Lonely Wife Swinging

Chapter One
The house was filled with the scent of waffles. It was a weekend, and Charlie was at it again. His special waffles for his special wife. Lindsay lay in bed staring out of the massive picture window of their bedroom. She was happy, she had all that she had ever dreamt of; a loving husband, a great life, stable finances, good friends; the perfect mix for a happy life.
Her beautiful smile widened as Charlie entered the room with the treat he’d prepared. Breakfast in bed was one of the things that had been with them ever since they moved in together before they got married. Charlie was an investment banker then, and his job took most of his time. This was one of the things that helped him spend some time with the love of his life.
Yes, she was the love of his life, the girl he had fallen head over heels for, the girl he had been with since college; the girl who defined beauty for him. She was beautiful, and Charlie had fallen in love with her the moment he first saw her. Her golden hair and deep blue eyes had mesmerized him and his jaw dropped as she moved across the lecture hall. For the next week, all he did was sit in the hall and look at her throughout each lecture. Her friends looked at him and giggled, and every once in a while she would turn to look at him and smile. That was all he wanted.
One fine day he mustered the courage to talk to Lindsay; the girl that had pretty much driven him nuts for the past month. He saw her at a party thrown by one of their classmates. She was dancing to the tunes of his favorite song. He walked through the crowd and as the distance between him and Lindsay decreased, his heart paced faster. She saw him coming towards her, she

wanted to talk to him as well. She adored him and obviously deep down, wanted to be with him, however, she wanted him to ask her out. She continued dancing, waiting for him to reach her.
As he got close enough, she turned towards him and started to dance with him. He had never expected that this would happen. He was in heaven, like someone scattered ecstasy throughout the air. His heart was beating faster than it had ever done before, and he could not help but smile. The music faded away for him, he only saw her, her deep blue eyes working their magic, and he dove right into them.
For Lindsay, she was waiting for him to say something, but looking at him, smitten, she could not help but smile. She slowly moved close to him, took him by the hand, and went through the crowd to reach the terrace. All Charlie did was follow like a love struck puppy.
Lindsay still remembered that day just like it was yesterday. As she sat up in her bed, Charlie came into the room with breakfast. She looked at him and smiled. She loved everything about this man, his honest brown eyes, his cheerful persona, the way he cared for her. She knew that this man was her prince charming and he made sure that he treated her like a princess.
“Good Morning sweetheart.” Charlie kept the tray on the bed and moved close to Lindsay to kiss her.
She looked into his eyes and kissed him back.
“So you made waffles, their delicious scent woke me up. I love you Charlie.” Lindsay held his hand and kept looking into his eyes.

“I love you too. Let’s eat before they get cold.” Charlie dragged the tray in

between them and served her breakfast.
As they ate, Charlie looked at Lindsay and asked, “So what’s your plan for the day?”
“Well nothing, since you’re home. I just plan to stay in bed with you all day and then go out in later this evening for dinner and drinks.” Lindsay winked at Charlie as he smirked.
“Sounds like fun, just you and me all day long.”
As they finished having breakfast, Charlie took the tray and went to put it up in the kitchen. As he got back, Lindsay was no longer in bed. He knew exactly where she was, he stepped out onto the lawn, and there she was, by the pool, in all her beauty, basking in the sun.
He knew exactly what to do; he got rid of his clothes and went on to join her. She walked into the pool. Her beautiful body looked absolutely heavenly against the bright blue of the waters. She looked at him and slowly removed her bra with a giggle, and threw it at him. He had the invitation to join her and moved closer to her. He held her by her curvy waist and kissed her passionately.

Chapter Two
Her hands held him tight, and she kissed back with all the love she had for him. She wrapped her legs around him and used her toes to remove his boxers while kissing him. She barely got the chance to do this anymore; Charlie had been working really hard these past few years and was mostly away on business trips. She wanted to make the most of this moment and she did.
Charlie slowly slid off her G-string and grabbed her butt with his hand. They were as close as they could be. It was a beautiful morning and passions were flowing high between their naked bodies in the pool. Charlie slowly slipped a finger in her ass and she moaned with pleasure.
She had always enjoyed his love for her ass, she was open to the idea of doing different things, and so was he. They were the perfect amount of crazy for each other and that was one of the reasons they shared something so special. As he pleasured her with the magic of his fingers, she took his dick and shoved it into her pussy. She craved it; it had been a while since they had a chance to make love.
He grabbed her by her ass and started to thrust. Each one stronger than the previous one. She moaned with the immense pleasure she was experiencing. The sex had always been great between them, they were great in bed, and they were great together. However, with Charlie travelling around, Lindsay was left at home craving for him.

“Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me hard.” Lindsay moaned out loud.
Charlie thrusted harder and harder, kissing her all over her neck and making sweet, hardcore love to her.
Charlie took her to the side of the pool and lifted her up and placed her onto the pool deck, sitting up. He spread her legs and shoved his finger inside her ass. As he moved his finger, he started to lick on her clit. Long powerful licks just the way she liked it. They knew each other inside out, they had been married for over 5 years, and before that, they had been living together since college. Every kink, every special spot was known. They had explored each other’s bodies in every possible way.
As Charlie continued to lick her wet pussy, Lindsay laid back and played with her nipples. She was enjoying every bit of Charlie. She was moaning louder and louder as Charlie was pushing her to her climax. Charlie was an expert at Lindsay and he was pulling all the right strings. She came like crazy and buckled with the pleasure. As she lay there exhausted, yet craving for more, Charlie picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Her wet body shimmering against the sun, droplets of water shining like diamonds trickling on her curvaceous body.
Charlie held her close to his body, her arms around his neck. She felt safe in his arms. Charlie had a lean frame, but he was ripped. He had strong arms, and a well-chiseled body. As they reached the room, Charlie slowly put her down on the bed and kissed her lightly. She started to stroke his dick. It was her turn to open the gates of heaven for him. As she stroked it faster, he moaned with pleasure. She pushed him onto the bed and started to kiss him while stroking his dick. She slowly moved down and started to suck on his balls, still playing with his dick. He moaned with pleasure. She started to give him a dedicated

blowjob, playing with the crown of his dick with her tongue and sucking it good, taking it all the way to the base with each stroke of her wet lips wrapping around his girth. With every stroke, his dick got harder and harder, ready to cum. She continued to suck on it and stroke it harder and harder until he came in her mouth. She licked and sucked his dick clean and swallowed every drop of his cum.
After he came, she moved right next to him and kissed his neck. He took her breasts in his hands and started to squeeze them hard, he was already feeling up to going for another round, but he wanted to relax and tease her for a while first. He squeezed her nipples and she moaned loudly with pleasure. He slowly moved his hand to her pussy; she was dripping wet, ready to have him inside her once again. He pushed her legs upwards and shoved his dick inside her pussy. Going harder, pounding like there was no tomorrow. She held her legs up for him, he continued to go hard, and when he slowed down, she wrapped her legs around him and flipped him, climbing on top.
Once she was on top, she mounted him like she was a cowgirl at the rodeo, accepting his thick, hard shaft as it eagerly traveled to the depths of her womanhood. She soon began riding him, bucking her hips back and forth as she slid up and down on hic dick, going harder and harder until she was ready to come again and so was he. They came together, her juices, now all over his dick and his cum filling her up. Once they were satisfied, they went on to take a shower together and cleaned each other up.
They had the day to themselves and it was full of sexual encounters all around the house. In the living room, in the kitchen, on the sofas, in the attic, on the roof. She wanted to have all the fun she could before Charlie left for another trip in a few days.

She would be on her own for another week; back to the monotonous routine she had become so used to. As evening approached they dressed up to head out to Charlie’s favorite restaurant for a romantic evening out. Over dinner, they talked all about how things were back in college, the trips Charlie went on, and Lindsay’s kitty group and pretty much everything else in between. Lindsay told him about how she gets bored without him, as she mostly has nothing to do all day. And being a housewife was more than just boring, it was sexually frustrating for her as Charlie was gone most of the time.
Charlie and Lindsay took a long walk on the beach before heading back home. It was a perfect day; one they both badly needed. Charlie kissed her goodnight and she hugged him tight.

