Lonely Wife Swinging 5

Chapter One
While Lindsay and Charlie were always grateful to the couple that mentored them and opened their eyes to a whole new world, they really started to feel a sense of kinship with another couple they had met at one of the gatherings. Andrew and Mary Cunningham quickly became their favorite people in the world. It was probably because they saw a reflection of themselves in the Cunningham couple. They were both working professionals who had hit a rut in their marriage that had been eased by the swingers group.
They were both slightly hesitant, Mary of course more than Andrew. Like the Browns though, once they got their feet wet, it was hard to get them out of the water. For Charlie and Andrew the experiences were primarily sexual in nature. Being able to express themselves sexually with a variety of woman was a thrill they had never thought they would experience after marriage, and they were both reveling in the new found glory. Lindsay and Mary though, connected on a much deeper level.
The couple would have regular foursomes, though they would most often stick to their own partners and just watch each other fucking while they had multiple orgasms. But over time, those border lines started to dwindle. Charlie and Andrew started to exchange on a regular basis, fucking each other’s wives while watching their own get banged hard in front of them.
The exciting development was that it was becoming clear to both men that the highlight for the women, was getting with each other. They could hardly take their eyes of each other during the sessions. It wasn’t like they weren’t attracted to the guys, far from it. What it was, was the excitement of the new

and unexplored and there wasn’t one person amongst the four who did not understand that feeling.
Their favorite position, and the one they found themselves in most often, was the girls on either side of the bed, with one or both knees on the bed. The guys behind them, cocks pumping in and out. About the first time this happened the girls started to kiss. They were both a little drunk the first time it happened, but what blew everyone away was the passion with which they kissed and it excited the guys so much that they both ended up cumming rather quickly leading to a short first lesbian experience for the girls. It was enough though to start them on the path.
Soon afterwards, perhaps realizing that they were on the cusp of the Holy Grail. The guys started to plan another vacation. A hillside resort was chosen and the unsaid sentiment in almost all of it was that this trip was being planned so that the girls would have time around each other to explore this new found side of themselves while the guys would, just be guys on the vacation. No one was more excited than Lindsay.
The couple decided to drive up to the hill in the Mercedes that Andrew had recently bought to celebrate his promotion. The girls decided to sit in the back seat, and through most of the trip they just took in the countryside and the beautiful scenery that shot past their windows. As the roads started to wind with steeper curves, the four of them realized that they were relatively short on

supplies considering that they were going to a really small resort where they would probably not find the fine wines and other luxuries that they were used to in their everyday lives.
Impulse shopping took over the four of them and when they came out of the superstore they had spotted they were all laden with huge bags that overflowed from the trunk. A lot of their new found acquisitions had to be spread over the back seat, leaving the girls with little room for themselves for the rest of the trip. That suited everyone in the car just fine.
As they started to drive again, Mary was almost sitting in Lindsay’s lap. They were both wearing short summer dresses despite the weather around them strongly suggesting otherwise. The inside of the car was nice and warm but the girls were freezing from the little distance they had to walk in between the door of the store and the door of the car. As they held each other closer to get each other’s body warmth the guys suggested that they open up a bottle of Vodka they had kept in the backseat so they could warm up.
The girls took the suggestion happily and went through a third of the bottle in almost no time. Lindsay’s hands had been busy during this period. There wasn’t a sense of going somewhere with it but her hands had slowly explored almost every corner of Mary’s clothed body. There was a sense of friendship and comfort that would have been essential to any lesbian experience that Lindsay was to have. And they both obviously loved spending time together.
She spent the most time though, on the inside of Mary’s thighs. Often letting her hand rest there, just inches from her pussy to see if Mary would slide towards it. She did, almost every single time. After about a third of the bottle Lindsay could no longer resist. She had seen her pussy so many times… she’d seen Andrew’s cock slide in and out of it. She had seen it being spread and

