Affair with Her Stepson

Chapter One
The friendly warmth of sun rays fell on Julia as she stood in the church, in front of David, her soon to be husband.
“I do,” she said, looking into David’s sea green eyes.
“I now pronounce you, husband and wife,” announced the wedding officiator, “You may kiss the bride.”
The 53-years-old David immediately took the gorgeous Julia in his arms and they kissed for the first time as husband and wife. She couldn’t believe she was now Mrs. Julia Gallagher.
Julia looked at the carnival of people who had gathered to celebrate their wedding and saw many appreciative glances coming her way.
At 29, she was married and wore a Vera Wang flowing gown, Manolo Blahniks, David’s grandmother’s diamond ring and earrings for her wedding. Pretty good for a girl from humble beginnings.
Julia Wilkins had been born and brought up in a trailer park. She, however, was very ambitious and left home the moment she turned 18. She wanted to become a supermodel like Cindy Crawford. She idolized her.
Julia was fun, easy going and knew how to make friends easily. This was how she had met Erik, the photographer who built her portfolio. Not that he had to do much work in the portfolio.

She was a gorgeous brunette with high cheekbones, piercingly deep blue eyes,

and a clear, luminous, glowing skin. She had a slender, long body yet still had curves at the right places. Her 38D breasts and her gorgeous 44-inch derriere had instantly won the hearts of the modeling agencies she had applied to. It was fair to say that Julia was born with an advantage.
It was her stunning smile and the ability to adapt to the photographer/ artist’s vision of the shoot, that got her the most plum modeling jobs in the world.
The camera loved her rosy lips and sparkling white, perfectly lined teeth. She soon became the face of top-of-the-line beauty products and fashion brands.
She was the darling of the media and made friends with the top models all over the world. She made more money with the brands she endorsed in a day than most people could make in a year.
She would travel to exotic locations for shoots, buy Balmain and Hermes at will and could change her wardrobe at a whim. She was high on life and money. There was no stopping Julia Wilkins.
However, not all good things are meant to last forever. Age caught up with Julia. Brands were now looking for younger, fresher faces. Work that flowed her way like a waterfall was now reduced to a trickle. She finally saw the writing on the wall when one night, she heard her own manager tell another manager that Julia’s modeling career was about to collapse within the next six months.
Julia had gone back home and cried all night. She had needed a plan. She was too used to the good things in life, she couldn’t just go back to her old life of poverty. There were some brands that had extended the contract that year, but that was not enough.

She took out the book of designs she had secretly drawn over these years. She had always wanted to launch a premium lingerie brand. She had approached many designers in the past, but they hadn’t been able to give her what she wanted.
She decided that she’d create her own designs and launch the lingerie store. She checked her bank balance. It wasn’t enough. She slept trying to think of a way to get funds.
The next morning, her best friend, Rachel Williams called to invite her to a pool party over the weekend. Julia wasn’t in the mood.
“But you have to come, you’ll feel better I promise. We’ll find a solution for your problems there, come on!” Rachel had tried to egg her on, happily. She loved Julia and she knew this party might do wonders for her. Julia loved the pool.
Julia sighed and agreed. Over the next two days, she tried to pamper herself and shopped for the perfect bikini and a cover up for the party.
It was going to be a two-day affair and from what she had heard, there would be a lot of business tycoons, friends of the host, there. She thought maybe she could talk to one of them and pitch her ideas. She had to look her best.
She came back home with a sexy, see-through black mesh monokini. It was a sleeveless, vintage design with a twist. The boat neck design had a see through mesh covering the skin. Two wide straps that started at the neck and moved into a triangular thick pair of straps that tantalizingly covered most of her breasts but showed off the cleavage. The fine mesh extended to the waist before ending a triangle sheath that covered the space between her thighs

seductively. The back was left bare, with two thin straps moving up her shoulders for support. The black sheath clung to her derriere and enhanced it. Her diamond and sapphire waterfall earrings would look amazing with these. Those earrings were her favorite.
The other one was a scarlet, high waist bikini. It was a classic and she knew she’d be turning heads everywhere with it. She decided to pair it with gold hoops and slinky, strappy stilettos. She wanted to look smoking hot and elegant at the same time.
Gerard Du Parc’s parties always attracted the crème de la crème of Los Angeles. The women were so polished and elegant. The men were rich, successful and well spoken. Except, of course, for the desperate creeps who came looking to hook up with the models that thronged these parties.
Julia was so over that. She was maturing like fine wine and she knew she had to stand out from the herd of airhead models at the party. She wanted to look like a woman of quality and substance.