Chapter Three
The next morning, she woke up with a bright smile on her face, but as soon as she reached the kitchen, she saw a note on the counter. It was from Charlie.
Hey babe,
Have to go to New York urgently. I know I promised that I would be here longer than this, but it is just unavoidable. I will see you next week.
Sorry. Love Charlie.
Lindsay sat down with a cup of coffee in her hand and the note right in front of her. A tear fell from her eye and she wiped it off as soon as it made its impact. She understood his position; he had to work harder than ever after she got sick and took a leave of absence. She too had a career and a bright future ahead of her, but that one accident and the complications it brought into their lives, seemed to shatter her dreams. However, Charlie always was right by her side and that is why she understood his position.
A small part of her wished he could stay forever but she had trained the other larger part to understand and to compromise. She called Charlie up and reached his voicemail.
“Hey babe, call me once you check into your room. Love you and already missing you more than ever. Come back as soon as possible. Lots of love.” She cut the call after leaving the message.

Now all she had to decide was what to do next. She could do some reading and cook something special, or just stay in her underpants all day long, roaming around topless in the house. She loved doing that. It made her feel free. Then she decided that today she was going to mix the two. She got rid of her clothes and went out for a swim. After swimming for an hour or so, she came back inside and decided to do a little reading to pass the time.
She went to the bedroom and got hold of a book by Salman Rushdie. She had heard a lot about this writer and followed the controversies that surrounded him. She was intrigued to read his work and had just borrowed this book from one of her friends in the kitty. One of the few things she loved about being in the kitty.
The kitty was nothing more than a group of local housewives looking for a reason to meet and crib about their husbands. Apart from the traditional games and lunch parties every now and then, there was nothing much to the kitty that Lindsay enjoyed. However, it was one way for her to spend her abundance of free time. At least this way she got a chance to hang out with people. Not that she enjoyed it, but it was to an extent her way of killing time every now and then.
As she dove deep into the book, time flew by and she soon realized that she had spent the entire day lost in it. She smiled at the author’s portrait printed at the back of the paperback cover. The book was in every way more than amazing, the style of writing felt a little heavy at first, but once you let it take over, the book was a delight to be with. She decided to get more of his work the next time she got the chance. For now, it was time for her to visit one of her friend’s places for the kitty dinner.

She hurriedly went for a shower and got dressed. As she booked, a cab to pick

her up she reached out to her wine collection to select a rose wine to take along as a gift. As the cab reached her door, she stepped inside and the driver drove off.
As she sat in the rear, she caught a glimpse of the Driver’s eyes. They were the same as Charlie’s. She adjusted a little to get a good look at his face. He had one of the most beautiful jaw lines she had ever come across. She exhaled deeply, she was just 27, in her prime, loved to fuck and desired deeply, the company of the opposite sex and all she could get was the kitty she was going to. In her head, she made sweet love to the cab driver but was not able to make a move on him. Her love for Charlie stopped her from crossing the line. She wanted to stay faithful to the love of her life.
As she paid the driver and went in to the house, her kitty members greeted her and the rounds began. The usual, games and gossip went hand in hand this time as well. She was astonished by the things these ladies spilled out in here. It was like this sacred sorority sisters, twisted secrets group. The conversations varied from the love making sessions they enjoyed with their husbands and other men and went on to discuss and analyze their performances in bed.
She too indulged in these fun discussions and gave them a sneak peek into her sexual endeavors. However, with time, the frequency of these had gone way down and she had to learn to be content with the experience others shared.
Lindsay craved for more, she wanted to figure out a way to talk to Charlie about her feelings and ask him to help her out with all of her suppressed sexual frustration, but somehow she was not able to do it. As she got back home, she reached out to one of her drawers and took out her vibrator. She thought about the cab driver and Charlie; both of them fucking her, filing her holes. As she fantasized about it, she shoved the vibrator deep inside her and started to

finger her ass. She craved for a dick and she decided to reach out for another dildo. She shoved it inside her ass and started to fuck herself with both the toys inside her. She came and continued, until she was exhausted.