penetrated deeply, as Charlie, her husband, slipped his cock inside and fucked her while Lindsay watched.
She loved that pussy and was familiar with it, yet, she had never managed to find the courage to touch it. Now, as her hands moved closer and she started to feel the touch of the fabric of Mary’s panties, she found herself get intensely excited. Almost sensing it, Mary turned back and looked her deep in the eyes. It was like the guys were no longer there and they were the only two people in the room as their lips met and they relived their first passionate kiss. The only difference was that this time, Lindsay’s hands were rubbing Mary’s sweet little vagina, ever so softly. It was a big difference and a good way to start the vacation.
Almost like they were still reeling from the excitement of that moment. They settled down a little soon after, though the conversation in the car kept getting more heated with each passing mile. The guys were quick to jump on the opportunity and asked the girls what they really wanted to do with each other. The girls just looked at each other and replied with a “we don’t quite know yet, but we’ll figure it out and we promise, you will be the first to know”.

Chapter Two
On the surface, it was a joke but there was a little intention behind the guys suggesting that the girls share a room for the first part of their trip. This was fine with both Lindsay and Mary and the guys were all too happy to go explore the small resort having seen a couple of exceptionally good looking girls as they were walking in. The resort in itself was famous as being a great retreat for single girls and couples looking to hook up and it worked very hard to make sure it stayed that way thus justifying the ridiculous prices they charged for their rooms.
As the guys were out scoping the action, Mary and Lindsay started to unpack in the room. Mary decided to go for a shower and as she started to undress right in front of Lindsay, there was a hint of electricity in the room. Mary was playing the tease though; she knew that Lindsay had never quite gazed at another woman the way she was looking at Mary. There was nothing subtle about it. As the dress came off, Mary kept on her underwear while walking towards Lindsay and Lindsay just stared at her body, feeling her own pussy get wet.
“I guess I have some making up to do” Mary said as she came closer and put her hand to Lindsay’s thigh slowly working her way up.
“I guess you do” Mary said as the two of them locked lips again.
They were softly kissing this time, and they continued to talk all throughout the

make out session. Mary told her that she had one bisexual experience early on in college. It had not gone very far though, she and her roommate had given each other hand jobs while talking about how much they wanted to fuck the guys they were seeing. A swinger at heart, Mary looked back now and in hindsight realized that she and her roommate, were probably fantasizing about each other’s boyfriends at the time.
The girls spoke about whether they were sure they wanted to do this and about how it felt a little weird. Lindsay was lying on her back while they had the conversation and Mary was straddling her on top, still dressed in her bright red lingerie. Lindsay was stroking her body, with the occasional squeeze of her perky breast. Mary had still not touched her pussy and there was a reason. Both of them spoke about not rushing it and told themselves that they had the better part of a week. Both of them also agreed that they were straight and they really, truly loved cocks in every sense of the word. But, as both of them agreed, the best of both worlds seemed like a proposition too good to ignore.
During their conversation, as Mary started to talk again about how she really did want to take a long hot bath, Lindsay suggested that they enjoy it together. Mary thought about this for just a second and then leaned down to give Lindsay a much deeper kiss while undressing her. Naked and excited about what was to happen, the two girls managed to make their way into the bathroom, barely managing to stay on their feet in between the passionate groping and kissing.
The bathroom was rather a thing of beauty, modern yet quant, impeccably clean yet not sterile looking and with just enough space for what they had planned. As the change of rooms got both girls to calm down enough to actually think of the shower, Lindsay had a chance to reflect. This would be it, her first full blown lesbian encounter, and she could not think of a better partner.

She took in the body she saw in front of her. She also thought of the soul, the girl who had left her standing there so she wouldn’t have any surprises with cold or scalding water. It was a small gesture, but it meant so much to her. It meant that their truly was a friendship here with care, and though Lindsay had learned to appreciate another side of sex, it was brilliant that her first encounter of the lesbian kind would be with someone where these feelings did exist.
With the water flowing out now, Lindsay looked at Mary’s drenched body. Her firm breasts were a sight to behold under any circumstances and had been one of the first things anyone noticed about her. But there, under the stream of the water they seemed to take a quick leap into the spectacular category that was normally reserved for the biggest sex symbols. Lindsay had never felt that way about a woman before. She knew she wanted to squeeze and suck those breasts more than anything in the world at that particular moment.
As Mary walked towards her, Lindsay took a few steps forward and the two of them collided with almost violent meetings of their mouths and bodies. There was no holding back this time. As the water started to steam up the room, their hands immediately found each other’s playgrounds. Both of them gasped almost simultaneously. Mary spread her legs a little more and the angle made it difficult for her to continue, but Lindsay didn’t care. All she wanted to do right now was to explore this fantastic body at her disposal that held a pleasure she had never explored.
She did allow her mouth to go around those beautiful nipples and as she did, she felt Mary’s hand find its way to her clit again. They had both slid towards the shower now and almost precisely at the moment the water hit her, Lindsay felt Mary’s finger make its way inside her. Lindsay moaned loudly. “Why does