Chapter Two
Julia drove her Mercedes convertible to Beverly Hills. She loved how the wind rushed to engulf her in its embrace. The party had started 2 hours ago, but she wanted to be fashionably late.
She wore a short Marsala leather skirt over her black monokini. Her full lips were drenched in a beautiful plum colored lipstick and her eyes were lined perfectly. She teamed the attire with a simple long gold string with a bold, gold pendant. On her feet, she wore 4-inch gold slinky stilettos that screamed elegance.
The sun was setting and the sky looked scarlet above the green skyline. She wanted to live here someday. She didn’t know how that was going to be possible, it was just something she wanted.
She arrived at Gerard’s place at 7 pm. The strains of music, laughter, and playful screams echoed all through the driveway. The butler was clearly smitten by her and did not even look at her invitation card. She went down the hallway and turned to go towards the pool. She could see Rachel cozying up to a very hot male model they had both lusted after together.
She decided not to disturb her and instead went to say hello to Gerard Du Parc, the host. Gerard was the manager of the modeling agency that had given Julia her first break. She could never say no to him.
She loved pool parties and the champagne that flowed. She was a sucker for strawberries and champagne. She picked up a flute of her favorite poison and walked towards Gerard, who was, as usual surrounded by a bevy of beauties.

“Ah! There she comes, the fairest of ‘em all. Hello, gorgeous. God, you look so hot! Are you out to kill someone babe? ” Gerard took her in his arms and kissed her cheek.
Julia flashed her famous million watt smile and looked at him through hooded, sexy eyes. “Maybe…”
“Hey, how about you and I go upstairs and have a little thing in some time? I can’t seem to get over how smoking hot you look,” he whispered into her ear as his hands caressed her derriere. Julia looked at him in surprise. Gerard was her mentor. This offer seemed very unlike him.
Before she could say anything, Gerard was called away by another guest. An important one Julia surmised by the way he rushed toward him. She sighed in relief and sipped her champagne. She loved parties like these. The thrill of rubbing shoulders with power, wealth and beauty made for a heady cocktail that she just was not ready to give up. She had to find a way to keep coming back.
Maybe she should get married to one of the tycoons that seemed to throng this place. Would they want her, though? Most of them seemed to be clinging to the pretty, young, 20 years old waifs there.
She should look for a wealthy older guy. A man who’d appreciate her beauty, style and most importantly, her maturity was the one she wanted. The older guys were usually known to be mature and treated women with respect. The guys her age or slightly older were such jerks. They were all at the age where getting laid and getting rich was the main aim in their lives.

A man in his late forties to early fifties, however, is well settled and well-

heeled. They knew how to treat women well and were, she had heard, very giving in bed. She grinned naughtily to herself at the thought.
Maybe, if they have a connection, she could talk to him about the lingerie store. She was mulling over this thought when somebody tapped her shoulder.
“Julia, oh my god you’re here! Why didn’t you call me?” A tipsy Rachel slurred and then hugged her.
“Well, I saw you cozying up with Matt there. I didn’t want to disturb you,” said Julia, smiling knowingly, before picking up another champagne flute.
“I don’t feel like talking to anyone here,” said Julia. “Most of you are out sticking your tongues down each other’s throats.”
“Oh come on! What’s wrong with you? Don’t you remember your times here with Stewart and the gang? Come on, drink this up, drop your skirt and just jump in the pool. The water is delicious” chirped Rachel.
Rachel was a fun girl. Julia loved having her at parties. She made things so much easier when Julia was in a weird mood.
Julia unclasped her skirt and kicked off her stilettos. The result was breathtaking. The black sheer swimsuit brought out her curves beautifully. Her toned thighs and long legs caught everyone’s attention. She knew she was turning heads everywhere she went.
Julia jumped into the pool and her skin welcomed the deliciously cool water as she hit it. Rachel was right. Champagne in this water was going to enhance the experience.