Chapter Four
Charlie felt bad for Lindsay, as he sat in the boarding area for his flight to Singapore, he felt exhausted, and at the same time, he could not help but think about Lindsay. In the midst of this everything that was going on in his busy life, one more thought was rambling in his head, the thought of Rachel. A woman, whom for the likes of which he always had a thing for. Strong, confident, opinionated, beautiful, sharp, and perfect in every sense of the word.
Rachel, the wife of one of his most prestigious clients and his business partner. She was a woman that could easily pull the ground from underneath you with just a few words. He felt star struck and what made things worse was the fact that he had a strong feeling that she was into him. This made him a little uncomfortable. The major reason behind this was the fact that they would be meeting often as she just took over the project from Mark, her husband, who was dealing with Charlie for the past few weeks.
Charlie did not want to screw this up, he had the hots for her, and so did she, but he never in his life would betray Lindsay. He felt his insides churning, the last time this happened was in college, the day he saw Lindsay. He had no clue what to do and as he battled with his thoughts, a sweet melodic yet confident voice fell on his ears. The moment he heard the voice, his heart started to beat faster. He took a deep breath and looked up; it was Rachel standing right in front of him. Her lush black hair tied back neatly in a bun behind her head, and her black dress accentuating her fair skin and beautiful eyes while her cleavage

ran deeper than the Grand Canyon.
Charlie stood up and greeted her. “How are you?”
“I am fine. So all set to take on Singapore?” She looked at Charlie who looked a little lost.
“Um… what? Oh Singapore, ya I have all the documents and details and the presentation is also done. So we are all set to conquer Singapore.” Charlie smiled sheepishly and slowly looked away trying hard not to stare at her.
She knew Charlie had something for her and she was enjoying every bit of this awkward moment with him. She smirked, as Charlie looked around with no clue what to do or say to her. It was college all over again. He was just mesmerized by the beauty that Rachel was.
There was still almost an hour and a half left for the boarding process to start and both of them had to find a way to kill some time. Charlie looked at her and smiled awkwardly.
“Let us go to the waiting lounge and have some drinks.” Rachel got up and extended her hand towards Charlie.
He was reminded of the day Lindsay took him by the arm at the party. He could not decide what to do and before he realized it, Rachel leaned forward and took him by his hand. He got up and started to walk beside her.
“I am sorry for being the lost soul that I am being right now.” Charlie continued to look at the floor as he talked to Rachel.

“I know. I usually have this effect on men. They tend to lose confidence as soon

as they realize that I am much more than just a good looking doll.” Rachel relied in a confident and teasing manner. “In your case though, I know you are not one of those men who are threatened by me. You are more or less smitten by me.”
Charlie exhaled loudly as he sat at the bar with her. “Ya, I am smitten by the very aura that you are. You are so much more than an average girl. You are much more than the complete package. I admire you and I adore you. I feel like a schoolboy around you, mesmerized by your presence.”
Rachel smiled softly and touched Charlie’s shoulder. “I adore you too. I seldom come across men who are as amazing as you are. Still in touch with their core, not flustered by the chauvinist masculinity that is demanded from them in every move they make and in every stage of their life.”
As they ordered drinks, Charlie and Rachel got to talking as if they had known each other for ages. They discovered the liking they had for each other, the attraction was obvious, they wanted to dive into each other and make the most of the moment. The alcohol made it easier for them to overcome their inhibitions. They got closer than ever and the instant connection they had between them became stronger in just this short duration of time.
They talked all through the flight and Rachel booked a room right next to Charlie’s. They both had to meet their clients the next day and had the entire afternoon and evening to themselves. Charlie decided to take a nap in the afternoon and asked Rachel out for dinner in the evening.
In the evening, Charlie got up with the sound of a knock on his room’s door. He took out his robe and went on to open the door. It was Rachel. She was early.

