Ginger’s Bisexual Affairs 5

Ginger was finishing up the appetizers for the pool party with her and Bill’s new neighbors. She was still feeling a little uneasy about Bill’s feelings for Vee.
“Ok, I’m ready,” Bill announced, standing in the kitchen wearing his swim trunks and arm floats.
“Really?” Ginger said, laughing.  
He wrapped his arms around her, causing her to drop a salami roll on the floor. She was laughing so hard she didn’t even care. The plastic from his arm floats were smashing against her skin making squeaky noises as he kissed on her neck.
“Hey there,” Vee said, peeking in the back door.
Ginger felt her eyes grow heavy on her, and then Bill’s on Vee’s. She felt like she was in the middle of a twisted love triangle, but she had no one to blame but herself.
“Scott got called in,” Vee said, placing a plate of burgers on the counter along with a 12-pack of beer.
“Oh no!” Ginger said.
“Yeah. Well, that’s my life,” she said, trying to smile and not show her true disappointment.
“Well, we have beer and burgers, so it’s still a party,” Bill said as he performed his best muscle man pose.
“Can’t you swim?” Vee said, pointing to his floatation devices meant for kids.
“He’s just being goofy,” Ginger said, and then hugged her friend.

“I’m sorry about Scott,” she whispered in her ear.
“It’s all good,” Vee said, grabbing a beer from the box.
“Let’s party!” Ginger said, grabbing one for herself, and then handing Bill a beer.
The girls stripped down to their bikinis and got into the pool while Bill manned the grill.
“Have you ever thought about a threesome with me, you and Bill?” Vee asked.
“No!” Ginger said, splashing water playfully in her face and swimming away.
Bill was watching the girls from the corner of his eye. Ginger kept catching him glance over, especially when they got loud. She was trying not to hang too close to Vee, but she kept swimming over to her.
“He’s starting to suspect something between us,” Ginger said.
“That’s every man’s fantasy,” Vee said.
“Not Bill’s,” Ginger said sternly.
“Really? Have you ever asked him?” she asked.
“But he’s said he doesn’t want anyone else,” she added.
“That’s what he’s supposed to say,” Vee laughed, and then splashed Ginger playfully as she swam towards the steps.
Ginger stayed in the deep end, hanging on the edge while she sipped her beer. She watched as Vee walked out of the pool, and then over near Bill.
She bent over slowly to grab a beer from the cooler beside him, carefully brushing her breast up against his hip when she lifted herself up.

Ginger swam over closer to the shallow end so she could hear what she was saying, and keep an eye on what she was doing.
“I could’ve got you that,” Bill said, sounding irritated.
“Oh, I’m sorry, did I get you wet?” Vee said.
“A little bit,” he said.
Vee pushed her cold beer can into Bill’s back, causing him to jump. He let out a yell, and then smiled in a nervous, but unusual way. Ginger couldn’t tell if he was mad at Vee, or if he liked her attention.
Ginger got out of the pool, grabbed her towel and then pulled a beer from the cooler.
“How long til the food’s ready?” she asked.
“Ready now,” Bill said proudly, and started pulling the burgers from the grill.
Ginger went into the kitchen to grab the plate of condiments and buns she prepared. She watched out the window as Vee said something, and then Bill laughed.
She couldn’t stand how forward she was, and she could only hope she didn’t do or say anything stupid.
Outside, Bill prepared his burgers and sat down at the table to relax. The girls finished making their sandwiches, and when Ginger sat on the right of Bill, Vee sat on his left instead of taking one of the other three empty chairs at the table.
Bill asked questions about Scott, and Vee answered them with very little detail. Ginger could tell she didn’t like talking about her husband, especially in the company of other men.
She started feeling like Vee was pushing her out of the conversation, almost as if she was proving a point that Bill would want another woman, mainly her.
Bill looked uncomfortable at first, but after a few minutes of talking with Vee,

he seemed just fine. Her attitude was laid back, and her tone smooth. She was smart, funny, and easy to talk to, and every word that came out of her mouth had a motive. Ginger had already learned that. Vee was all about getting what she wanted at all times, and at any cost.
“You look hot, let’s go swimming!” Vee said grabbing three more beers, handing one to Bill and then one to Ginger.
She jumped into the pool after setting her beer on the edge. Bill got up, extended his hand to Ginger, and led her towards the water.
She started to go back towards the shallow end when Bill scooped her up in his arms and jumped into the deep end with her and her beer.
“You saved the beer!” Vee yelled, pointing to Ginger’s hand that extended straight up out of the water, even when she went under.
“That’s a sign of a true alcoholic,” she teased.
Ginger pulled away from Bill and swam towards her. She pushed on her shoulders until she went under, and then held on to the edge to drink her beer while Vee adjusted her hair and caught her breath.
Bill swam over to Ginger, putting his arm around her at the edge of the pool. He kissed her lightly on the neck.
“You two need a room,” she said.
Bill laughed. “We got one,” he said.
“I hear they have great rooms at that new hotel downtown,” she said with a smirk.
Ginger’s heart skipped a beat. She knew she was throwing that out there to scare her, but she wasn’t sure what she was really capable of, especially when jealous.
“I hear their lounge is nothing but a hookup bar,” Bill said with a laugh.