When she resurfaced above the water, she saw one man looking at her, smiling lustfully. She ignored him. She was used to such admiring glances. He looked familiar, though. She felt like she had seen him somewhere. As the night progressed, Julia drank more and got tipsy.
It was a fun night. Many of her friends from the modeling days were here and they caught up on each other’s lives. The music was foot tapping and soul stirring. Some people were dancing wildly.
Julia got out of the water and sat on the side of the pool. She wrapped her cerulean sarong around her waist and put up her face towards the sky, high and enjoying the moment.
“Hi, Julia, is it?” She heard a rich baritone come from somewhere above her. I’m David Gallagher. I’d like to kiss you.”

Chapter Three
She opened her eyes and coughed violently. What the hell? It was the same man who had been eyeing her at the pool all night.
“Excuse me?” she cried out, anger flaring up and reflecting on her face.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to say this, I had thought of a completely different introduction line. But you looked so beautiful sitting up here, facing your lips to the sky. It looked so inviting so I thought I’d come up with this line. Pardon me for the teenage boy attitude,” said a visibly embarrassed David.
Julia giggled. She was turned on by his voice and the candid confession. It was very unlike grown up men to talk like this. She shifted and made space for him to sit.
David Gallagher was one of the wealthiest men in Los Angeles. He was old money, the current owner of a finance company that had been in his family for generations. He had been divorced a year ago. It was a messy divorce and he was glad his ex-wife and him were not on speaking terms anymore. He had vowed to not get married again after this. He had also buried himself at work and become unsocial.
Gerard was an old friend and it was only for him that he decided to make an appearance at this party. He had no idea this hot, sexy bombshell was going to be there.
He had seen Julia sashay down Gerard’s hallway and into the poolside arena. He had never been turned on by a woman by just looking at her walk. Her

perky firm breasts bounced teasingly while her beautiful wide butt danced seductively. When she flashed that smile, he knew he was a goner. He had been relieved that Gerard knew her. He called out to him immediately. He then asked Gerard to introduce her and tell him all about her.
Gerard had promised to introduce her, but then, he got laid off by a train of beauties and David did not want to disturb him.
David watched Julia all evening. He couldn’t tear his gaze from that sultry seductress. Her wet body in the pool was giving him a hard-on. The water trickling on her navel as she got out of the pool, the shuddering of her toned thighs and those long legs… He was a goner.
He waited for her to sit alone somewhere and then decided to go up and talk to her. She got out of the pool and sat near the bushes on the poolside, alone, her face upwards as if inviting someone to taste those luscious lips. He stirred the ice in his whiskey, gulped it down and walked up to her. He had a very 60’s retro pickup line in mind, but as fate would have it, he was so mesmerized by her, the words just tumbled out of his mouth leaving him embarrassed. Thankfully, Julia had giggled. He didn’t know if it was the champagne or him. He liked the fact that she made space for him. It was an invitation to get to know her.
He had only been with one woman in his life: his ex-wife.
Although he was otherwise assured and mature, this woman, had unknowingly, made him weak in his knees. They talked and joked around a bit. He liked that she was nothing like the waifs he had seen around here. She was elegant and oh, so fucking hot. He wanted to tear off that swimsuit and ravish her hot body right there.

Julia could see the fires of lust ignited in his eyes as he spoke to her. She was very turned on by the fact that he had not made a single attempt to touch her or make any suggestion that they go somewhere and make out. Her head was buzzing and the rich baritone of his voice made the high happier.
She told him about her modeling days and how she was planning to launch a premium lingerie store very soon if she managed to get funding from somewhere. She could see that the moment she mentioned lingerie his eyes had roved all over her body. She was surprised that didn’t creep her out. He had done it so hungrily, yet so lovingly and respectfully that Julia couldn’t help feeling turned on. This man was intriguing.
He asked her if she wanted to dance and she agreed. He took her by the hand, planted a gentlemanly kiss on her hand and led her to the dance floor. Mellow music was playing and they danced, slowly veering into the darker end of the dance floor. He broke off a flower from one of the bushes and placed it behind her ear.
His arms were strong and she felt secure in them as they went around her waist, pulling her closer. Their fingers entwined and they danced, their bodies in rhythm with the song and each other, for a long time. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes and couldn’t stop smiling.
Julia loved how she was being wooed by this elegant, charming man. The music turned faster and they decided to sit out the next song.
As they walked out of the dance floor and into the garden, she realized David’s arm was still around her waist.