“I got bored in my room so thought would come and join you. I hope you don’t mind.” She smiled looking at Charlie.
Charlie looked at her and stopped rubbing his eyes. She was looking rather stunning. A beautiful pink evening dress made her look like a princess. He had seen her in formal apparel and knew that she had a perfect body, but looking at her in this amazing dress completely knocked him off his feet. He continued to stare at her and eventually realized that he was being rude.
“I’ll freshen up, just give me 20 minutes. In the meantime you can make yourself at home.” Charlie closed the door behind him and went in to take a shower. Rachel picked up the phone and ordered food and drinks. She had it all chalked out in her head. She wanted Charlie and she knew he wanted her too. The only problem here was that he was too shy. As the food arrived, Rachel took the bottle of wine and slowly removed the dress she was wearing. Keeping the dress and her heels on one side, she slowly slid open the door to the washroom and saw the hazy figure that Charlie was against the textured glass of the shower.
Chapter Five
She closed the door behind her and removed all that was left of her apparel. She kept the bottle of wine on the counter next to the sink and slid the shower door open. Charlie turned as the door opened and was astonished to see Rachel naked right in front of him. He reached out to the shower’s knob and before he could say anything, Rachel leaned forward and kissed him. Her tender lips made a soft music as she kissed Charlie. Charlie started to kiss her back but as soon as he realized that, he stopped kissing her.

“I can’t do this to Lindsay. I just cannot. I am so sorry Rachel; I cannot put my wife through this. I love her and you are with Mark and this would just complicate everything.” Charlie looked at Rachel standing in the shower. She looked embarrassed and desperate.
Charlie realized how she must have been feeling. And grabbed a robe for her.
“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have. I should leave.” Rachel started to move towards the door.
“Wait Rachel. Just listen to me for once. I am sorry it isn’t your fault and I really want to do this. I love my wife and I do not want to cheat on her. I don’t want to spoil the bond we have so please let’s not take this too seriously.”
“I understand Charlie. I will see you tomorrow. Don’t worry about me. I am a big girl.” Rachel left the room with her dress and heels in her hand and the bottle of wine under her arm.
Charlie and Rachel took different flights back home and Rachel hugged Charlie before she boarded the flight. Things were normal between them; at least that is how it seemed. Throughout the flight, Charlie continued feeling guilty about what had happened. Yes, Rachel made the move, but he was equally involved in the act and that is what made him guilty.
As he reached home, he realized that Rachel’s perfume had left its mark on him. He smelled of Chanel and he had no idea how he would explain it to Lindsay. He went straight to his room and hurriedly changed after taking a shower. He knew Lindsay was at one of her friend’s places and he wanted to get rid of the suit before she came back. As he came out of the shower, Lindsay was sitting on the bed.

“Hey when did you get back? You didn’t call.” She got up to hug him tightly. Charlie returned the hug in an awkward fashion.
“I just got home and thought of taking a shower and then calling you.” Charlie was visibly stressed. He continued to look around the room as he talked to Lindsay. She looked at him and realized that there was definitely something wrong.
“What’s the matter? Why do you look so stressed? Everything all right?” She got up and moved close to him.
“Ya everything is fine, I am just flustered and tired.” Charlie replied with a fake, awkward smile on his face.
Lindsay knew something was bothering him but she decided to give him some space. She went downstairs and ordered food. Charlie joined her after getting dressed.
“So what’s for dinner?” Charlie looked at Lindsay, trying to overcompensate for his guilt.
“Nothing I just ordered Chinese from this new place I went to with my kitty friends. Their dim sums are out of this world.” Lindsay replied with a smile.
The next morning Lindsay discovered something absurd. As she picked through the clothes, preparing laundry, she noticed the peculiar scent of women’s perfume all over Charlie’s shirt. She knew what was wrong. At least she thought she did.
She went to the living room and showed Charlie the shirt. The color of Charlie’s face vanished. How in the world did he leave the shirt behind? He

had taken the suit to the drycleaners and for some godforsaken reason had left the shirt behind.
“I can explain.” Charlie got up and stood right in front of Lindsay. She was awfully quiet. She could never imagine that Charlie would be with another woman and most of all she could never imagine Charlie lying to her.
Charlie told Lindsay all about Rachel. How they met, how he felt attracted to her and how they became friends.
“She just walked into the shower with no clothes on and before I could realize what was happening, she kissed me. I feel guilty because I kissed her back and then stopped after a few seconds. The perfume is from the day we boarded our flights. She hugged me and left her scent behind. I wanted to confess the moment I saw you but was not able to muster up the courage to do so. I am really sorry babe.” Charlie stood in front of Lindsay with thee shirt in his hand.

Lindsay looked at him and then slowly walked away to the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

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