like a crazy person right at eleven. Ginger answered to find her standing in a black cocktail dress, red high heels, and bright red lipstick. Her hair was curled and flowing down her back, and she looked as though she had just stepped out of a Glamour magazine.
“You look amazing.” Ginger said, her mouth still hanging open.
“You look pretty hot yourself, now let’s go!” She ordered.
The bar and grill was inside a fancy hotel downtown. The waiter sat them down in a booth near the back, and brought them a wine list and two menus.
“The food is supposed to be great here.” Vee said.
“And that’s why we’re here?” Ginger snickered.
“Partly.” Vee said with a smile.
A tall black man wearing a suit kept staring at Ginger from the bar. His muscles looked as if they would rip the material of his expensive suit with one wrong move. His eyes were deep brown, and his bald head glistened. There

was something about him that made Ginger tingle.
Vee ordered for the both of them, and then had the waiter bring them a bottle of wine to share.
Halfway through the bottle, a tall man with a goatee and a warm smile asked to join them. Vee scooted over, letting him in, and Ginger immediately felt uncomfortable.
She watched and listened as Vee flirted with the man, and after several minutes, their conversation turned to whispers, followed by her giggles.
“I’ll be right back.” She said, and then followed the man out of the lounge.
The black man that had been watching her walked over to her booth.
“Can I join you?” He asked.
“Sure.” Ginger said before realizing that may be a mistake.
He sat down, told her how beautiful she was, and then asked her if she worked in the area.
“My friend just wanted to try the food here.” She said, feeling stupid for even being there.
He was kind, funny, and he seemed to make her feel at ease once he started talking about his business, and how he had just moved here from New York.
He bought her a martini, and she puckered as she took the first sip.
“People drink these?” She asked, and then laughed.
“Every day…” He said, laughing at her naivety.
She was almost disappointed when Vee returned. She was having fun sitting there with the man. The man she had left with was nowhere to be seen, but Vee was wearing a smile.

“You ready?” Ginger asked.
“We can stay if you want.” Vee said, staring at the sexy man at their booth.
“No, I have to get home.” Ginger lied, and then stood.
On the ride home Vee told Ginger about the man wanting her to go to his room. She didn’t leave out any details as she described his large cock, and how eager his tongue was to please her.
Ginger was irritated with her for leaving her at the bar that way. But, there was a part of her that was envious of the woman’s ability to do whatever she wanted. The excitement of what she had just done was like an adrenaline rush for her. That much was blatantly obvious, and just listening to it was giving Ginger a rush of her own.
“So, you should have hooked up with that hottie.” Vee said, referring to the man at their booth.

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