He smelled of cigars, cinnamon, and warmth. She wanted to pull him closer

and inhale that fragrance.
“You know, Julia, I’d like us to remain friends. I like you. I think you enjoy my company too.” David turned, hands still on her waist, looking at her intently.
Julia looked at him, smiled seductively and placed a hand on his warm cheek and said– “We’re not going to be friends, David.”

Chapter Four
David had been controlling the urge to pull her to him and kiss her all night. Her sexy smile and inviting eyes as she replied to his offer of friendship, however, did it. He couldn’t wait anymore.
He pulled her closer, one hand around her waist and the other placed passionately and firmly around the back of her head. His mouth dived into hers and they kissed each other with a passion that was soul stirring. At the end of it, both of them were left panting, the fires of lust equally burning inside both of them.
They looked at each other for a moment and he knew he had to have her right there. He couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to taste more of the nectar her body had to offer.
Julia closed her eyes to enjoy the experience of being kissed by an older man. She loved how his tongue, slowly, yet passionately probed her lips apart and how his hands tightened around her. She could feel his manhood throb with desire against her as he pinned her to the tree behind them. His fragrance was turning her on and she moaned, heavy with desire as he kissed her.
His hands moved to her breasts and his fingers took the nipples between them. They were hardened and his fingers were teasing them mercilessly.
Her pussy tightened and she parted her legs to feel his manhood on her pussy through his pants. God, this was hot.

David nuzzled at her neck, softly biting and licking in circles. He took her

earlobes in his mouth and it was creating havoc on her body. She was convulsing passionately under him.
He took her luscious breasts into his mouth and sucked the sweetness of her skin. She tasted of cherries and strawberries and vanilla. There was something so irresistible about her. He just couldn’t control himself.
He unbuttoned the swimsuit she was wearing, freeing her breasts and allowing him to lick them. Her rosy nipples begged for his mouth and he gratified them by teasing them. Somewhere above him, he could hear her moaning loudly.
Her legs had parted to welcome his knee and she was rubbing her ignited pussy on it vigorously. One hand around her juicy butt and his mouth on her breasts, they looked like a beautiful painting of lovers consummating their love on a moonlit night.
He slowly trailed his hand down across her smooth, taut stomach and waist and finally reached her pussy.
He took his middle finger and probed around to find her clitoris, then gently, he massaged it in circles before adding his thumb into the action. He squeezed the clit and the reaction was instant. She moaned loudly, panting and giggling at the way she was being pleasured.
His fingers massaged her pussy on the outside, teasing her, making her beg him to fuck her pussy with his fingers. Julia gasped when his thick finger probed into her love hole. He was so good at it. He entered the finger slowly and delved deeper into the canal. He could feel her muscles contracting and relaxing. She was so tight! He hardened further.

He drove his finger into her, at first slowly and then faster as she cried

intensely with urgency. She was so wet when she finally came. The release she got reflected sweetly on her face as she turned scarlet and giggled, relaxed and enjoying her orgasm.
He took his fingers in his mouth to taste her love potion. “Mmmm, interestingly sweet. Very fresh too,” he said, sucking on his fingers without breaking eye contact.
Julia stiffened at this and immediately unzipped his pants to take out his enormous penis. She held it in her hands, running through the length and thickness of it before cupping his balls in her palms and rolling them. It was his turn to moan now.
She rotated her wrists and applied pressure as she worked on his dick. She then kissed his chest and teased his nipples from above his shirt and then moved to kneel down, face front towards his hard, thick rod. She took it in her hot, wet mouth and began to lick him. She had a talented tongue, no doubt.
David was looking at her enthusiastically sucking his dick. Her slurps and moans turned him on further. She licked his balls and sucked them while never leaving his dick unattended. She made eye contact with him as she blew him and that caused him to harden even more in her mouth. She was now taking him further into her mouth, down her throat.
He could feel the beginning of her throat and began to fuck her face faster. He took her hair in his fists tightly as he fucked her gorgeous, plum colored mouth. She sucked him with equal gusto and began humming. The vibrations that this act produced in her throat did it. He stiffened and then came in spasms. His body, wracked with uncontrollable shudders, gave into the pleasure he had received and he came in her mouth. She took all of him and then, swallowed it.