this feel so good” she said out loud. A finger was just a finger after all, and there was no reason this one should have felt so much better than the others that had found their way to the same place. Yet, it did.
Mary then did the unthinkable. With Lindsay’s face pointing upwards, Mary took the arches of her body as a road map and bent down in the shower. With water flowing down her body, she sucked and teased and licked it all off on her way down. Lindsay gasped again as she realized what the intended destination was.
“You don’t have to yet, if you don’t want to” she said hoping with all her hear that she still would.

Chapter Three
Mary just winked back but Lindsay didn’t even look at her for long as with the first touch of Mary’s tongue on her clit, she almost blacked out. There was something about this, the smoothness of the cheeks, absent of any stubble. The long soft hair her hands were entrenched in, dripping in the shower water. Her own body, so acutely aware of the novelty of the experience, the face of another girl who was making her feel this way. A stunningly beautiful and erotic girl, whose tongue was now probing her pussy, entering her, bringing her closer to what would be her first lesbian orgasm.
Delicacy went out the window as Lindsay’s passions took full control of her. She held Mary’s head in place and started to hump it as Mary furiously licked her clit with swift, deft movements of her tongue. Lindsay looked down at her face, she seemed to be swallowing a lot of the water flowing down Lindsay’s body but there was absolutely no doubt from the look in her eye that she loved it. That was all the encouragement that was needed to push Lindsay over the top. With her entire body convulsing in pleasure, she pushed Mary’s head harder and Mary understood and sucked her clit in long strokes as Lindsay’s orgasm completely overtook her. She kept screaming the word ‘fuck’ in an almost unintelligible moan. The orgasm seemed to last so much longer and when it was done, she tasted her pussy on the lips of another girl, and loved it.
The guys meanwhile, were seeing a rather different side of the resort. As they walked down the corridor, the sounds of multiple sex sessions mixed with the sound of television sets. There must have been about forty people at the resort

and from the sound of it, more than half the people seemed to be having sex at that particular moment. They were clearly at the right place and this was not all that uncommon for any place that had a lot of swingers. The increased number of sexual choices available turned everyone’s libidos up to full power. Meanwhile, they had no doubt that their wives were making sure that they did not lower the place’s ratio of people having sex.
The bar in itself was empty, except for a pretty young bartender they would come to know as Chloe. She was a young woman, but as it turned out, she owned the place. After inheriting a fortune, she had decided to move away and start something of her own and the place as she put it had ‘evolved organically’. She was one of those people who probably told her life story to everyone she met and wanted to know the life story of them in return.
Charles and Andrew could not help but be drawn towards this lovely young woman with her red hair and hazel eyes. They caught the glint in her eyes as they told her about how their wives had just kissed each other recently and were now in their room so they could explore each other a little more.
“Well played guys” Chloe said as she held her glass up
They spoke on the topic for a while. The men were finally able to voice the small fear they had that their wives might start to be less attracted to them. Chloe laughed their fear away and assured them that it was not how that worked. She did promise them however that if they were having foursomes, they were about to become exponentially better.
She then started teasing the guys about how they should have been in their room exploring each other too. Both Andrew and Charles made it quite clear that they had no intentions of doing that. Charles was quick to point out though that

