Ginger’s Bisexual Affairs 4

Ginner’s head was still spinning from her and Vee’s night together. It was her first threesome, but her first taste of sex with a woman is what stuck out in her mind more than anything.
They spent their last day on the beach, drinking fruity drinks that Vee mixed up, and never spoke about their night together.
When they pulled up to Vee’s house, Ginger got her duffle from the car and went into her house, saying goodbye to Vee as if nothing had happened.
Ginger quickly unpacked, and jumped into the shower. She knew Bill would be home in just a few hours, and she needed time to digest her weekend before facing him.
Even though she had an exciting weekend, she wanted to see Bill. She missed her husband.
She had only spoken to him once all weekend, and that was just for a few minutes the morning before they came home. He had been working really hard, and she knew he hated to be away from home, but in a way, she was actually glad he had gone.
Vee text her, telling her Scott would be home any minute, and she just wanted to let her know how much fun she had.
Ginger was glad to see the text. It helped relieve some fear. Even though they had a great time just relaxing on the beach and soaking in the hot tub after their night together, the anxiety of it possibly hurting their friendship was too real to ignore.
But, everything seemed just fine. And, like Vee had told her before, she had a female lover once before, and sex was just sex…so Ginger figured she was just reading too much into the situation.

Ginger: I had a blast, thank you for the experience J
Vee: I was so worried you were upset….you’re ok with everything?
Ginger felt relieved that Vee was having the same anxieties.
Ginger: Yes, was all very exciting…
Vee: I agree, and honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it…
Vee: We’ll talk about it tomorrow, gotta run…
The conversation brought Ginger right back into the moment. She had been thinking about Vee, and it was exciting to know she couldn’t stop thinking about her either.
She decided not to waste her sexual energy on anyone else and to share it with her deserving husband.
She found the black lingerie she had shoved in the back of her closet. She put it on, including the stockings and the matching panties, and then waited on the bed for him to pull up.
When she heard the door, she posed on the bed for him.
“Ginger, you up here?” He yelled as he climbed the stairs.
“Yes.” She responded.
Bill walked into the bedroom, stopped at the doorway and smiled at his beautiful wife lying on their king-sized bed.
Ginger sat up on her knees, and then crawled on all fours towards her husband.

She motioned with her finger for him to come closer.
Bill was smiling wide as he closed in on his sexy wife on the bed.
“This is my kind of welcome home.” He said.
Her hands pulled open his belt, and then unfastened his slacks, letting them fall to the floor around his ankles. She took his large member out of his shorts, and slowly stroked him while looking up at him. His smile was seductive, and his eyes showed his surprise, and his pleasure as she took him into her mouth.
She worked her mouth up and down on his cock until he was rock hard. His hips were thrusting into her with her hands on his ass cheeks.
“Lay down.” She whispered, pulling him slowly out of her mouth.
Bill kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his pants, and then slid his shorts off before lying on the bed as his wife instructed.
Ginger stood up in front of him at the edge of the bed. She slid her panties off, but left the rest of her outfit intact.
She thought about Gregory telling her men wanted aggression in the bedroom, and then thought about what she enjoyed seeing on Vee’s body.
She climbed onto the bed, standing on her knees; she spread her pussy open with her fingers for Bill to watch. Her fingers slid back and forth on her clit, and then her fingers plunged deep inside of her folds causing her to let out a moan.
Bill’s eyes followed her fingers, and then returned to her eyes. She could tell he was excited to see her let go, and his rock hard cock let her know he liked what he saw.
She straddled over Bill’s cock, playfully sliding it back and forth along her opening. Her fingers spread her pink flesh apart so he could watch as she placed him inside of her.
He groaned as she slid down onto his large member, and his hands reached up

to cup her breasts. Ginger felt free, powerful, and uninhibited as she rode her husband into orgasm.
Her body fell limp onto his hard chest. She could feel his heartbeat pounding beneath her, and his lips on her neck.
“I love you baby.” He whispered.
“I love you.” Ginger said.
“I don’t know what got into you, but I like it.” He said.
Ginger lifted her weight from his body and went into the bathroom to change into her night clothes.
Bill was unpacking his suitcase when she came out into the bedroom.
“So, what did you do all weekend?” He asked.
Ginger felt like a deer in headlights as she tried to come up with an answer.
“Hung out with Vee.” She said, which wasn’t a lie.
“Oh yeah, that girl is a little odd, don’t ya think?” He asked.
“What do you mean?” Ginger asked, feeling a little defensive over Bill’s attack on her friend.
“I mean she is just too flirty, she seems loose.” Bill said.
“Loose? What are we in the 50’s?” Ginger laughed.
“You know what I mean, I think she could get you into trouble.” He said.
Ginger bit her bottom lip as she took her husband’s words into account. He had no idea what kind of trouble this woman had already gotten her into, and he would freak out if he knew how much she enjoyed every minute of it.
“She’s harmless.” Ginger said.