“Yeah, I heard that too. You can just go in, pick out a date, and go get fucked,” Vee said.
“Makes it easier than dating I suppose,” she laughed.
Ginger was trying to get Vee to make eye contact with her, but she knew she was deliberately avoiding seeing her angry face.
“That’s sad really,” Bill said, sipping his beer.
“I hear couples go in there looking for threesomes too,” Vee continued.
“If I could talk Scott into it, I might consider checking it out,” Vee said, and then laughed.
“Really?” Bill said, his eyebrow raised at her.
“So, would that be another man, or another woman?” he asked.
“Another woman of course,” she said with a smirk.
Bill looked at Ginger with a strange look, and then chuckled.
“Of course,” he said.
Ginger felt his tension as he gripped her tightly around the waist. Vee’s eyes pushed into her as he kissed on her neck. Ginger knew she was getting jealous, and the worst part was, she felt like Bill knew he was making her jealous.

Bill got out of the pool to clean up the food from the table, leaving Ginger alone in the pool with Vee.
“I think it would be hot if we just jumped him,” Vee said with a giggle.
Ginger knew she wasn’t joking, and her insistence was making her angry.
She felt Vee’s hand slide in between her legs under the water. Her fingers glided across her bikini bottoms, and then lingered at the edge, slightly lifting it from her skin.
“Stop it,” Ginger said.
Vee’s finger slid inside her bottoms, past her pink folds, and into her pussy.
“I think he’d like to watch me lick that pretty pussy of yours,” Vee whispered.
Ginger tried pulling away, but Vee’s finger formed a hook inside of her, pulling her back to her.
Her finger slid in and out of her, pumping her under the water. The sensation felt good, and with Bill within watching distance, it was making her hot.
When he went into the house, Vee fucked her harder and faster with two fingers, almost making her cum.
Ginger grabbed her hand, holding it from pushing her fingers into her again, and then slowly pulled away.
“You have to stop,” Ginger said, swimming to the shallow end of the pool, and then climbing out.
She helped Bill finish cleaning up while Vee dried off.

“I think I’m going to bed baby, it’s been a long day,” Bill said, kissing her on the cheek.
“Ok, I’ll be up in just a little bit,” she said.
Vee sat down at the table and opened another beer. “I’m tired,” Ginger said.
“Are you tired…or horny?” Vee said with a chuckle. “Tired,” Ginger said.
“You know it’s not fair that I work you up, and then you go up there with him, and without me even,” Vee said.
“It’s not like that, but you are pushing your limits with me,” Ginger said.
“I think we should go up there right now and tag team him. He’s gonna love it,” Vee said.
“No, you’d love it,” Ginger said.
“Don’t be like that. It’s just sex; I don’t want your husband,” Vee said. Ginger believed that. She got the impression that Vee wanted her.
“I don’t like you pushing so hard,” Ginger said.
“Well, you need to find out what he wants, because the way he looks at me, at us, I know he wants it to happen,” Vee said.
“I’m not doing that Vee,” Ginger said sternly.
“I bet when he finds out about us he would be pissed you didn’t ask him to join,” she said.
“He’s not going to find out…right?” Ginger said.

“He might. Hell, he may find out about Gregory, and that boy from California. Oh, yeah, and the trip you lied to him about,” she said with a smirk.
“Are you threatening me?” Ginger asked.
“I’m not trying to be a dick, but seriously, you need a push on this. I was right about everything else, wasn’t I?” she said.
Ginger wanted to jump across the table and strangle her. She knew she was right about pushing her on some things, but not everything. She wished she had never cheated on her husband, but she was grateful for it opening her up sexually. Their sex life was amazing, better than ever, and in a way, she had Vee to thank for that.
“Don’t you want to play with me anymore?” Vee said, untying her top.
“Stop. What if he comes back out here?” Ginger asked.
“So what if he does…,” Vee said, letting her top hit the concrete.
She lifted her ass and pulled her bikini bottoms off, and then let her legs fall to the side.
Her fingers spread herself open, tickled her clit, and then pushed inside of her moist center.
Ginger loved the way she looked, and watching her play with herself was getting her wet.
“I can’t,” Ginger said.
“Just taste me. I need you baby,” Vee said, opening her legs wider.
Ginger leaned in, placing her mouth on her thigh and then ran her tongue up to her pink pussy. It flicked back and forth, and then pushed past her folds as she fucked her with her tongue in her backyard.
“That’s fucking hot,” Vee said.