they had absolutely no qualms about having threesomes together with the lovely women they were to meet at this resort. “Well”, said Chloe, “truth be told, most of the men and women who come here come with a pre-planned agenda and spend most of their times in the rooms, fulfilling all the desires that city life does not condone. The bar is a lonely place and I get a lot less action then you’d imagine, so if that was an offer I am going to take you up on it. On one condition.
She paused before completing her statement. “I direct.”
The boys nodded along in agreement. Chloe’s direction meant to play things in a way that she could also talk to the guys and have sex at the same time. She got Andrew to come behind her first, telling him to take her panties off and to use her any way he wanted while she had a chat with Charlie. Sitting across the bar from her, Charlie saw her face through all of it. As Andrew slid down her panties, he squeezed her breasts through the little varsity jersey she wore. He saw the expressions change and little moans start to dot the conversation as Andrew bent down spread her pussy lips and lick her. The sounds of pussy being licked started to overpower the conversation, but Charlie still kept talking without really paying any attention to what he was saying.
From time to time, Chloe would respond with a little “un Hun”
It was when Andrew started to fuck her that the plan seemed to go out of the window. No longer interested in any sort of conversation, Chloe stretched her hands across the bar and started to take of the belt that held up Charlie’s jeans. Charlie did not resist. From his new vantage point standing up, he would see Andrews cock slide in and out of her pussy with a great view of her ass. As Chloe started to suck him he realized that she was a complete natural. There was something about the way Chloe sucked his cock that made him believe that

is how all cocks should be sucked and that every girl who had ever gone down on him had gotten it wrong. Strangely, he was also sure that Chloe was the only one who could.

Chapter Four
It normally took a long time for Charlie to cum with a girl sucking his cock, but there was something about this place, this moment. All three of them found their orgasm at roughly the same time, perhaps it was because of the sense of each other’s impending climax that pushed them closer, but even though they realized that it was too soon and even though they wanted it to continue, all of them came together. Chloe had stopped sucking Charlie for just a second to let Andrew know that he could cum inside her, and as she got her lips around Charlies cock, it was just in time as he started to spew his cum into her mouth.
Andrew pulled her hair softly as he used his hands to add to his final thrusts inside her as he felt her pussy tighten and spasm around his cock. Chloe looked up at Charlie and he saw her swallow all his cum while she had her own orgasm.
They talked for a while afterwards and Chloe got both of them to pay for their drinks by going down on her till they each had gotten her to cum once again. They left with the promise that they would be doing this again soon with their wives added to the equation.
As they walked back up to the room to check if the girls were done unpacking they spoke about how bizarre and unexpected it was that their vacation had gotten off to a start in turbo instead of first gear. Though there was no reason to keep this a secret from the girls and they knew that the girls would adore Chloe as much as they did, they did not want to rush the girls into their vacation and

thus wondered if they should delay telling them.
As they reached the corridor in which their room was, both of them paused and smiled. The room they had left the girls in now had rather distinct noised coming from inside. They could tell that it was Mary moaning. Both of them had heard her moan in a much similar fashion while they had been pounding her with their cocks.
As of now though, they had just one wish. They hoped that the girls had left the door of the room unlocked… and their wish was granted. As they opened the door just a little, so not to make any noise, they saw Mary on the bed, on all fours with Lindsay kneeling behind her, tongue fucking Mary while rubbing herself with a ferocity Charlie had seldom seen before.
This was too much for the boys to take. Though they could probably have run a crane through the room without the girls noticing, they were quiet as they entered the room and took off their clothes, as the women bought themselves to orgasm. They had both cum as recently as just a few minutes ago, and it’s not like they were teenagers anymore, yet the sight of their wives wrapped in passion with one another was a fantasy both men had held long enough to make sure they were ready for action.
The girls collapsed after they came and that is when they noticed the boys almost at the same time. In a weirdly synchronized sequence of events, they both spread their legs and held their arms out to their respective husbands as Charlie and Andrew got on the bed to enter the women they were married to. In about half an hour, both women were convinced that despite how much they loved the taste, feel and smell of pussy, they could definitely not replace the feeling of a real, live cock.