“Yeah, well, I’ve seen the way she looks at you…” Bill said.
“Bill, you barely know her, and how on earth does she look at me?” Ginger asked.
“It’s like she wants to be more than just friends.” He said with a smirk.
“You two getting it on behind my back?” He asked, grabbing his wife by the waist.
“Oh, so it’s ok if it’s in front of you?” She asked sarcastically. “Yeah, it’s better.” He teased.

Ginger sat by the pool, sneaking a cigarette when Vee came to the fence.
“You smoking again?” She teased.
“Yeah.” Ginger said, displaying the cigarette in the air to her.
“Damn, you that stressed out?” She asked.
Ginger smiled nervously at her new friend. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell her what Bill had said the night before, but she was a little curious about how Vee felt about her herself.
“You haven’t smoked since the day I moved in, should I take that as a direct hit?” Vee said with a laugh.
“No, I’m just not used to lying to Bill. That was a little rough.” Ginger said.
“It gets easier.” Vee said.
Ginger wasn’t sure she wanted it to get easier. She loved her husband, and her marriage. The only thing she wanted to change was her experience in the bedroom, and somehow along the way, she got confused about what she wanted, and who.
“I just think I need to cool it.” Ginger said, crushing her cigarette on the concrete.
“Ok, whatever you need to do.” Vee said.
“But, you have to admit…this spiced up your sex life with Bill right?” She asked.
“Oh yeah, he loves the new take charge woman in his bedroom.” Ginger laughed.

“Well, hopefully things don’t get stale again.” Vee said.
“Things were never stale.” Ginger defended.
Bill had always been an amazing lover; she was the one who lacked the experience in the bedroom, not him.
“Had Gregory been calling?” She asked.
“He finally stopped.” Ginger said.
“He could’ve been real trouble for your marriage.” She said.
Ginger told Vee she had some cleaning to do, even though she really just wanted to be alone with her thoughts.
She spent the next couple days avoiding her, only answering her texts with as little detail as possible, and not spending any time at the pool.
A part of her missed her friend and the excitement she offered, but another part of her was relieved the chaos had subsided.
When her doorbell rang, she felt a panic in her gut, knowing the only one who came by during the day was Vee.
“Let’s go get lunch.” Vee said, dressed in a cute white skirt and blue tank top.
“I don’t know.” Ginger said.
“C’mon, you have been avoiding me, I gave you space, but you act like you’re done with me.” Vee said, sticking out her bottom lip to pretend to pout.
“I’m just confused.” Ginger said.
“That’s ok, we’re all confused honey, but I could use a drink, how about you?” Vee said, smiling in her seductive way.

“Just lunch…” Ginger said.
“Just lunch,” Vee said.
Ginger rode with Vee, and as they started down the main road towards the hotel, she felt herself get angry.
“I said just lunch.” Ginger said.
“I know, I know, they have great food…” Vee said.
She pulled into the parking lot, and looked at her friend with intensity.
“I’m just here for those wonton tacos, I swear!” Vee said.
Ginger was reluctant to believe her, but she agreed to go inside.
They sat at the booth in the back, ordered long island iced teas, wonton tacos and spicy chicken wings to share.
Lunch was great, and Ginger enjoyed listening to Vee’s stories about how Scott was pushing for information about her weekend. It made Ginger feel a little better to know that Bill wasn’t the only one concerned about what they were doing while he was away.
Gregory walked through the doorway, and took a seat at the bar.
“What’s he doing here?” Vee asked.
“I don’t know, he has been in his place for over a week now.” Ginger said.
His eyes lingered towards their table, and then stopped on Ginger. His lips curled into a smile, and he winked at her as he picked up his drink.
“Fuck!” Ginger said under her breath as he walked towards them.
“You quit answering my calls.” He said.
“I’m sorry, I just needed to walk away from it all.” Ginger said.