“You would’ve never done that before me,” she added.
Ginger knew she was right, but she also knew that Bill could walk out any minute. She shoved her fingers into Vee’s pussy hard, fucking her fast while her tongue flicked at her clit.
She sucked hard on the clit, drawing it between her lips tightly, and then massaged it with her mouth while Vee let out a moan.
Ginger’s free hand reached up to her breasts, pulling at her nipples gently, and twirling them between her fingers.
“Fuck!” Vee cried out.
Her body twitched, and Ginger felt her begin to pulsate around her finger. Her clit swelled in her mouth, throbbing between her lips, and then her sweet juices flowed into her mouth.
Vee leaned back in the chair holding herself while Ginger stared at her. She knew she was a live wire that could spark at any time. She was going to have to do something; she just wasn’t sure what yet.
Ginger’s phone beeped. She picked it up and saw that it was a text from Bill.
Bill: Everything ok down there?
Ginger: Yes, on my way up.
Ginger: That was Vee, she stubbed her toe
“Who was that?” Vee asked.
“Bill. He heard you scream and wanted to know if everything was ok,” she

“Did you tell him you made me cum?” Vee said with a laugh.
“Get dressed, I’m going to bed,” Ginger said.
“You’re just gonna leave me hanging huh?” Vee said with a slight attitude.
“You got what you wanted,” Ginger said.
“Not yet, but I will,” Vee said with a smirk.
Ginger rolled her eyes at her, but she knew she was serious. Vee was not the type to give up so easily, and once she decided she wanted something, or someone, she got it.

“Did Vee go home?” Bill asked when Ginger entered the room.
“Yes,” she said, and then went into the bathroom to change.
He was snuggled into the blanket and had the pillow folded in half to sleep on his side. Ginger knew that meant he either wanted to talk, or he was ready for sex. Neither one she wanted to do at that moment.
After she slipped on her large t-shirt, she climbed onto the bed, facing her husband.
“I have a question,” he said.
Ginger’s heart sank into her chest. Bill never had to ask her anything before. She always told him everything. But lately, she wasn’t telling him anything, so whatever he was going to ask was stressing her out.
“You and Vee…,” he said.
“Have you been fooling around with her?” he asked.
“No,” Ginger said, trying to maintain eye contact.
“Well, you have been quite adventurous in the bedroom lately, and I know I have been gone a lot, so is it another man?” he asked.
Ginger knew she had to fess up about something, otherwise he was going to corner her on her infidelity.
“She’s just different, so I’ve learned a lot from her,” Ginger said.
Bill’s hands slipped under the covers and between Ginger’s legs. His finger

pushed past her panties, and then inside of her.
“What did she teach you?” he whispered, pumping his finger in and out of her tight skin slowly.
“We just talk about sex stuff, that’s all,” she said, her head rolling back into the pillow.
“Ginger…there was no bikini’s in the bathroom when you told me you were changing after a swim,” he said, pumping his finger harder into her.
“Oh god!” she screamed out from the sensation. Her eyes were rolling back into her head, her mouth parted, and she couldn’t speak, only moan.
“I know you have done more than talk,” he said.
“I’m sorry,” she uttered.
His finger stopped pushing into her, and he stared her in the eyes.
“So, I’m right?” he asked.
“You’ve been fucking the neighbor?” he added.
“Yes,” she said, unable to look him directly in the eye.
“Wow,” he said, pulling his finger out from between her legs and rolling onto his back.
Ginger watched as he stared at the ceiling. She knew he was trying to digest the truth, but she was thankful he didn’t know all if it.
“So, tell me how this started,” he said.
Ginger told him they talked about sex, and that Vee told her she had been with a woman once before. He listened as Ginger admitted to all the things they had done, excluding the details about any other men being involved.
“Were you that lonely?” he asked.