The next time they went to the bar was the next day and it was as a group, completely dressed up for a nice time together. The guys both wore matching tuxes. Lindsay wore a yellow gown that had a slit running all the way up to her navel, without any panties. Mary took the cake though, in a short tube dress that was way more sexual than her being completely nude.
There was a reason for them dressing up. They had woken up in the morning, all on the same bed to find a little flier slipped in the door. It told them how that day marked the second anniversary of the club and that Chloe Daniels, their host, would like to invite them all for a celebration at 8PM. They were told to wear clothes that would be fun to look at and to take off and to leave their inhibitions behind leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind as to what sort of ‘celebration’ this would be.

Chapter Five
The party was just warming up when they entered. Chloe was working her magic and walking around the hall, speaking to everyone. In her hand she held two bowls with chits in them and all the men and women were made to pick up chits from their respective bowls.
As the four of them later found out, the chits were a result of the many orgies Chloe had experienced and were a brilliant way to structure the evening. The chits read different things as Chloe explained and ranged from a picture of a wedding ring to a ‘slut for the day’ card that there were four of. Each person at the party was to play out a role in the orgy based on the chit they got.
The ones with the rings would find other people who had gotten rings and would spend a lot of time with one person, getting to know them sexually. They were told to try tenderness and passion while letting the sights and sounds around them to turn them on. They were the stud card for the guys which meant they had to try to fuck as many women as possible throughout the night. Similarly, the other cards separated the forty or so people in the room and gave them clear roles as to how to approach the orgy.
With big grins, both Mary and Lindsay told each other and their husbands that they had gotten the ‘slut for a day’ chits. Though the group first seemed to think that the chit probably constituted a majority of chits for the girls, they spoke to the people around the room and quickly started to realize that it was quite the opposite. They seemed to be amongst the only women with that description,

and though it excited the entire group even more.
Chloe told them that she intended the chit to mean exactly what it said. The girls that got it were to use it as a license to be the sluttiest versions of themselves. To really let go in every way possible, to let themselves be used in whatever way the people around wanted and to do whatever it took to satisfy any sexual whim they had. They could exchange the chits with any that were left in the bowl, though Chloe urged them strongly to use the luck they had in the initial draw. She winked at them and walked away before both girls expressed their desire to keep their chits.
By now, nearly everyone in the room had their chits boldly displayed around their necks. Andrew had got the stud chit and Charlie had gotten a ring. Charlie figured he got the better end of the deal as an absolutely stunning Korean girl walked up to him with a ring shaped drawing around her neck. They were both each other’s and only each other’s for the rest of the night, and Charlie could not imagine a more spectacular person to have been paired with.
The highlight for him though, was watching his wife get fucked by multiple guys just a few feet away from him. At one point, as the girl he was with deep throated him in a way that her tongue flicked his balls, he saw his wife getting fucked while sucking another cock. As he saw a third guy shoot his cum on her breasts, Charlie thought he was going to explode and stopped the little Korean sex goddess.
Not to say the other two were having a less spectacular time. Mary had taken a different approach and was walking around the room trying to savor every cock that was on display. She and Andrew couldn’t help but hook up with each other for a much longer time than with the others. Slowly though, after what could have been a record setting number of orgasms in the room, people

seemed to run out of energy. The room had this incredible sexual energy to it. Charlie was one of the few guys who had still not cum and as he saw his wife, covered in cum, halfway across the room, he knew how he wanted to cum.
With almost every set of eyes in the room on them, he entered her and started to fuck her kissing her softly. They heard a few appreciative female voices egging them on as both of them gazed deep into each other’s eyes knowing that they had never felt more love for the person they were with. As Charlie thrust deep into her and finally released his seed into her the room broke out in spontaneous applause. They were a little sheepish as they disengaged but a night of dancing and conversation and more sex was in store… a night with a lot more sex.
The girls drove on the way back after the vacation, and there was little talk with everyone just savoring all the memories they had made together. The little conversation that did take place was good natured and optimistic. There were some pretty incredible experiences to have come out of it. In Chloe they had found a person they all adored who promised them that she would be spending a lot more time with them. The guys knew that their wives understood and supported their adventurous ways, but more importantly, Lindsay and Mary knew that when all else failed, in their horniest moments, they would always have each other.
The End of the Story

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