“Well, I’ve missed you.” He said.
Ginger stared at her friend as Gregory eagerly took a seat next to her. She was the one who told her to stay away from him, so she couldn’t figure out why she would ask him to join them.
Vee started asking Gregory questions about his workout regimen, squeezing his muscles on his arms, and complimenting his physique.
Ginger rolled her eyes at her to let her know how disgusted she was at her behavior.
“Why don’t we all get a room?” Vee said.
“That’s not a good idea.” Ginger said.
“It’s a great idea.” Gregory said.
“C’mon Ginger, one last fling?” She asked, pushing her bottom lip back out to pout.
Ginger felt the jealousy rise in her blood at the thought of Ginger with Gregory. She knew she was going to fuck him whether she joined or not.
“You two can do whatever you want.” She said, sipping on her drink.
Gregory got up, leaned down to Ginger, kissing her softly on the forehead.
“I really wish you would join us. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” He whispered.
As she watched Gregory walk away, she turned to Vee who was smirking in the seat next to her.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Ginger snapped.
“Just having some fun.” Vee said.

“You’re fucking nuts.” Ginger said.
Vee put her hand on Ginger’s knee and slowly stroked her leg. Her hand was soft and smooth, and when she neared her panties she felt that familiar tingle.
“This will help you get him out of your mind, and you said you’re done, so it’s one last fling…” Vee said, sliding her finger under Ginger’s panties.
“You’re pussy is wet, so I know you want to.” She said.
“You’re an animal.” Ginger said, still angry, but unable to resist her touch, or the thought of Gregory’s cock between her legs.
“Then it’s settled, just one last time.” Vee said.
“Why Gregory?” Ginger asked.
“Because you told me how big his cock is, and he obviously has feelings for you. So, we need to make your relationship a little less personal, and a little more sexual.” She said.
“I don’t see how this is going to make him feel any different about me.” Ginger said.
“Maybe not, but it will make you feel a little differently about him.” Vee said.

Ginger watched Gregory return to the table. He left a room card, smiled, and then went to the bar to pay his tab.
Vee held Ginger’s hand under the table, stroking her thumb like it was a tony cock.
Gregory walked out of the bar, and Vee nonchalantly finished her cocktail. Her hand moved to Ginger’s thigh, stroking slowly and then massaging the soft flesh between her legs.
“You ready?” She asked.
Vee got up, put the card in her bag, and then held out her hand for Ginger.
They walked through the hotel lobby and to the elevators hand in hand. Ginger figured it was Vee’s way of making sure she didn’t run away.
At the door, Vee took out the key card, slid it into the door, and then opened it. The loud click sent chills down Ginger’s spine as she remembered the guilt she felt about her two days in one of these rooms with Gregory.
Gregory was inside, dressed in only his boxers. He poured three drinks from the mini bar, and then handed one to each of the girls.
Vee sipped on her drink and eyed Gregory’s package.
“I was told about your extremely large cock.” She said.
Ginger almost choked on her drink. She wasn’t used to someone so bold. But, there was something that turned her on about Vee’s carelessness and unwillingness to follow the rules.

Gregory’s eyes landed on Gingers. He smiled, and then slid his shorts off to expose his hard cock.
“Wow, I thought she was exaggerating.” Vee said, obviously pleased with the meat between his legs.
Her hand reached towards him, taking his cock in her hand. She stroked him slowly while licking her lips. Ginger felt an excitement and a jealousy at the image of her and Gregory, and she wasn’t sure if it was Vee or him she was jealous of, or maybe both.
“I think we may need warming up for that.” Vee said.
She let go of his meat and slid her dress off. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and no bra, and Ginger felt a rush of excitement as she stood in front of her nude.
“You’re turn.” Gregory said to Ginger with a smile.
Vee turned to her and slid the straps of her sundress from her shoulders. She had not put on a bra that afternoon, so her bare breasts were exposed to Gregory’s eager eyes.
Ginger watched as Vee’s mouth lowered onto her breast. Her tongue slid across her nipple, and then down her stomach.
She gripped the material of her dress, pulling it from her hips, and then wasted no time pulling her panties down away from her body.
Her tongue slid across her skin, sliding in between her thighs, and then teasing her with a quick lap through her pink folds.
Gregory sat down in the chair, watching while he stroked himself.
Vee bent over, exposing her pussy to him, and then reached behind her to spread her ass cheeks open wide.
Ginger wished she was sitting where Gregory was, she loved how Vee’s pink folds were so plump and juicy, but her mouth and tongue kept her satisfied