She was so deliciously dirty.
They lay down, tired but hungry for more. She gulped her drink and lay on his chest.
“You are so beautiful, Julia, this was so intense,” gasped David.
They realized where they were and laughed, embarrassed. They had been so blissfully unaware that they had not noticed that the party was now waning. The surroundings were quiet and their loud moans could have been heard by people. Julia was turned on even more at that thought. There was no one there, thankfully.

Chapter Five
Julia’s pussy was on fire now. David was taking a lot of time to recover from the blowjob she had given him. “I’m sorry, love, I need some time to get the boys back in action,” he had said.
Julia sighed and waited. And waited some more. Suddenly she started hearing heavy breathing and soft snores. She looked, shocked at the audacity of the man whom she had just pleasured.
She was livid with anger.
She was horny and she did not know what to do. She wanted that release. Maybe she shouldn’t have finished him off. Maybe she should have just left him undone and made him beg her to let him fuck her pussy.
She didn’t know what to make of this. She didn’t know if she should be proud of her blowjob skills or if she should just walk out on him right there.
She lay there, fingering herself lightly as she thought about him hardening in her mouth and reacting to every little twist, she brought with her tongue and she sucked him.
She thought about how his expert fingers had driven into her and how they had found her deep G-spot and played her like a beat.
Her fingers dug into her love hole now.
She took one finger to play with her clit while the other pleasured her pussy. Her breathing got heavier as she closed her eyes and imagined David’s heavy

body on her, crushing her as he fucked her.
She imagined how he’d smelled, his neck close to her face. She loved that fragrance. She masturbated for a while till she was on the verge of achieving her own sweet release.
Julia’s soft moans as she lay masturbating beside him woke the tired David.
She looked ethereal, with the moonlight falling on her mouth, her face contorted with desire and her lips parted. She moaned and shuddered uncontrollably.
Her sweet, fruity breath was hard and ragged as she pleasured herself faster. Her moans were driving him crazy. He felt very guilty for taking so much time and falling asleep.
As she was nearing her orgasm, David, got up and knelt, parting her legs. He had to taste this gorgeous woman. She opened her eyes in shock and looked at him with a sense of betrayal, confusion, and anger.
Then she realized what was going on.
She let him part her legs and pulled his face towards her pussy. His warm breath tickled her as he kissed her inner thighs, nearing her pussy. He was teasing her. He was kissing her everywhere but her pussy. This went on for a while and she was wet with desire.
She took his hair in her hands and shoved his face into her pussy. She gasped with joy as the tip of his warm, teasing tongue touched her clit. She writhed with pleasure as he took the clit between his teeth lightly and sucked on it.

Julia began moaning and shivering. His talented tongue continued for some time before he dived into the love hole, licking her and sucking it as he would, to a juicy peach. She smelt amazing and tasted so fresh. He fucked her with his tongue. Her pussy was so goddamn tight, he could’ve eaten her out all day. At last, Julia came and he was ready for her. He licked her off with gusto and sucked her till the last drop.
He then turned her over and took a mouthful of her delicious bottom in his mouth. He bit into her, making her giggle and writhe playfully. He licked that soft skin and nibbled before moving his face between her pussy again. Women did not tire easily, he thought, as she sat on his face, ready to fuck him again.
He loved how she was so hot and horny.
She rubbed her pussy on his nose and lips with an urgency. He knead her derriere and licked her thoroughly. She rubbed and moved against his face, crying out in sweet agony. She finally came and lay back, moaning and laughing throatily.
“That was fun,” she said, licking her lips. He was so crazy about this woman. He kept kissing her till they both, finally lay side by side, panting and laughing at their adventure.
The next day, Julia and David were inseparable. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Her red bikini had attracted more attention. Her juicy, full breasts swayed as she walked to the shower. Her hot body was now glistening in the sunlight.
All the men there looked at David with envy. She was a young juicy peach and he was aging millionaire. It was a perfect match.

They courted for a while. He bought her expensive lingerie, diamonds, wined and dined her thoroughly. When, 6 months later, he finally asked her to marry him, she didn’t hesitate. “Yes! Yes, David, I will marry you,” she cried and jumped up into his arms.
The next 6 weeks went by in a blur. She had to go for many fitting sessions with none other than Vera Wang herself. She chose a long flowing white gown with intricate designs as her wedding dress. She rejected Louboutin over Blahnik and said that they looked perfect with her dress.

“I do,” she said with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.

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