“So women turn you on?” he asked.
“Yes,” she said. “I guess I don’t know. Vee does,” she said.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” he asked.
“I didn’t know,” Ginger said.
“Is there anything else you haven’t told me?” he asked.
Bill turned to her, slid his hand down her side, and then to her ass.
“That is fucking hot,” he said.
“You’re not mad?” she asked.
“Of course I’m mad, but it’s still fucking hot!” he said, squeezing her ass cheek in his hand.
He pushed her over onto her back, and mounted her. He stared into her eyes as he lowered his mouth to hers.
His tongue was wild with excitement inside her mouth, stroking her tongue vigorously as he pushed his crotch into her.
She could feel his erection against her, and her body began to respond by pushing her hips towards his cock.
He rose up, sitting on top of her, his hand sliding across her neck and down to her breasts. He lowered his mouth to her breasts, sucking hard, and then biting at her nipple.
“I want to watch you,” he whispered.
“What do you mean?” she asked.

“With her… I want to watch you with her,” he said.
Ginger found it ironic that Vee was going to get what she wanted after all, but she still wasn’t sure she could handle watching Bill fuck her.
“You want to be with her too?” she asked.
“I don’t, but once I watch you with her, I might,” he said, and then lowered his mouth to her belly.
He lifted up her shirt, pushing it up around her neck. She reached up and pulled it off, throwing it on the floor.
His face buried between her legs, sucking her plump pussy lips into his mouth.
His finger slid inside of her, pumping in and out as he looked at her.
“Is that ok?” he asked.
Ginger knew she was in no position to say no.
“Yes,” she said, gasping at the sensation he was creating between her legs with his fingers and his words.
His hands gripped around her thighs, and then pulled her towards him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he pushed his cock inside of her.
“Yes what?” he asked.
“Yes, I want you to watch me,” she said, gasping as he pounded into her hard.
“Watch you what?” he asked.
“Watch me with her,” she said.
“Tell me what you’re going to do,” he said, thrusting harder and deeper.
Ginger found her voice finally. She was no longer afraid or embarrassed to express herself sexually with her husband.

“I’m going to lick her pussy, and fuck it with my fingers and tongue,” she said.
“Oh god,” Bill cried out as he let his load off inside of her.
She had never made him cum that quickly before. There was an empowerment that came with driving him so wild and so quickly.
“Tomorrow,” he whispered in here ear, and then kissed her on the neck before rolling over.
Ginger went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up before coming back to bed. Bill was already snoring, but she knew she wasn’t going to be able to sleep.
The only good that came out of it was she could tell Vee that she told Bill, and that she was right; he wanted a threesome. Maybe then she would quit threatening her about the other men.

Ginger woke up to Bill sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Good morning,” she said.
“Good morning,” he said.
“Are you ok?” she asked.
“Yes. I just wanted to say I’m sorry,” he said.
“For what?” Ginger asked.
She couldn’t imagine what he could have to be sorry about; she was the one who had been cheating.
“I don’t want her, and I shouldn’t have forced the idea of a threesome on you,” he said.
His eyes were sincere and kind. He looked as if he had been up for a while contemplating his actions.
“I want to,” she said.
“I just don’t want you experiencing something without me,” he said.
“That’s all, I swear,” he added.
“I want to share everything with you,” she said.
Bill leaned over and hugged Ginger tightly. His kisses were soft on her neck, and she suddenly felt good about their threesome. All she needed to know was that it wasn’t about Vee.
After Bill left for work, Ginger called Vee and told her about their night. She

left out the part about Bill requesting the threesome, and told her that she insisted on it instead.
Vee was elated, telling her she would be over before Bill got home from work.
Ginger worried all day about the threesome, sometimes getting excited about it, other times getting ill at the thought of Bill and Vee together.
Vee walked in the backdoor, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.
“That’s what you’re wearing?” Ginger asked.
Vee laughed, and then stripped out of her clothes revealing a white silk teddy with matching panties.
“What are you wearing?” she asked.
“My black teddy I guess,” she said.
“Perfect, naughty and nice,” Vee said.
Ginger cringed at the idea that Vee was the nice one in this scenario.
“Let’s get you dressed,” Vee said.
Ginger went upstairs with Vee following. She dressed in her black teddy, stockings and matching panties.
“He’ll be here any minute,” Ginger said.
Vee pushed her down onto the bed, kissed her passionately, and then slid her hand between her legs.
Ginger fell into the moment, her body filled with pleasure as Vee rubbed her