Vee guided Ginger towards the bed, and then pushed her gently onto the mattress. Her hands spread her legs wide, and she moved out of the way so Gregory could watch as she exposed Ginger’s most personal parts.
Her tongue flicked around her clit, and then pushed deep into her pussy. She let out a moan and arched her back, begging for Vee’s mouth to satisfy her.
As her finger slid inside of her, she felt herself begin to throb. Gregory’s eyes on her, and the sensation of Vee’s touch brought her to orgasm as Vee smiled at her wildly.
“You like that don’t you.” She said.
“You ready for some cock?” She asked.
Ginger nodded, unable to speak as her body convulsed with pleasure.
Vee sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard, spreading her legs wide.
She pulled Ginger up so she was leaning her back against her chest, and then reached down to play with her tits.
“Come get it big boy.” She said to Gregory.
Ginger was spread out on the bed, leaning against Vee. She could feel her breathing hard against her back, and her soft breasts against her skin.
Gregory moved towards them, lifting Ginger’s ass up from the mattress with one hand and positioning his cock between her legs with the other.
His eyes were seductive and his voice sultry as he asked her if she was ready.
All she could do was nod.
His cock pushed into her, spreading her open wide. Her moans escaped her lips and Vee’s hands caressed her breasts.

The penetration was intense, and even though she had taken him all in once before, she found it difficult to get him completely inside of her tight pussy now.
Vee’s hands moved down to her clit, rubbing vigorously while he pushed himself into her. She slid out from behind her, letting her body fall to the soft mattress, and then crawled over top of her, pushing her pussy into Ginger’s face.
Her tongue slid between her legs as if it had been longing for her juices. Ginger pushed past Vee’s folds, plunging her tongue deep into her pussy as Gregory fucked her harder and deeper with each stroke.
She felt Vee’s soft tongue slide across her clit, and then her fingers on her pussy lips, spreading her open for Gregory.
“You almost got it.” She whispered.
Ginger felt him push further inside of her, and as he finally hit bottom, her legs began to quiver, her clit throb, and her pussy tighten around him.
“Don’t cum Gregory.” Vee ordered.
It was too late for Ginger; she was already cuming hard around his hard cock.
He pulled out, letting her juices flow onto the mattress, and she felt Vee’s mouth on her, sucking them out of her like they were a reward.
Vee smiled at Ginger, and then positioned herself on all fours on the bed above her.
Her mouth lowered to Ginger’s breasts as Gregory slid his cock against her pussy.
“You got me so fucking excited, just fuck me hard.” Vee said.
As Gregory pushed hard against her, Ginger felt her body thrust forward, and the moans were agonizing as they escaped her lips.

With several hard pushes, her moans turned to pleasure, and her head fell onto Ginger’s chest as he fucked her hard from behind.
“Damn baby, you fucking took it.” Gregory said with a voice that dripped like honey.
He let out a groan when Vee began to tremble, and they both orgasmed together, on top of Ginger.
“Holy shit!” Gregory said, and then got off the bed to grab his shorts.
He tossed a towel towards Vee, who used it to clean herself up, and then went into the bathroom to grab a clean cloth for Ginger.
“You two are incredible.” He said.
“I can’t believe you took it all on your first try baby.” He said to Vee.
“Well, I had no intentions of coming back for seconds…” She said.
Gregory looked surprised by her comment.
“So, that’s it?” He asked.
“I’m afraid so.” Vee said, sliding on her dress, and tossing Gingers to her.
“This was both of ours last fling, so I figured you would make it a good one… and you did.” She said with a wink and a smile.
“Wow, that’s cold.” He said.
“Just don’t try calling Ginger anymore, and know that we will always think about you big boy.” Vee said, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.
With Ginger dressed, she held her hand and led her out of the room. She felt relieved that Vee had handled him in that way, and she believed he would listen from the look on his face when they left.

Vee couldn’t stop talking about how big Gregory’s cock was all the way home. When they finally pulled up to her house, Ginger was relieved to get away from her. The image of her and Gregory together was still making her nuts. It was exciting, but it was something else, and she just didn’t know what.
“Are you ok?” Vee asked.
“Yeah, just a little freaked out right now.” Ginger admitted.
Vee followed her to her house, entering the front and following her up the stairs to her bedroom.
Ginger undressed, and then got into the shower while Vee sat on the toilet trying to talk to her.
“I don’t want to talk about it right now.” Ginger said.
“We have to.” Vee said.
“Why?” Ginger asked popping her head from the shower curtain.
“Because you said so?” She snapped.
“I don’t want you mad at me.” Vee said.
“I’m not, I mean…I am, but I don’t know why.” Ginger said, and then tucked back into the shower.
Vee undressed, pulled back the curtain and stepped in with Ginger.
She lathered up a loofah with body wash, slid it across her body, and then Ginger’s.
Ginger started to giggle as she realized she really didn’t know why she was