pussy above her silk panties.
Bill walked into the room, standing at the doorway watching the two women caress one another.
When Ginger noticed him, she sat up. His smile was wide, and his erection obvious.
Vee sat up on her knees, and leaned in to kiss Ginger on the neck.
Ginger motioned with her finger for Bill to come closer to the bed.
She reached onto his belt, unfastening it and then his slacks. As they fell to the floor, she rubbed his cock above his shorts. She took him out into her hand, stroking him slowly. Vee slid her hand around Ginger, rubbing her breasts while she played with Bill in her hand.
Bill reached down, gripping himself, and then backing away from his wife.
“I want to see you two,” he said.
“You tell me where you want me when you’re ready,” he added.
Ginger decided to take charge, knowing that Vee could run the show without her help. She wanted Bill to see that she was excited, and experienced, so she pushed Vee down onto the bed.
She slid her panties off, and then opened her legs so Bill could see her most intimate parts. Her fingers spread her open, and then her mouth pushed against her, sucking her clit into her mouth.
Vee let out a moan, and then Ginger’s finger slid into her wet pussy. She fucked her slowly while Bill watched, and then pulled her panties off, tossing them on the floor.
She moved up to Vee, standing on her knees above her face. She lowered her body, letting her lick her throbbing pussy while her husband watched.
Her fingers reached between Vee’s legs, playing with her plump folds.

“Do you want him to fuck you?” she asked, grinding her hips across Vee’s mouth.
“Yes,” she gasped from between Ginger’s legs.
“Get that cock out and fuck her baby,” Ginger said, talking dirty to her husband without prompting for the first time.
Bill pulled his shorts down, and then moved towards Vee. His eyes remained on Ginger, and as he pushed his cock hard into the new pussy on his bed, Ginger watched him as he fought to hold back his orgasm.
Ginger’s fingers slid across Vee’s clit, rubbing it gently as Bill’s cock pushed hard into her.
“Make her cum,” she whispered.
Ginger moved away from Vee’s mouth, lowering her mouth onto her breasts, and then sliding her tongue down her belly.
She flicked her tongue around Bill’s cock, tasting Vee’s juices on his skin.
“Give it to me baby,” Bill called out as Vee’s body began to tremble.
Ginger sucked on her clit until she felt it swell and throb, then released it right as she orgasmed around her husband’s cock.
Bill pulled out of Vee, and then pushed Ginger back onto the bed. He shoved his cock into her hard and deep without warning, while his hand played with Vee’s throbbing wet pussy beside him.
Ginger couldn’t hold back her excitement any longer. His cock felt too good, and knowing he had just fucked Vee speechless sent her orgasm into high gear. She yelled out his name, begged god to help her, and even felt like she would black out at one point. It was the best orgasm she had ever experienced, and from the look on Bill’s face before he fell onto her, she had to bet it was his too.
Vee grabbed her clothes, smiled at Ginger, and then said she was going to take

off. Ginger knew she felt awkward, as if she was the third wheel for the first time, and that was the last thing she wanted.
“Stay, let’s go for a swim, and then I’ll make us pancakes,” Ginger said.
Vee smiled, agreed, and then followed Ginger as she walked down the stairs and out to the pool. Bill came out a few minutes later, diving into the deep end head first. He let out a yell, one that sounded like a warrior cry, and then swam over to the girls.
Ginger loved having the closeness with them both, so she suddenly felt the same comfort by watching them get closer with one another.
Vee hung on his back while he suckled Ginger’s tit. And as they played in the water, Ginger realized that this was what she wanted, what she needed, and she hoped that Bill felt the same way.
The next day Vee came over looking sad. She told her that Scott had been moved yet again. Ginger couldn’t imagine losing her friend, especially not now.
“He leaves tomorrow morning to find an apartment,” she said.
“What about your house?” she asked.
“We have to sell it,” she said.
“The movers will be here next week to pack everything up, and then I’m supposed to follow them in my car,” she said.
“I’ll miss you,” Ginger said with tears in her eyes.
“I’ll miss you too,” Vee said, wiping away a single tear.
Ginger knew she was a bit of a hard ass, so the fact that she had any tears was a good sign of her feelings for her.

“Stay with us after Scott leaves, until you have to go,” Ginger said.
“Seriously?” Vee said, her eyes lighting up.
Ginger knew that she only had a week left with her friend, her lover, and that she wanted to savor every single moment.
When she told Bill, he was more than happy for Vee to sleep in the middle of them every night.
They fucked, played, swam, drank, cried, and had an amazing last week together.
When Ginger saw the ‘For Sale’ sign go up in the yard of Vee’s old house after she left, she felt sadness, but also hopefulness.
The best case scenario would be if another hot woman moved next door. Vee had taught Ginger well, so she knew she could seduce her if given the opportunity.
But, next time, her and Bill agreed, that he would have some say in who they shared their bed with next time. She was elated that he agreed to a next time. She couldn’t wait.

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