mad in the first place, and Vee laughed with her while she finished scrubbing her tingling body.
Vee knelt down on her knees between Ginger’s legs. Her eyes stared into hers as she extended her tongue and teased her pussy with slow strokes across her plump lips.
Her hands pushed her legs open and she buried her face into her bush. Ginger felt her grip onto her clit with her lips and then suck hard, almost bringing her to her knees with pleasure.
Her fingers slid inside of her, pushing hard while she continued to hold her grip on her clit. The rush of pleasure pushed through her hard, causing her to get weak in the knees, and then tremble as she let her orgasm go.
“Why are you so good at that?” Ginger gasped.
Vee reached out of the curtain and grabbed a towel, she wrapped herself up and then stepped out. Ginger followed suit, wrapping herself in a towel and following Vee into the bedroom.
“Probably because I have a pussy of my own, I know what feels good.” She said, and then fell onto the bed letting her towel fall open.
She opened her legs, spread herself apart, and stared at Ginger.
“Show me what I did that you liked so much.” She said.
Ginger loved her body. It was tan, tight, and that tattoo just made her look sexy. Her mouth lowered onto her small breasts, sucking one of them into her mouth at a time before she moved between her legs.
Her fingers slid around her lips, teasing her before they dipped inside her tight flesh. Her mouth covered her clit, sucking it between her lips as Vee done hers.
As she worked her finger in and out of Vee’s pussy, she sucked hard on her clit without letting up. Vee’s moans let her know she was doing it right, and when she arched her back and began to tremble, she knew she had brought her to orgasm.

She loved the way it felt when Vee orgasmed around her finger. The throbbing and quick pulses that pulled at her gave her a sense of power.
“Is someone here?” Vee whispered.
Ginger grabbed her towel, rewrapping herself, and Vee pulled the towel around her to cover most of her nude body.
Bill appeared in the doorway of the bedroom. His face was confused, and he stared at Vee who sat on his bed before looking to his wife for answers.
“We just went swimming.” Ginger said.
“Oh ok.” Bill said, still not showing he was convinced by his tone.
“I’m sorry, I asked to use your shower.” Vee said, smiling at him in her flirty way.
“That’s ok I guess, I just heard a lot of commotion, I wasn’t sure what was going on.” He said.
Vee slid off the bed, letting her towel open to expose her breast before she stood. Ginger knew she had done it on purpose, and that familiar anger started to return.
“So, I’ll let you two get dressed then.” He said, and turned to go downstairs.
Ginger grabbed some clothes to throw on and then tossed Vee her skirt and tank top.
They both went downstairs to find Bill sitting at the kitchen bar drinking a beer.
“You’re home early.” Ginger said, kissing him on the cheek.
“Yeah, I guess I should have called first.” He said with a nervous laugh.
“Whatever.” Ginger said, trying to joke away his valid concern about her

Vee grabbed a beer from the fridge, and then sat down at the kitchen bar with Bill.
“I love your place here.” She said.
“We should have a pool party soon.” She said.
“Yeah, I haven’t been in that pool all year.” He said, looking out to the perfectly landscaped yard.
“Well, Scott will actually be home tonight, I’ll bring the burgers and beer.” She said.
“That would be great!” Bill said, finally changing his tone to a more excited one.
Vee took her beer and left out the back door. She winked at Ginger as she left.
Bill stared at her with a confused look on his face again.
“Are you sure nothing was going on up there?” He asked.
“I’m sure.” Ginger said.
Bill eyed his wife up and down, and then smiled.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me…” He said.
“You won’t even use a vibrator, so there’s no way you would eat pussy.” He said with a laugh.
Ginger was relieved that he was done questioning her, but she hated that he thought of her as such a prude.
“I still don’t like that girl.” He said.

“I know.” Ginger said.
“You know she flashed her tit to me on purpose.” He said.
“I kinda felt that way too.” Ginger said.
“I mean, if it was a larger tit, then maybe it would have made me like her a little more.” He teased.
Ginger slapped him playfully on the back of the head.
“Her tits are just fine.” She said.
She felt extremely confused by her reaction. The thought of her exposing herself to Bill had angered her at first, but then she found herself defending her breasts to him when he put them down.
“Oh, you like them huh?” He teased.
“I’m just saying women do not have to have large breasts to be sexy.” Ginger argued.
“So, you think she’s sexy?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at her.
“I didn’t say that, just stop it.” Ginger said.
Bill pulled her in close to him with his arms wrapped around her waist. His lips pressed against hers, his tongue plunging between her lips and stroking hers as he held her tightly.
“Baby, you’re the only woman I find sexy.” He whispered.
Ginger wondered if that were really true. She still thought about the older woman in his office, Pamela, and wondered if he ever fucked her on his long nights or his business trips away from home.
She wasn’t sure how the pool party was going to turn out, but she looked

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